Teranga Gold Receives the PDAC 2017 Environmental & Social Responsibility Award

Teranga Gold Receives the PDAC 2017 Environmental & Social Responsibility Award

These smiling faces are a direct reflection of the success of Teranga gold’s corporate social responsibility programs. Projects like these market gardens are creating deep and lasting impacts on the community surrounding the Sabobala mine project. “We’ve got now 10 market gardens employing about a thousand women, so we’re quite proud of that. One of the key requirements within the regional development plan was food and agriculture security.” Teranga Gold’s Sabodala project is the first industrial mine in Senegal. “As the first gold company, we have an opportunity to set the benchmark for responsible mining and really sharing the benefit with our local stakeholders, the communities Teranga’s first step in building a successful CSR program was hiring rePlan to help create a regional development plan. “That’s really about working with the communities to identify what their priorities are and looking at how we can work with them to achieve their goals. It’s not our goals.. it’s their goals” “And we work out what is most important to them obviously food is, obviously water is, education… and we work out how we can develop this together” ” they’ve really been playing a leadership role at the national level within Senegal and then there also I know they’ve built a very good relationship with the national government itself and i know that Sabodala gold operation is a key is a key pillar of the emerging Senegal plan.” Other key areas of the regional development plan includes skills training and employment . Teranga Gold plans to hire locally and promote to senior levels from within the company focuses on a variety of impactful programs that support everything from health local business and agriculture to building other sectors like cotton production. Teranga CSR initiatives work because of a company-wide commitment. “Their values are aligned from top to bottom, their goals are clear from top to bottom, there’s nobody out of step, everybody’s moving towards the same objective” “I think it’s clear and its simple: it’s treat them with respect and ensure that their lives are better off after we leave than before we came” “We now have a platform which is successful, and being very successful in Senegal and we hope will be successful as we move through into Burkina Faso and into Cote d’Ivoire ”

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