TEARDROP LOOP || Friendship Bracelets

Hi my name is Masha Knots and today I’m
gonna be showing you how to make one of these beautiful loops to start off your
friendship bracelet so as you can see both of these bracelets have a sort of
teardrop shape to the loop I’m gonna show you how to do that but you can also
finish the loop here and just start making the bracelet in a horizontal way
rather than you know having the teardrop by the way if you want to find out how
to make this beautiful friendship bracelet I have a video on that and
it’ll be in the card and in the description down below so you can check
that out and make this beautiful bracelet for yourself, so let’s get into
making loops, so first of all you’re gonna need a pattern that has an even
number of strings for each color so these are the colors that I have chosen
and I’ll link the pattern that I’m going to be using down below so you can check
that out if you want to make the pattern yourself, so my pattern that I’ve chosen
does have an even number of strings for each color and you need that because
you’re gonna have to fold the string at this point of the loop so both of the
ends of the string essentially become two separate strings which is why if
you’re making a loop you need to have an even number of strings for each color, so
these are my colors I’m gonna cut the string for my friendship bracelet and
I’m gonna show you what you do next so first of all I’m gonna say you should
probably cut slightly more string than you think you need because it’s best to
have some string left over then to run out of string mid bracelet because you
can do stuff with the leftovers and if you run out of string you can still work
with that because you can add more string but it’s just a hassle that you
want to avoid altogether so what you want to do first is actually choose the
color that you want for your loop, so on these two bracelets I had a sort of
orange color and a purple color so you want to choose the color that you want
for the top of your loop and then whatever color you choose you want to
cut more of that string than you do of the others so for all the other ones you
want to cut pretty much the same amount but for the one that you choose for your
main color of the loop you want to cut slightly more because you know you’re
gonna use more of it for loop so let’s get to cutting and I’ll show you what to
do next so once you’ve cut all the string you want to fold it in half and
then you want to take the string that you’re gonna use for the color of the
bracelet the one that is longest right and you’re gonna fold that in half
too but you are gonna keep it separate so the next thing you’re gonna do is you’re
going to tie the main string onto the actual bracelet so you’re gonna put this
loop underneath this loop pull it through like this and then put
this end of the string inside this loop and pull it out so once you’ve pulled that out you’re
gonna then make a knot so there you go you’ve successfully tied the main string
onto the bracelet so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put the top end
far away so it’s not in the way of us making in the actual bracelet then
separate these two strings also and put one of them to the top because we’re not
going to need it right now and then we’re going to keep this trim because
this is the one that we’re gonna be working with right now so at this point
you might want to tie your bracelet down so it’s easier for you to work with so
once you’ve got the bracelet secured you’re gonna start making forward
backward or backward forward knots and if you don’t know how to make those
knots actually did a separate video on that it’s going to be in the card and
then link in the description below so you can check that out because I’m not
going to be going in depth of how to do that now
but I’m gonna quickly show you so you make a forward knot onto the bracelet and
make a backward knot onto the bracelet forward and then you continue making
these forward backward knots onto the bracelet for as long as you want, the
more you make the bigger the loop will be you want to make sure
that’s it’s nice and even so I’m sort of just fixing up the knots a little bit here as
I go, I think that’s enough for this end because it’s gonna be like that right so
once you’ve done with this side you actually switch it up and you go to the
other side so I’m just gonna quickly undo this and I’m gonna switch it and
then you do the same thing on the other side and you can always stop and sort of
rearranged them a little bit so they look nice and tidy and then check what
the loop is gonna be like so I actually think I might do a bit more on this one
and then I’m gonna be done see right there I’m just gonna zoom in
for you quickly see right there you can see a bit of string coming
through it because I didn’t tie it very well so I might just go like this maybe
see if that fixes it if not I could have just like pushed it up a bit with my
finger so you can’t see any of the base strings coming through I think that is
about the loop that I want to make so I’m gonna fish making the loop for now
right so when you’re done knotting you’re gonna create the loop and at this
point you can actually start making the bracelet so if you’ve got a pattern you
can just start making the pattern right away but what I’m gonna show you is how
to make the teardrop effect of the bracelet so first you want to secure
your bracelet and right now I’m having trouble with that I want to get myself a
clipboard because I hear that’s a great way to secure your bracelet by the way
if you have any suggestions on how to secure bracelets on to your workplace
let me know because I’d love to hear how you guys do that so right now I’m
actually gonna use a bit of tape which isn’t the best way but I don’t have any
other options right now so so once you secure the bracelet with the
loop you want to have a look at your pattern or whether you’re trying to make
and find a sort of triangle shape in that let me show you what I mean so have
a look at your pattern and try to locate the triangle that you want to be working
with so this is the pattern that I’m going to be using and this is the
triangle that I’m going to be making right now so what you want to do now is
