Swimming Safety Bracelet Put to the Test

Swimming Safety Bracelet Put to the Test

What’s up guys how you all doing?
For today’s video I’m going to put to the test this little wrist safety gadget… On the picture says here It shows it’s meant for the surface…
Who knows, maybe you get exhausted or injure yourself and you cannot swim no more this will come and play Let’s open it up and see what it’s all about BOOM! Woah, cool, there is a bunch of literature Let’s pop it out and open it Let’s see if it fits me. I’m out put it on my left.. left hand oh look it’s easy to adjust it all you have to do you just pop it out and Then you can slide it, so, very easy slide it in….. Okay, once you adjust everything, it’s easy to put it on and put it off Pop it in, close it, BOOM. It’s not going to slide out of your hand and to open it all you have to do is pop it out and press these two things to open it and slide it out. Also bought a bunch of co2 cartridges. BOOM, just like that. And then unscrew it and then pop this one in and screw it on i’m pretty sure you supposed to screw it on Yep… BOOM all the way Then I’m going to screw this back on so this is the supposed to buy specific Co2 tanks the refills that actually screws on on this Mashine Ok let’s go test it out in the pool. (Water noises) (Inflating noise) WOA! Wow, it’ exploded underwater! IT was like BOOM! Like an air bag, that’s so epic! Look! They blown up, so well! so I can now, now Just hold over it and look. There’s also (Load whistling noises) Very very loud, wow (More whistling) That’s super annoying but super loud so a lot of people will hear me Wow, this is amazing I can’t believe how fast it deployed and put me up! Ok, then I’m going to unscrew this part Let me to take out this co2 cartrage. [oh] yeah, that’s how you’re actually going to deflate this wall Once it took all the air out let me try to fold it back How it was I guess I can [just] follow the same creases how it used to be fold But there is also instruction how to fold it and then I think it’s supposed [to] fold it like that and this that’s what I think the instruction says BOOM fold it in And then this right here is pops in BOOM and BOOM Awesome, and then we can just put another here to cartridges Close this and we’re ready to use it again. That’s pretty awesome. I love this thing right guys That’s pretty much it another very unique product I love it. That was actually a very Surprisingly how fast it actually blew up on the water And it sounds like air bag like BOOM like mini explosion underwater And it pulled me up so quickly that’s awesome. You know what I give this product that thumbs up I like that one a lot well guys that’s pretty much it. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time


  1. Idk if it's somthing todo with compressed air but why does it only bring him up when the orange back pops out. How did he get the air in the water without him floating????

  2. Man, this thing looks terrible! It didn't look like it provided much lift. A body naturally floats to the surface. If you have to wrap your arms around it to make it work, why wouldn't you just use an inflatable vest? It only brings your hand to the surface, to what? Make sure they find the body? Seriously though, when would someone wear this over a vest?

  3. I like how all these people are making fun of him because of the way he says words I bet if you would try and speak Russian it would be much worse than him speaking English

  4. I'd love to use this in a very deep pool, so once your tired when you get to the bottom you can use this. Or when you reach the bottom of the lake, which we would haul rocks out there and then let them take us to the bottom.

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