Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana (Part 2/2)

Swaziland: Gold Mine of Marijuana (Part 2/2)


  1. A real repoter/journalist would have caught the next flight out and finished how u travel that far do that much work and not stay one more night my couriosity would not have allowed myself to leave….
    I engoy most of your stories and work but really dropped the ball this time

  2. Every person in this video is super chill and I hope they live a full and prosper life, nothing but kindness in their eyes.

  3. I think that when they kept repeating “mushroom…” they where just learning the word in English not mindblown at the idea that it could be mushrooms

  4. This dude is such a pussy I was about to smoke weed for the first time at 30 years old my whole flashed before my eyes “was I really about to smoke weed!!!”

  5. "if you going to talk to my grandfathers, my ancestors, they will not understand you, unless you have that, that plant with you, its the natural tree, that controls the fate of the nation." true stuff

  6. Don’t get me wrong I’ve smoked weed out of newspaper, brown paper bag, bible paper, and that thin paper that toilet paper comes wrapped in but nothing beats smoking out of a RAW rolling paper. My boy Hamilton should’ve brought some proper rolling material.

  7. Yeah, newspaper joints. Took me awhile to master that skill. These guys are really good at it. Swazi rules. What i prefer.

  8. I’m from Swaziland and I’m sad that these men’s, grannies and farmers faces weren’t protected… Hamilton mate come on! TF

  9. instant classic " they told me smugglers could be aggressive so i took a brief nap … to calm my nerves" hahahhahah https://youtu.be/pM7ZBT9SO1M?t=295

  10. I had the pleasure of my first joint being royal swazi, and all to myself when I was 12 years old,I felt like my kneecaps were down lower than normal, that's what I remember the most, my parents came home early and said I looked pale, I told them I was sleeping lol.

    So close to being caught, but man, I wanna try Royal swazi again, we have a few other interesting strains, pandu being very resinous but gave me a headache, the reclaim from it mixed with chronic because we noticed back then, it was very oily and I'm sure that in a pipe caused my first weed hallucination ever.

    We also have Tarry, which is not very strong usually, I believe its a sativa tho, I just think I got it from people who never tried to grow it better, when you have a lot of it, you go through it quite quickly.
    I should get some seeds, swazi is nice tho, not always amazingly strong but it can be.

    Swazi Gold I've had once, and my oh my that shit was nice.

  11. So you done all that testing for nothing then Hamilton ?worst ending ever.and smoking weed in a newspaper must be harsh,,

  12. Dude! why did you have to act all fucking uncool right off rip with smoking with that dude and it having somebody else smoke before you and saying you saw your life flash before your eyes. Who are you smoking with ? Are these guys killers , cannibals, straight up fucking thugs!?!? What, what's up?

  13. Yet another Vice video with no conclusion. Half an hour before our flight… Just stay another day or two. Complete the fucking project.

  14. Когда вы черти русский выучите.Базарите на говноанглийском , задрали)))

  15. Niggas in America that sell big would be like white boy u ain't filming shit or tell u about how we smuggle bud. over there they must not care fines ain't shit to pay.

  16. If I was a cannabis company.. I'd buy off these poor farmers just one sale of a nice batch in weight would be able to earn these farmers 2years money to feed family..

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