you want to look at the outermost layer of this triangle which for me is this
set of knots so these are the knots that I’m going to be making right now in
order to create my pattern so once you’ve located your triangle you need to
put your threads into the correct order for you to make this triangle so if you
look closely at my pattern I’ve left two things colored in the actual knots which
is the round bit of the pattern and the little sticky out colored bits those
things represent the strings so you need to look very closely into your pattern
locate those bits of thread and put your threads in the exact same order as they
are in the pattern once you’ve done that it’ll be very easy for you to make the
knots that are shown in the pattern so let’s get into that so as I said you
want to arrange the threads as they are in your pattern so as you can see my
first one is got to be the purple one so I’m gonna
make a forward backward knot with the purple thread onto the whole left piece
of my threads that’s what I’m gonna do right now and I’m gonna make sure that
no threads are sticking out tie it firmly make sure that’s a nice tight
knot and I’m gonna leave it off to the side so the next thread that I’m going
to need is the yellow one so that’s where I’m going to take out so now I’m
gonna make another forward backward knot but this time only on these threads I’m
going to leave this one behind because I don’t need it anymore make sure that’s nice and tight again so
the next one is my orange one so let’s go with orange nice and tight as you can
see I am leaving all of these threads behind and I’m making the knots only on
the ones that are left here so the next one is my white so I’m going to take out
the white I’m gonna repeat this step again forward backward with the white then goes the blue and then goes my
other purple one then my of the blue one and see I’m
having less and less string to work with here so the knots are much easier to
make now so next one is the white again and the next one is yellow right, so I’m
done with this side, I have all the strings arranged in the order that I’m
going to need them I’m going to do the same thing for this one except instead
of using forward backward knots I’m going to be doing backward forward knots now once you’ve done both sides and both
sides have the strings in the correct order you want to connect the two sides
by making a knot between these two strings like that connecting it and
making into a tear shape so this part is actually quite tricky and I’m not
particularly good at it especially on camera with a tripod between my arms but
I’m gonna try to do my best there you have it you’ve connected the
two parts of the bracelet and made a tear shape loop at the top of the bracelet
so now I actually have to start making the bracelet and we’re gonna do that by
following the triangular part of our pattern
bear with me this is gonna be quite tricky but hopefully you’ll be able to
follow along so the first couple of knots in my particular bracelet are done
with the purple string so that’s what I’m gonna do first so I’m going to
separate seven strings on this side I’m gonna put these to this side so that
they’re not in the way and I’m gonna make the knots that I need to make on
these strings with my purple thread so the first one is a forward knot onto the
yellow string the second one is a forward knot onto
the orange string the third is a forward knot onto the white string the fourth is
a forward knot onto the blue string the fifth is a backward knot with the
other purple string onto this one but since they’re the same color I’m
actually going to continue making a forward knot because that’s just easier
and saves time since they’re both the same color whatever knot you make it’s
gonna look the same so it doesn’t matter the next one is a forward knot onto the
blue string and finally we have a forward backward knot onto the white
string right so now that I’m done with that I have a backward knot of the
yellow string onto the white string so I’m gonna separate the two I’m gonna be
very careful here not to mess up to the part of the bracelet it’s quite delicate
but then again I’m gonna make sure that the knot is quite tight and secure
right so the next knot is a backward forward knot of the orange string onto
the white string and again this part of the bracelet is quite fragile because
there’s only a few strings holding it together so I’m going to be quite
careful but also firm at the same time so we’re done with this half of the
bracelet I’m going to do the same thing on this half of the bracelet following
the other half of the pattern the other half of the triangle and then once we get to this point we
make a final knot connecting the two parts of the bracelet so there, there you
go you’ve started your bracelet when you make a teardrop loop the bracelet begins
in the v-shape you can continue making the bracelet in a v-shape if you want to
you can just continue reading the pattern in the way that you did in the
very beginning or you can do a few knots however you like to sort of even it out
and make it horizontal and do it the regular way and here’s the finished
product so once again I’m going to be linking the pattern to this bracelet
down below so you can make this bracelet if you want to I finished this bracelet
by bringing all the strings to a point and I’m gonna be filming a video on how
to make that very soon so subscribe to see that I’ve been really enjoying
making content for you guys recently and I want to thank you all for all of your
comments and likes and all of that I wasn’t expecting so many to be honest
it’s always fun to talk to your audience so I encourage you to leave a comment
down below and see what you enjoyed about this video what maybe something
you didn’t understand what videos you want to see in the future and if you
ever create something based on my videos I’d love to see your creations so send
them to me on Instagram all the links are down below and also give me a follow
on there because I post some content on there as well every once in a while so
yeah thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you in my next video bye

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