Tetsuya Naito wants all the gold on the line at Wrestle Kingdom! (#njdest)

Tetsuya Naito wants all the gold on the line at Wrestle Kingdom! (#njdest)

¡BUENAS NOCHES KORAKUEN HALL! The Intercontinental title is
on the line on 9/22, in Kobe. I’m going to face Jay White. He wants to hold the Intercontinental and
IWGP Heavyweight titles at the same time, huh? That’s his ambition. So does the G1 CLIMAX winner, Kota Ibushi, right? So, I want an answer from New Japan, ASAP… At the Tokyo Dome, the Intercontinental and
IWGP Heavyweight titles, a double title match… Is it really going to happen, or what? What’s it going to be? If it’s not going to happen… Then I’ll just challenge for the briefcase
while I hold this Intercontinental title. Usually, I tell people to be TRANQUILO, But the excitement for a double title match is too
high. New Japan, you guys better hurry, CABRÓN. But first things first, I have to retain
against Jay White in Kobe on 9/22. Everyone, get excited for it. We have one more night,
here in Korakuen Hall, tomorrow. I’ll see you all tomorrow,
back here, in Korakuen Hall. New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s 3 nights in Korakuen,
we’re closing the second night with, of course… EVIL, BUSHI, SANADA, Hiromu, Takagi, Y Naito. ¡NOSOTROS… LOS INGOBERNABLES DE JAPÓN! 聞いたか?
“BUENAS NOCHES”だと… スペイン語が上手いじゃないか 試合の最後で俺に
‘SMILE’と言ってきたな… 外道 心配しなくていい
内藤の手の内はお見通しだ どうやら俺の戦略は
STARDUST GENIUSとよく似てるらしい 俺たちは似た者同士だ お前のことは大嫌いだが
お前はとても興味深い 神戸が近づくに連れ
お前に対する愛憎が日に日に増していく 楽しいぜ こんなにも誰かを
痛めつけてやりたいと思ったことはない だから 次お前が何を仕掛けてくるのか
それがまた楽しみだ お前の顔を椅子で
殴ってやりたくなる 内藤 神戸で真っ向勝負だ 楽しいのは今だけだ 内藤 神戸以降
お前はもう好き放題できなくなる そこで俺たちのDESTINOがハッキリする お前の終わりは
俺の時代の始まりだ 俺たちは
運命で繋がれている 互いの運命の鎖からは逃れられない 俺はお前のベルトを奪り
DESTINOを手にいれる お前は俺にとって
ただの踏み台でしかない 分かったか 俺はお前のDESTINOの一部だ 俺たちの物語は繋がっているだろ? だが 俺がインターコンチの王者になり
俺たちの運命は分かれ道だ そして 俺が史上初のIWGPとインターコンチの
ダブルチャンピオンになる それまでは
思う存分楽しもうぜ TRANQUILOだ LET’S BREATHE WITH THE SWITCHBLADE A lot of people are saying a lot of things… I’ll say what I want, also… That’s the IWGP title. Remember that. I said what I’m thinking, in the ring. EVIL, SANADA, and Takagi… They’re all looking up. So am I. If all the members of a team are looking at the
same goal, then we have no choice but to fight. If somebody doesn’t like what I said in the ring, Then they should take it up with me. It can be a singles or tag match.
With or against each other. It’s all good. But… But to compete against each other is the best
way to elevate a faction. I believe that. What EVIL thinks, what Takagi thinks,
what SANADA wants to do, I don’t care. What I want is what matters to me, now.
So, I wanted to make that clear to everyone. I’ll do it my way.
That’s what matters to me. Is there anything else you need to
ask me, besides that? Anything to ask me?
Well, I’m OCUPADO. I went to watch baseball right after
I came back from overseas. With all of these tours,
I’m very OCUPADO and CANSADO. But if you want to know more, just give me a call.
You’ve got my number. But the thing is, my phone is on silent. Am I going to pick up?
The answer is of course, TRA- Actually, it’s just going to be a ‘No’. If you want to hear more from me, then you
should come back to Korakuen Hall, tomorrow night. Let’s all enjoy my preview matches with Jay White. I guess I’ll go home now. HASTA MAÑANA.


  1. I feel that naito deserves to challenge to become dual champion. He has been gunning for this for a long time while Jay just decided to do it, copying naito. LIJ 4 LIFE. BUENAS NOCHES 👊

  2. First, it was Goto who wanted to be double champ then Naito, then Ibushi, now White. Let's not forget about Evil defeated Ibushi during G1 Evil has a legitimate claim to challenge for Tokyo Dome contact for now looks he's biding his time? Throw-in Sanada who has an upcoming IWGP heavyweight title match against Okada the main event for Tokyo Dome can go many in directions?

  3. 🔪 switchblade jay White is the incarnate like a beast striking down soon or later the uncontrollable cool dude is 😎😪🙋 naito. A new set of uncensored words with jay white.

  4. Apparently, just like wrestlemania 35 and after wm 35 in raw was to be called a match made winner takes all. Naito is back was a stardust genius one.

  5. realistically Ibushi will remain in possession of the WK contract, SANADA and Okada will have an instant classic (like always) with SANADA coming up short, and then when the time comes, it is WK, with a major singles title on the line, I fear Naito is eating the blade runner for the 1,2,3. I'm bittersweet, if there HAS to be a duel singles champion, I want it to be Naito over ANYONE, but I DO NOT, want Ibushi not walking away IWGP HW champ. I see Ibushi dethroning Okada, White being who he challenges for the IC title, and Ibushi winning via DQ due to Bullet Club interference, to keep the titles separate, but not immediately delegitimize their newly crowned IWGP HW champion. In all logical sense, that is. We must keep our faith in Gedo!!!!

