Talking Tom and Friends – Lost Friend Will Zee (Season 1 Episode 31)

Talking Tom and Friends – Lost Friend Will Zee (Season 1 Episode 31)

I need to ask you guys a favor. Yeah, sure, anything, Tom! You haven’t heard the favor yet. You’re right. Forget it. This is Willy, every year
when we were kids, he was my roommate at summer camp. Don’t worry, Tom. We’ll find him. No! He’s not missing,
he’s just coming to visit. Uh, Tom, he looks like a nerd! He is… Remember that story about
the kid who thought he was stuck in quicksand but it turned out
to just be regular sand? Willy. I’m sure he’s not that bad. He snores when he’s awake… Ugh… It’s hard to believe you were
friends with such a nerd! What? So what’s the big favor
you needed us to do? Oh- Willy is in town for some
event, and he asked if he could come by. And I’m too busy
finishing my secret invention. Your secret catapult? Right… my secret catapult.
So I just want you all to help me make sure that he feels
welcome while he’s here. ‘Sup, T-Bone, my old friend?! Willy? Willy’s dead, T-Bone… No! Now I’m called … Will-Z! Wow! No way! I don’t get it. Last time I saw
you, you had your shoelaces tangled in your braces. That was a long time
ago, bro-delay-hee-hoo. Now I’ve unlocked
my inner champion, and I compete in the
Extreme Zportz Tour Zeriez. The E-Z-T-Z? No way! You know that tour is cool, because
it has multiple Zs in its name. Can you get us tickets? Here, take some Z.I.P. passes. This is the best day of my life! Tom, I don’t understand.
You said Will-Z wasn’t cool… But with that backwards hat,
it’s like he doesn’t even care if his eyes are properly shielded
from the sun… it’s so cool… Can you do a three-sixty ollie
stalefish over the garage? I don’t know. The last time I tried,
I wiped out and almost broke… a sweat! Yeah. Uhu. Skateboard tricks are cool,
but I’ve got something even cooler – a secret invention! Huh. Yeah!
Now, I’m not saying that it’s a giant catapult that could shoot
a giant boulder into the sun. But I’m also not not saying
it. If you catch my drift. Whoa, a catapult?
Sounds pretty rad-apult. Ha! Well, I hope you are all
hungry, because it’s almost launch time! Get it? I was making a joke off the words
launch and lunch… It’s a pun. You know, I’ll just get
the catapult set up. So, meet me outside in like five. Sounds like a plan, bro! Wow. Okay. This is complicated. Here we go! Not ratapult! Hey! What’s going on? Where is everybody? We’re losing daylight here
and the sun is still un-attacked. Whoa. Chillax, T-Bone. Make
like the owner of an above-ground swimming pool and cool off. Yeah, T-Bone, chillax. We’re
trying to watch Will-Z’s guest appearance on “Tommy
Toprock and the Hip Hop Squad.” He plays Tommy Toprock. Outstanding! I don’t like you, “Officer Stickler.”
But darn it, I love those kids! I’m gonna put on my safety
helmet, get on this motorized – All right, let’s go outside – Tom, we’ll be out when this is over! You just went from online to in the line. Let’s see… Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. His name is Will-Z! /
His hat it thrillz me! / Down the highest hillz he! /
Skates on his board… What…what. Angela! Oh hey, T-Bone. What up? You’re supposed to be outside
watching my extreme catapult. It’s gonna be awesome… and extreme. Yeah, it’s cool, Tom.
I’m almost done here… Okay, Let’s see… Ooh! Will-Z is awesome and extreme! /
And he smells like peach ice cream! Smells like peach ice cream? Well, I got the wheels off. Wow. Ben, don’t you want
to see my catapult? What are you doing
to Willie’s skateboard? I was looking at Will-Z wondering
if he could possibly be cooler. At first I thought, no. But
then I thought… hoverboard. Hoverboard? I bet you wish you had a hoverboard. Of course I do. Everybody does. Tom thought he was cooler than
Will-Z. But Will-Z’s cooler than Tom. Okay, everyone, enough is enough.
It’s time to focus. On me. Outside, right now, I’ve got an extreme
catapult and an extreme giant boulder that I’m going to launch
into the sun! Which is so extreme that even Will-Z can’t top it! Well, actually, maybe he can. Your hoverboard! Give it a try. Wow, thanks, Ben! I’m not sure if I can
ride this thing but – It’s hovering! Oh, come on! This is ridiculous! Will-Z isn’t as cool as you
think he is! He’s faking it! He is to as cool as I think he is. Oh yeah, well guess what “Mr. Cool
Guy” did every single night at camp… Wet the bed! Yeah. What
do you think about that? Let’s see you hoverboard
out of that one. It was… the soda… Whoa. Not cool, Tom. Yeah. Not cool at all, bro. Don’t worry about it.
It’s not a big deal. Hey, who wants to see Will-Z
hoverboard over the roof… blindfolded? Yeah! Bring it in y’all! Roll call! Zangela! B-Dawg! Stanky H is in the house. Don’t forget Lil Ginge! Wait, what are you doing? Will-Z taught us how to walk.
Like, I thought I knew how to walk, but I didn’t know
how to walk like this. Pretty extreme, huh? Man… ever since Will-Z got here,
it’s like he’s the cool one, and I’m the… …slightly-less-cool-but-still-way-
cooler-than-everyone-else one. Maybe I’ve been trying too hard…
Or maybe… I haven’t been trying hard enough! That’s it! I’m going
to win the gang back by showing them I’m the most extreme dude ever! …and that’s how you do a 72-
hundred. See you in about a million clicks, YouTube. Wow, yeah… I love you, Will-Z! Attention! You’re about to witness
the most extreme stunt ever attempted by anyone you know!
Including your new friend Will-Z. Tom, get down from there
before that thing launches. I, Talking Tom, am about to launch
myself into the sun – not the moon! Not a cloud! But the center
of the universe, the sun! Do it, Tom! We don’t even do that on
the Zeries. It’s too dangerouz. You’re just saying that because you
don’t want me to show everyone I’m cooler than you. Well, guess
what, I am and guess what again – I will! Cool. What happened? Am I… on the sun? No, you had a seriously
sketchy wipeout. Bramen noodle. I got it all right here, but you’re
probably not gonna want to see it. It’s pretty gross. What were you thinking, Tom?! I wasn’t thinking. I’ve been
acting like a such a jerk. I guess seeing how much my
friends looked up to you made me feel… I don’t know- Jealous? No. Filled with rage. Anyway,
I feel real awful about telling everyone you… did that thing – Wet the bed? Tom, how could I
ever be mad at you? You were so cool back at camp that you
inspired me to stop drinking soda, pick up a skateboard and transform
myself into the awesome and modest dude I am now. Wow, really? That’s Tom for you. He shaped
me into being more cool too. I really value his friendship too. Well, time for me to head
over to the E-Z-T-Z competition. Oh. But you’ll come
back here after, right? No can do, Stanky H. The
E-Z-T-Z tour waits for no man. So where are off to next? Who knows, B-Dawg? Probably
some lame city filled with palm trees, screaming fans and beautiful girls. Was that a boat horn? No, it’s just the E-Z-T-Z street-yacht. Of course it was. A street-yacht?! Wow. The most extreme form
of transportation in history. Yeah. It is. – Hot potato.
– Onion rings. Extra cheese. Butterfly. Razzmatazz. Pork chop! Up the stairs, down the stairs. Later, T-Bone. Thanks for everything. Yeah, don’t mention it you … See you around, y’all. Well, I guess this whole thing
kinda taught me a lesson about being myself. And all it took was
a visit from an old friend. And a fairly serious concussion. What are you talking about? Why
would you want to be yourself? I want to be Will-Z! Hey, me too! Actually, so do I. Guess we’ll just have to start
wetting the bed, right? Would that work? Hey, we’ll just have to try, right? Way ahead of you guys. Oh, oh, you guys were joking? Yeah, me too. Jokes. That’s our Tom! Cool as ever! Oops, sorry. Will-Z is awesome and extreme! /
And he smells like peach ice cream! His name is Will-Z! /
His hat it thrillz me! Down the highest hillz he! /
Skates on his board.


