Taking a Bull to Auction – Bubbles Leaves the Cattle Ranch

Taking a Bull to Auction – Bubbles Leaves the Cattle Ranch

hi I’m Mike today is bubble the Bulls
last day here on the ranch today you and I are gonna load him up in a trailer
we’re gonna take him to Buffalo Wyoming for his big day the auction which
actually takes place tomorrow we’re gonna find out what his leaving the
ranch means to not only the ranch but to us personally right here on our Wyoming
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head on over here take a look and pick a project today we’re taking our little
lost Bowl bubbles to auction his time on the ranch is over
he’s been here for six years he’s helped create hundreds of calves and he’s kept
the ranch going and for that we thank him and we treat him with respect as bulls get older their effectiveness
as breeding animals fail they become more susceptible to injury and
unfortunately they tend to become more irritable towards other animals and even
sometimes towards us when we receive a new bowl we buy them from breeders in
the area they are registered and tested we know that they’re in good shape and
last year we purchased three new bowls from a neighbor up the road bulls are
almost on a constant rotation but eventually their time here comes to an
end and hopefully they can end it with their heads held high
bubbles will be traveling with us about 80 miles to Buffalo Wyoming where a
sales barn awaits his arrival as part of their auction tomorrow in a bit we’ll
talk about his future but for right now let’s get him loaded up and ready to go
since he’s a single rider today we’re gonna use our small stock trailer to go
better it’s a steel trailer which will hold up better the debt to the damage
that a bull can do but by since he’s by himself I’m not expecting too many
problems from it since we sorted off the Bulls bubbles has been hanging out by
himself waiting for today now he hasn’t been too happy about it being separated
from his friends and herd is hard on him but this morning he seems to be in a
freaking mode so once we have the trailer hooked up and we have inspected
all the lights and brakes to make sure that they work we can back up to the
loading chute word that he will utilize to climb on in bubbles weighs close to
2,000 pounds we will know exactly what he weighs after the auction tomorrow but
even if he’s a little lighter he still weighs a lot more than me and he knows
it working bulls by yourself can be a little bit daunting I always have an
escape plan in mind usually that means sticking close to the fences staying out
of open areas and trying not to get too close to it with a bowl this size if he
doesn’t want to move he’s not going to and although he has been through this
before when we move Bulls from their past year for the winter they ride in a
trailer bubbles has written on more trailers actually than any Bowl on the
ranch and once the gate is open to let him into the loading area he cruises
right in but that might be as far as he’s willing to go he walks around he
inspects his new surroundings and chooses not to go the way that we need
him to go pushing him doesn’t help he’s gonna push right back and he pushes a
whole hell of a lot harder than I can being the only one out here injury to
myself is not an option maybe with two or three guys bubbles
might move onto the trailer on his own but with just me here he’s content just
to heat a bit of the grass that’s growing and ignore me
sounds like kids on their iPad bubbles is however used to moving for the Gator
that’s what I call the big guns when moving the bull we aren’t going to shock
him with a prod or even try to move him with a paddle in order to get him to
move we’re gonna use something he recognized it’s about his same size and
something he doesn’t want to push around another added advantage is that we are a
bit protected allowing us to get closer to him and politely suggest to him that
he needs to move the way we want him to go he’s no dummy he’s going to try to
sneak around but by applying a little bit of pressure from one side he quickly
realizes that the only way for him to go without us bugging him is down the chute
and onto the trailer where we can lock the door behind him it’s not time to go yet though we have a
lot of weight in this trailer and right now he has the entire trailer to wander
around it driving down the road with him and he here moving around can cause the
trailer to sway or even fishtail on the road if he starts throwing his weight
around and with any trailer you want a majority of the weight towards the front
this trailer is divided into two parts and by closing the inner door we can
lock him in the front half where he can do the least amount of damage and now
off we go but not to the sales barn quite yet we need to actually take him
to town any time an animal is taken to the sales barn the state wants proof of
ownership and with a quick stop at our local feed store we can pick up what is
known as a G form the G form is required whenever livestock cross county lines
and after a bit of paperwork we’re now on the road for Buffalo
Buffalo is a town of about 4500 people nestled in the foothills of the Bighorn
Mountains and the location of our closest sales barn it’s also by the way
the home of Longmire days thanks to local Craig Johnson the author whose
books became a big hit with the TV show Longmire Bowls is used
to write in the trailer but this is the longest drive he’s probably ever taken
and he’s getting a little impatient to get there and get out and soon we do
arrive and it’s time to let him out this is where bubbles will be sold to his
next honor what will happen to him we will probably never know he could be
sold to another rancher who would like to get some more breeding time out of
him but more than likely he’ll be sold for slaughter he will only bring between
50 cents to $1 a pound but that’s money that the ranch can use to help carry on bubbles is left behind and we start the
drive home so we’re heading home without bubbles
back there the trailers a lot lighter pulls a little bit better without him
moving around all the time and you know you get to thinking about the time that
he had on the ranch really bubbles was has been on the ranch almost just as
long as I have so there is that question of you know when do you wear out your
usefulness I like to think of it just like everything else obviously it’s all
about the future bubbles worked on the ranch for six
years while he was there he guaranteed the future of the ranch for six whole
years he paved the way for more bulls to come in and continue doing the job that
he did in the same way when my times up on the ranch I hope that I’ve paved the
way for somebody else to come in and do my job hopefully one of the kids but you never
know I think that’s exactly what everybody
wants to leave a legacy that carries on bubbles sure has done that he will hold
a place in our hearts and our minds and just like every animal out here he paves
the way for the future of the ranch I think that’s a pretty noble purpose
thanks for coming along today we have a super busy week ahead of us and we’ll be
back with you on Thursday night for our live stream where we get a chance to sit
down and answer questions in real time from you we can bring you news from the
ranch and share our stories we hope that you’re able to stop by and hang out with
us for just a little bit that’s Thursday at 7 p.m. mountain time
I’ll also be back with you on Sunday as we take a look at what could be argued
as the biggest day on the ranch sale day and you aren’t going to want to miss
that be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss a thing and until I see you
again have a great week and thanks for joining us in our Wyoming life


