Swarovski Crystal Woven Bracelet

Swarovski Crystal Woven Bracelet

Hi, everyone! Leah here from EurekaCrystalBeads.com with another beading video for you. Before I get started, just
a quick reminder to go check out the rest of our Channel and if you like what
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know when we’re posting new content So today I’m going to show you a really
great bracelet that is super simple to make but will have all of your non
jewelry making friends asking how you made it. So, what I’ll be using to string
on is SoftFlex beading wire, I’m gonna be using the fine diameter .014 millimeter,
21 strands or .014 inches and 21 strands and I have cut a piece that is 36 inches long and as far as everything else… I have two colors of Swarovski crystal 4
mm bicones but, you can just use one color if you’d like you could even
use more colors if you’d like. But in this case, I’m gonna use two and I have
Crystal CAL 2X and CAL stands for Comet Argent Light and it’s a beautiful
disco-ball-mirror-reflection bright silver and I have Turquoise AB2X which is just super sparkly and really fun and beautiful and bright and as far as my findings go… I have
a little magnetic clasp and what I like about
these is that they’re really small but they’re actually quite strong and
they’re gonna be perfect for this bracelet because it’s a fairly
lightweight bracelet and I don’t want a clasp that visually is gonna look too
heavy for it but I also want one that’s strong as
well so that’s what this one will do nicely and I have two 2 mm tube crimps and they’re sticking to my magnetic clasp a little bit but they are there. So, I’m going to start with my
magnetic clasp and I’m going to string through the hole of it and I’m going to
bring it to the center of my wire just like this and I’m going to stick
both of my lines here, keep them even and I’m gonna stick them both through
one of my tube crimps and I’m gonna slide it all the way down… and we’ll link you below to all of these exact products on our website in case you want to try
making one of your own and now what I’m going to do is just use my crimper tool
to crimp this shut and if you’ve never used a crimper tool
before it is a two-step process I’m gonna bring that a little closer so you can see there’s two little chambers in there the one at the back looks sort of like a kidney bean
and the one at the front is just sort of like an oval, we’re gonna use the kidney
bean first and when we squish that crimp that is going to turn our crimp bead
into a little kidney bean shape rather than squishing it flat and I’m just
going to squish down and my pliers want to stick to my magnetic clasp as well
and you can see that little see you can get a nice little view of that, if you’ve never crimped before, you can see that little kidney bean shape now so now
we’re going to take that kidney bean and we’re gonna put it up on its side and
we’re gonna put it in the front chamber which is going to fold our kidney bean
in half if I can just keep it from sticking to my pliers and I’ll give you a nice good view of this so you put it up on its side and you squish it in half so now I have my wire crimps to my clasp
and I have two even pieces coming off Now, for this particular bracelet we’re
gonna have outer crystals and inner crystals it’s up to you which one you
want to be which I’m going to have my outer crystals be the turquoise and my
inner crystals be the silver so, we’re gonna start by picking up a color
that is the inner crystal so that’s the silver and both of my lines are going to
go through the crystal going in the same direction just like that, nice and simple and now both of our lines are going to split apart and I’m going to pick up a turquoise crystal on to both sides like this and then crisscross both lines through a center crystal or a silver crystal in this case just like that so, as you can see… we just pull right down here and we get this nice little formation pull nice and tight… just make sure that those first two turquoise crystals just sit nicely next to each other and everything will stay nice and centered So now, we’re just going to repeat the
step that we just did so we’re going to pick up a turquoise and a turquoise and
then we’re going to criss cross through a silver or through whichever color is
your center color then we just bring it down you just keep pulling just like this now I’m gonna show you this a couple
more times but it’s super pretty and it’s really simple and it’s a really
lightweight bracelet which is nice one thing I will tell you, one tip is I
would not use a toggle clasp with this bracelet because it’s such a lightweight bracelet and toggles really work best when they have some weight to the bracelet so that way they stay on this is such a lightweight bracelet it’s not going to have that that weight that I feel like a toggle needs so, I like either a lobster claw or a magnetic clasp something that’s going to be a little bit more appropriate and we just… pull it down
now the one that you just did will usually start to loosen up a little bit until you’ve done
one more after that so that’s normal but you get this beautiful little super
