Terraria | How To Farm Gold Coins Easily

Terraria | How To Farm Gold Coins Easily

Hey, It’s CoolKid3000 here… Today I will be showing you how to farm gold coins This is done easiest at night New sign!!!!!! For this you will need lots of suspicious looking eyes, or bloody spines Get to a flat surface, and summon away! I use a night’s edge, flower of fire, and a clockwork assault rifle with meteor bullets Second Stage… Only about 3 gold, next eye It’s too bad I forgot the time 🙁 The trick is crimtane Turn the crimtane in to crimtane bars, Sell the crimtane bars for lots of gold I’ve been farming crimtane for a while now, and got 112 bars About 56 gold This is an easy way to get gold and platinum coins CoolKid3000, signing off…


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