Take a Veteran to School Day Stradley HD 720p

Take a Veteran to School Day  Stradley HD 720p

so really glad that Senator Funke brought
up the fact that it’s not true that the only people that join the
military or the ones that have no other options because it was something that I
always kind of I guess resented a little bit that people would sometimes think
that i join the army when I was 18 years old and it’s kind of a funny story and
share it really quick with you but I lost my mom, this part’s not funny… asked my mom and as a freshman in high
school she died of cancer and my dad got cancer my senior year of high school and
so I had always planned to go to college I mean there was never questioned that
that’s what I would be doing and I thought I would go to school to be a
band director excellent high school band director but when my dad got sick my
senior year my plans kind of I decided to put him on hold a little bit I wanted
to be home in case you needed me but he fortunately he did very well with the
treatment that he gotta have surgery and is recovering from surgery and he said
he was gonna be ok we thought and so we’re watching a special one night on
PBS the public TV about the army bands and my dad said hey you should do that
lorries join the army man and he had always thought that everybody should
spend at least a couple years in the military thought it was a good character
building thing and I was trying to be agreeable just come home from the
hospital I don’t want to be hurtful so I said oh yeah that’s a great idea but
little did I know he called the recruiter the next day and told him that
my daughter wants to join the army and I had no idea so I came home and I staple
school my dad gone to the grocery store or something like that conveniently I’m
sure and the recruiter called and I was getting ready to kind of russian mom interest in you know what your dad said
you are enjoying the army was like oh my gosh I can’t believe you really believe
me when I said that you know so anyway but this guy was really good I start
talking about hiking traveling to get all this money for college and United my
dad it was going to be a little bit of a stretch for him to put me through
college so anyhow about two weeks later there I was wearing and getting ready to
join the military my guidance counselors at school oh my
gosh it was so unhappy with me but it turned out to be a problem when the best
decisions I remain they spent eight years in the Army I traveled all over
the world and I was a musician I auditioned up at fort drum and i got to
be a saxophone player in army which is not what most people think of when they
think the military I’m sure so and I i had a lot of great experiences I got to
play for one of our former presidents when I was stationed in Korea President
Bush I got to play for you know were heroes and even you know just people and
in Germany and it was a it was a good experience I did have a few things that
weren’t great about my service but overall I went to school the whole time
I was in the military paid for a while I was and I came out of the military in
eight years with a master’s degree in business that I don’t pay a dime for and
so and then I still here don’t mind my army college money that I could use
after I got out so that was a little bit about my experience and service of
course you know people always people that don’t know a lot about being a
military musician will ask what I think are kind of stupid questions but they
also did you have to go to basic training yes Jeff fire weapon yes it’s
still the military had to do all those things I had a real short deployment in
bosnia Powell skirmish you guys haven’t even heard anything about maybe maybe
you have in your history class but we did have some military operations in the
Balkan region and kind of the Eastern Europe in the late nineteen nineties and
the guys ever studied any of them or not but there’s a lot of fighting and Bosnia
Croatia Hungary that whole area so we were there doing some more morale
for the troops that were there that was what are banded we work out the morale
of the troops over there and then we also did some security missions too so
that’s a little bit about my time in service in you know since I got out of
the military as as the senator said I’ve been involved with the veteran community
since that time and I have done a lot of great opportunity to do a lot of great
things I think as far as working with people that really needed you know some
help I got to work with homeless veterans when I worked at the veterans
outreach dinner and you know it for those of you who may be no somebody in
the military or maybe you don’t know anybody that served that’s just
something that I think we should all really think about that a person who
served our country and you may have gone off to war to fight for us would come
home and then not have a house but they wouldn’t have enough to even provide for
their families so I felt really good about about doing that kind of work and
I worked with college students and people transitioning from the military
to civilian jobs and and now I work at the County Veterans Service Agency and
we hope that there are disabled and you know have other issues going on so
that’s kind of a little bit about me i i did 12 last quick things I guess to
other things just kind of fall in your lap you don’t really try for you don’t
plan on it just kind of happens and one day I
was sitting at my desk back in 2009 I guess it was when I was working at the
time at Bryant and Stratton College and I was working with the military student
population we had there I got a random phone call the woman goes skinny random
don’t hang out that’s not a crank call and that’s always kind of like a weird
way to start a conversation so I said ok and she said my name is Robyn cavanaugh
and I’m an author and I want to write a book about the military entrance exam
called the Armed Services vocational aptitude battery and she said I need a
co-author would you do it was like wow I would certainly love to have the
opportunity to write a book but you know it did sound a little scare match so I
said well you know this is we talked a little bit I said this is for real send
me a contract when I turned out it wasn’t so I had a great opportunity to
to co-authored two books about the military entrance exam which by the way
was an awful lot of work and i hope i never ever do again I was working around
the clock and I had a job and all that stuff but opportunity there and these days I also
serve as a girl scout troop leader for my daughter she’s in fifth grade and
among board of directors at the veterans Outreach Center so try to stay busy and

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