sparkly woven bracelet and I’m gonna show you Oops! I’m gonna drop it… and
then I’m going to show you one more time before we fast-forward towards the end
and I will show you how to finish it so, again I did outer crystal, outer crystal onto each side and I’m criss crossing through a new crystal my inner crystal, my silver one
now something that will help is I just had to sort of unwind my
two wires if I were to pull down like like this if the wires get twisted
inside that crystal your bracelet can have ridges and bumps on it and that’s a
little unsightly at times so you want to make sure that the the two wires are not
wound around each other at all inside that crystal that they just cleanly pass through and that’s what will keep your bracelet laying nice and flat and just like this… absolutely gorgeous and again totally beautiful to see it on
the wrist, nice and sparkly this, actually, you can do this same stitch and you can make a beautiful headband as well or a bridal headpiece and it looks absolutely stunning so for now I’m gonna
check back with you guys in a minute and I’m going to show you what it’s like
when it’s all finished and how we secure it Okay, so I’ve reached my desired length…
isn’t that just the prettiest prettiest little thing it’s just it’s
just fun sparkly and really simple bracelet to make so I’m at the end and
what I’m gonna do is end the same way that I began with the two crystals that
are going to then head into the single crystal together so I’m going to add one more of my Turquoise AB2X crystals onto each side and instead of criss crossing through that silver crystal I’m gonna have both lines go
through it in the same direction as well as through my crimp bead and again this
is a two by two millimeter tube crimp this one has a little blockage in it…
right, there we go… okay, slide it down and just make sure it slides down nice and
centered, see how one line wants to start to be the dominant line, so just grab that other line so that way the whole thing just centers out just like… that keep that nice and tight and then both
of these lines are going to go through the loop of my clasp here the other side
and then back through my crimp bead so there’ll be a total of four lines
going through your crimp bead here you’re going to start to pull all of
your lines closed and you might have to grab some of them individually to kind
of make sure that they just tighten up together Oops, there we go. Again, it’s a
magnetic clasp, so we saw that there and… just pull them down just like this, now you can see that
there’s still a little bit of wiggle here but that’s okay we can just push
that crystal tighter and then push that crimp down and then I’ll just pull these a little individually just to make sure everything tightens up and now we’re
going to use our crimper tool we’re gonna go into that, it keeps wanting
to stick to my tool here because it’s magnetic so we’re gonna go into that
second chamber that kidney bean, crimp it down I’m gonna put it up on its side put
it in the front chamber and fold it in half and make sure you crimp it nice and
nice and tight and now I’m gonna use my soft flex cutters here and if you don’t
have a pair of soft flex cutters these are great because they’re super sharp,
they’re perfect for cutting these flexible beading wires because flexible
beading wires have stainless steel inside them and those will dull your
other wire cutters over time. The wire cutters that you would use say – for head
pins – and they would dull your scissors so having a pair of flexible wire
cutters is really really helpful and they also cut nice and close and very
cleanly so this is my simple little bracelet, magnetic… let’s see, let’s get it on here… goes on nice and easy looks
absolutely stunning now as far as the amount of beads you’re gonna need that
depends on how long you need your bracelet it’s basically going to take
about 14 crystals per inch and that’s if you’re using one color if you’re using
two colors per inch that’s about 10 of the outer color and four of the inner
color per inch so that’ll let you know how many crystals you would need to make
a bracelet for whatever your desired length is this bracelet does work best I
think when it’s a little bit more fitted because the looser that it is the more
it’s just going to it’s going to sit lower on your wrist but it’s going to
sit up like this and it’s not going to necessarily stay flat so it’s usually
good I probably wouldn’t wear any any looser than something like that but I
think that’s a really nice length and it’s really comfortable so again this
was a crystal woven bracelet with four millimeter swarovski bicones and a
really easy to use magnetic clasp and yeah, thanks for watching! Make sure to
visit us on over at EurekaCrystalBeads.com for all the materials used in this
video and again we will link you below to them just to make it easy and come
back to our channel soon! Bye 🙂 you


  1. Hi, this is really cute! How many 4mm bicones did you use for the bracelet? Different amounts for inner vs outer colors? Thanks so much!

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