  1. As they say I know enough about a ranchers life to get myself in trouble .that being said I do deal with ride love and own horses 🐎,But why does the calf’s bring so much and a big bull bring so little price wise ?

  2. I was a part of the FFA show team. I showed a goat by the way.

    I surely miss my goat because you know, getting used to him a whatnot. But knowing my experience I'm sure Bubbles is fine ^^

  3. You can know animals for ten years and think you know their every expression and mood but the day you shift them out and they get a sense of their fate, they'll give you a completely new dirty look, that makes you feel like a criminal..

  4. U must respect your food and the owner of bubbles the bull did just that that's high quality beef right there to let it go to waste is a total disrespect

  5. How come you didn't say goodbye to bubbles ?? Bubbles forefathers were on Noah's Ark w/ 13 other cows !!! Bubbles I think is headed to McDonalds — not the drive thru — but the kitchen !!!!

  6. Never heard it called a “sales barn” before. Bubbles looked pretty thin in his last days compared to earlier shots of him. Even the most famous bulls end up at the sale barn at some point.

  7. Bubbles gets off trailer, says "HELLOOOOO LADIES!!" I sorta hope he wasn't sold into slaughter, but instead was picked up by another rancher to possibly get another year out of him.

  8. Just curious. For myself. Would it be safer to be on horseback, say on a large Blegian or another type of large horse? Would Bubbles be less likely to challenge you?

  9. Selling a long time cow bull dog etc is always hard. My grandfather sold his whole herd in 2004. Never saw him cry but after 50+years it's always hard.

  10. I don't know how often you have to push the cattle with the gator, but ever thought about a simple tube attachment on the front? (Think Reverse grill guards on a pickup, that curve away from the gator. Nothing too extreme because it would tear up the gator, but would be a quick on/off and give a little more size to the front? …

  11. omg u just leave him there to be painfully slaughterd, I cant believe anyone could do that to him. Hes helped you for 6 years and this is what you do to him?!

