Testing gold with a Thermo Scientific XRF gun Gold Buyers Jewelry

Testing gold with a Thermo Scientific XRF gun Gold Buyers Jewelry

okay so here we have the new XRS machine
mounted into the bench in a locked box underneath so… fully
underneath the counter, underneath the bench gets locked the barrel bolt here, slide
across that, which reveals it, the steel plate okay lift it up
put your piece of jewelry in come over the screen change it to this one
click on….. start which goes for five seconds and tells me that the AU value… it’s 37.26, now I’ve made up a little chart
for now the tolerances in there 37.26 falls
directly into the 9 karat range so it’s 9 karat, even though it says at
the top 9 karat the libraries have just
got to be tweaked a little bit because that’s not as reliable as the as the AU
percentage, and you can see there AG which is silver is11.95 percent silver so it works perfectly for silver as well. So basically of a night time and it up at the moment I’ve got it set up on a
KVM so you just click a… hit a button and it flicks back to your… where are we?
Gold Buyers program so basically hit a button to flick between the two so it’s
two different computers at the moment so much quicker
of a night time we just basically slide that across lock it, it’s in the
cupboard that is it


  1. hola necesito esta maquina para Paraguay , alguien sabe si funciona con barritas a partir de medio kilo o de un kilo? por favor si me pasan info y precios o me dan algun telefono con wassap para contactarles

  2. 5 sec its short time exposure ,that means you use one beam for testing,for special material its ok tu use two beam to be more accuracy !in measure

  3. Hi Jason, are you located in Melbourne? Could you kindly send me a snap shot of your Gold Chart to my email address? Thank you

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