  1. Will Z: Later T Bone, thanks for everything.

    Tom: Yeah, Don't Mention It you
    Smell like B**ch Garbage Ice Cream !


  2. Lol! 9:27 Don't mention it you … Honk! xxx 😂😂😂❤❤❤🙊🙊🙊💗💗💗💝💝💝💋💋💋😆😆😆🌟🌟🌟⭐⭐⭐😉😉😉😄😄😄😃😃😃

  3. at the begining of the epesode tom a photo of willZ and he had white skin but when willZ was cooler he had a completly differint coler of skin

  4. On the top of my head when Will Zee said :

    "Later T-bone, thanks for everything"

    Tom said back

    "Yeah. Don't mention it, you FUCKIN RATPIG"

    Might be what he said I dunno
    It might not be what he said.

  5. I think tOM say the b word or f word I think he say don't mention it u son of a b*tch or he said don't mention it mother f word or don't mention it you f

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  7. Angela:yeah yeah (beatboxing)he’s name is will z he’s thrills me.down the highest hills t .skats on his board.WAIT WHAT

  8. Will z: goodbye t bone
    Tom yeah don't mention it u poopy b*ch dum f** rapper
    Jk he said @$$ Hole f**in b****

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  10. Why I thout this was a kids thing not and adults thing with that gross blood that's ginger was talking about and tom swears at will z mother F ER that's not an appropriate kids thing HEY 2019

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