Tanduay Gold Asian Rum from The Philippines

Tanduay Gold Asian Rum from The Philippines

Hello, it’s Robert Burr, here at the Rum Wreck
Dive Bar for another episode of Rum Minute. Today, we’re looking at Tanduay Gold Asian
Rum from The Philippines. From the world’s largest rum producer, Tanduay
Gold is a prime example of a high quality cane spirit well aged and blended with the
intent to be accessible. Since its arrival in the USA in 2013, Tanduay
Gold Asian Rum has been recognized in numerous tasting competitions as a product of outstanding
merit, including a Gold Award at the 2018 RumXP Tasting Competition at the Rum Renaissance
Festival. Tanduay has been producing rum in The Philippines
since 1854, using legacy heirloom cane varieties. This rum is a blend of distillates aged up
to seven years in Kentucky Bourbon barrels, designed to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks
or as a superior component in a well crafted cocktail. Initial aromas of cedar and dried fruits are
followed by hints of caramel and vanilla. On the palate, warm dry smoked honey and vanilla
leads to buttery almond fruit pastry and floral notes, before a beautiful warm finish lingers
with echos of toasted oak and cigar box much longer than expected. Tanduay succeeds at delivering a fine aged
rum for a competitive price. The 750ml bottle of Tanduay Gold Asian Rum,
bottled at 80 proof, retails for $19.


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