Talking Tom Gold Run in Real Life and Other Adventures| Kids Skit

Talking Tom Gold Run in Real Life and Other Adventures| Kids Skit

What’s going on? What’s going on? It’s broken. What is it? Ulya! Where are you? Let’s have breakfast! Where I am? Hi! Wow! You are Talking Tom! Yes Ulya! Welcome to the world of games! Help me to get out. It’s not so easy! I have 3 challenges for you! You have to complete them to get out of here. Ok I am ready! Challenge #1 is a very fun game Talking Tom gold run I know this game! Then go to the game and collect at least 100 gold bars to win this challenge. Yes I did it! Well done Ulya! Now go to the My Talking Hank game and complete level 1. Ok! Let’s go! Good job! Only one challenge left! Are you ready? I am ready! Your last mission is to go to the Pac-man game. You must survive for one minute. Well done! Now you can go home! Yes yes yes Yes I am home!


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