  12. 3 things about this video
    1 excellent angles
    2 it was sad to see bubbles confused when he was left behind
    3 i love longmire show!!!

  13. Shame on u and sad for bubbles why teach me then because he is part of yr extended fam it's another day and another dollar shame bubbles rip

  14. Shame on u and sad for bubbles part of yr extended family how's that but hey u teach me Shane bubbles rip slaughter pls man stop the killing it's cruel

  15. So what did Bubbles sell for? He looks like a breaker and in great condition. I'm guessing he brought .70 to .85 cents per pound.

  16. But in the video you can clearly see that the daily contact between bull and man is simply missing. Simply a bucket of wheat meal and walk away in front and the bull follows into the trailer…

  17. Great video, grew up on dairy farm in Vermont. Prize Holstein Bull brought a lot of young cattle into herd. Raised a young bull, all black except for white diamond on for head, his name was Uncle Miltey,after Milton Berle. Loved the calves and trained them to halter for 4H FFA.

  18. No dogs ? You need some good ranch dogs one dog =3-4 men in Mexico we have 17'dogs on a 18,000 hectare ranch they have saved my life at least ten times in the last ten years!!

  19. Rainbow with a Houston not not the auction cuz the auction will kill him meaning of Houston Texas to my board I said in Spanish

  20. Bubbles my old flower , you were needed for your balls and now sad to say old Bubbles you are need for burgers. Life goes on and so does barbecue time

  21. What did you name the new alpha? Im new to channel last video I watched you talked about naming the new alpha.

  22. Ok Mikey I'm with. I like how you're driving him up with the Deere then block the access with the Deere and getting him into the trailer. Alone…

  23. Wouldn't you get a lot more money out of him if you brought him to the processing plant and sold him as hamburger? Is his meat not great anymore?

  24. You are so full of crap! There are other ways to make ends meet on a ranch. You don't have to exploit animals then sell them to be killed. You should be ashamed of that speech you gave at the end. It was not only ishkabibble, it was offensive to those of us that know what really goes on. What is sadder is that some morons bought into your pretty speech. To them I say visit an auction barn and slaughterhouse!

  25. You guys should be smart you have had secess at farmers market get a inspected butcher shop and have an every day facility then u don’t half to sell at the auction they aren’t really ganna pay the bills that way I know it’s quick sale but

  26. No mention of how important it is to keep young women and ladies away from bulls. The things you learn on a farm…

  27. Bubbles was a breeding stud who sired many heifers. What process is in place to prevent him from breeding with his daughters?

  28. Wondering why you wouldn't wait for a second animal that could be sold before transporting bubbles? Unless he was completly sterile or something?

  29. I Love red angus cattle. Funny how much more Vocal they are in my experience compared to other breeds.
    We had one that would see my dad working somewhere and come stand there and watch him for a long time. Then often he would just lay down and spend the day watching daddy work. He wouldn’t do it with anyone else. It’s like they had a special bond. He was a dog in a bulls body

  30. Hi my name is Sharif and I am from Bangladesh. In our part of the world, we do handle big bulls like Bubbles by our own hand and we aren't afraid to drive/guide a cow, doesn't matter it is a bull or not not. What surprises me most is the expected selling price of Bubbles. Is it between 0.5 to 1.0 US$ per pound? Beef costs at an average of 6-9 pounds per pound in the US grocery stores and the producer like Mike gets only 0.5 to 1.0 pound of it? Isn't it ridiculous? Well it reminds me of the garment industry of our country. Bangladesh is one of the largest garment exporter to Bangladesh. A shirt which you buy for 40 US$ from Walmart, our producers get only 3-4 US$ from the US importers for that. Most of the money goes to the middlemen like the cows of Mike.
    nevertheless, I love these videos of Mike. Best of luck to Mike and Erin.

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