Tease Me: NOMOS Metro Rose Gold 33

Tease Me: NOMOS Metro Rose Gold 33

Nomos Glashütte has a design and spirit we can recognize immediately. A now famous unique brand that strives to perpetuate the tradition of watchmaking through its 260 employees, working at the former train station in Glashütte. A minimalist style, a “homeopathic” dose of colours, and watches that can be worn by both men and women. This is Nomos. Today, a new arrival has been welcomed in the METRO collection. The METRO rose gold 33. I know what you are thinking. Gold is something we do not often see at Nomos. True. With its 33mm, we are looking at the smallest METRO, but not the first METRO in gold. As a matter of fact this watch has an older sister, which is none other than the METRO Neomatik rose gold 39mm. A watch that made is debut in 2017. What is interesting of the size, design, and precious metal of this watch, is that it is just as comfortable on a man’s wrist than on a woman’s. This is a watch for all genders even if its 33mm size has the tendency to be destined for the feminine market. The shape of the case with its relatively thick”wired” lugs is neither too girly, nor is it too masculine and stocky. We can appreciate the pure simplicity of the watch’s Alpha movement, the first manufacture manual-winding caliber of the brand. And as usual, paired with this simplicity, details that truly count. Rose gold syringe hands that go wonderfully well with the grey hour markers on a silver dial. And above all, the killer detail, a crown with diamond knurling. It is beautiful. A certain essence of lightness and harmony. Another piece from Glashütte that grasps our attention, and for the right reasons. For the rest… …the recipe for Currywurst, or the best Biergarten in Glashütte? All of that is at Les Rhabilleurs.


  1. Magnifique montre avec son style bauhaus ! Bravo pour la vidéo très rythmée et des très beaux plans de la montre

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