Tanduay Silver Asian Rum

Tanduay Silver Asian Rum

Hello, it’s Robert Burr, here at the Rum Wreck
Dive Bar with another episode of Rum Minute. Today, we’re looking at Tanduay Silver Asian
Rum from The Philippines. From the world’s largest rum producer, Tanduay
Silver Asian Rum presents an outstanding premium cane spirit with a hint of straw color from
time spent maturing in oak barrels. Since 1854, Tanduay rums have been created
with heritage sugarcane varietals. The volcanic soil and tropical climate of
the Philippines offer ideal conditions for growing cane and aging rum. This well balanced blend of rums have been
aged up to five years before filtering most of the color out. Aromas of cane and subtle peppermint are accented
by a creamy butter note before a neutral mineral quality leading to a very subtle whiff of
coconut husk. On the palate, a honeyed soft coconut opening
leads to buttery wood, with a nice long warm, dry peppery finish. Tanduay Silver Asian Rum makes a smooth and
crisp base for premium cocktails, an upscale alternative to other affordable clear rums. Tanduay Rums have received many awards, including
a gold medal in the RumXP International Tasting Competition at Rum Renaissance Festival. Tanduay Silver Asian Rum, at 40% abv in the
750ml bottle, sells for about $21.

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