Swansea Ghost Town | Old Defunct Copper Mining Town | Arizona | USA.

Swansea Ghost Town | Old Defunct Copper Mining Town | Arizona | USA.

Ghost Towns. Swansea Ghost Town, Arizona, USA Swansea is a Ghost Town in La Paz County in the U.S State of Arizona. It was settled around 1909 in what was then Arizona Territory. It served as a Mining Town as well as a location for processing and smelting the copper ore taken from the nearby mines. Today you can still see a number of Structures, the remains of the railroad depot, two cemeteries, and several mine shafts. In addition, there are many stone foundations, where buildings once stood. At its peak, Swansea boasted an electric light company, an auto dealer, a lumber company, two cemeteries, a saloon, theatres, restaurants, barbershops, an insurance agent, and a physician, as well as the local mining and smelting facilities. Swansea lived on until just after World War I when copper prices dropped, and the town went into a steep decline. Swansea’s post office was discontinued on June 28th, 1924, and the population disperced. By 1937, the mines shut down, and Swansea was already a Ghost Town. Like, Share and Subscribe. Thanks.


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