  6. 一昔前後藤がそれ狙ってたよね。ハッキリめいげんしてないけど、、

  7. Jay White is a jobber. Its only a matter of time before wwe signs him and he ends up jobbing to chad gable or something. Naito actually has a character and is one of the only people in new japan who had one. I mean a real discernible character. Jay white is just some vanilla jobber who calls himself switchblade for no apparent reason.

  8. Gedo shaking his head while Jay White is all smiles in his defeat in the tag match.
    It's apparent that Jay White is going enjoy this road trip more than any road trip he's ever been in.
    As for Naito, interesting proposal…let's see if NJPW somehow agrees with it.
    Can't wait to see what happens next in the fun adventures of Naito and Jay only on NJPW World.

  9. やっぱりうまいよなあ。新日本の解答をそれこそノートランキーロ、焦らせるように仕向けるのは流石だよ。

  10. 東京ドームでヘビーとインターコンチの統一戦やったら2日あるからどっちかガラガラになるな。

  11. IWGP戦が決定してるオカダ、SANADAと権利証戦が決定してる飯伏、KENTA&挑戦する可能性が高いEVILだけど「オカダ、飯伏、SANADA、EVIL、KENTA」の5人はG1で同ブロックだったから、どれも東京ドームでカードが被ることになるんだよなぁ…。

  12. Why do I have a feeling Jay White is walking out of Destruction with the IC belt? The path to Wrestle Kingdom this year is going to be long and winding. In the meantime, I’m not betting against Jay.

  13. I think a fatal 4 way is coming for everything. NJPW is the best promotion in the world but they seem pissed off with the AEW hype so what do you do? Kick shit up another level and do a never before winner take all to show who is still.King

  14. I know they dont do multiman matches, especially the main event at Tokyo Dome but that would be awesome.

    Hopefully with KENTA vs Shibata on the card too.

  15. Imagine Yujiro Screws Jay White victory for the IWGP Intercontinental Championship by hitting Jay White with a chair then Yujiro gets kicked out of the Bullet Club and joins L.I.J

  16. I know my character on YT is Izaya but Jay White is really reminding me of Izaya Orihara with his evil laugh and the way he likes to control and manipulate things. Same energy. #Breath

  17. そーいえば鷹木信悟がヘビーいってBUSHIジュニア1人残ってるけど、ジュニアタッグトーナメントまでにヒロム帰ってくるんかなぁ〜

  18. こりゃ年始は内藤ー飯伏で決まりかな。内藤はラストチャンスだろうから前人未到の2個持ち達成してほしいね。

  19. Wrestle Kingdom is 2 nights. How about on night one:
    Naito v Jay White for the IC Title (I think Jay White will win the IC Title on this Destruction tour)-Naito wins the IC Title back.
    Okada v Ibushi for the IWGP Title-Okada retains.
    Night two: IWGP Champion v IC Champion
    Okada v Naito-winner takes all and it would be the first singles match between Okada and Naito since Wrestle Kingdom 12. Naito wins and finally beats Okada in the Tokyo Dome and fulfills his goal of becoming a double champion.

  20. いい加減権利書動いて欲しい

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  22. I do not think things work like that Naito lol. Naito has not even defeated Ibushi in the G1 Climax to even challenge for the briefcase.

    The one person who could challenge Ibushi for the briefcase would be KENTA.

    Naito needs to wait till next year to accomplish his goal as Dual Champion.

  23. もし、もしもだけどSANADAさんがうっかりIWGPとっちゃったら(願い、とってほしい)正月のメイン同門対決あるのかな🧐(みたい〜)

  24. Imo Jay is so ahead of his time.. i mean he is the modern classic great heel and even his matches feel different and every single moment in the matches matter

  25. How's that gonna work? Are the titles both gonna be defended individually in Night 1 of Wrestle Kingdom and then it will be Title vs Title on Night 2? Or is Kota gonna challenge for the title BEFORE Wrestle Kingdom and just have the Title vs Title on Night 2? The first scenario of course is the one that sells more tickets, but can Okada, Ibushi, Naito and whoever the fourth guy is (maybe White himself if it wins in Kobe and then Naito gets the rematch at WK Night 1) put two title matches on the biggest stage of the year level performances two nights in a row without dying in that ring? That's my biggest concern.

  26. Kobe is not going to be the end of this.
    January 4 is going to be the end of this.
    And January 5 is going to be the night one of these two men captures both titles.

  27. Gedo should stop. NJPW is too rigged by Gedo. Either put on the suit & tie & speak for the company full time or wrestle/manage your chosen “faction” full time so the strict suits can keep it objective & less saturated with lackluster mock title attempts. Naito is genius for sure for this move & LIJ shows how competition should be currently. Competition no matter who it is faction or foe.

  28. 後楽園ホールは狭いけど格闘技の殿堂だな。昔はよく通った。特にUWF時代には毎週のように横浜から通って見に行った。

  29. I swear to god if Naito isn't Champion at the end of WrestleKingdom I'm qoing to quit watching New Japan fuck this. Fuck Okada, Fuck Jay White, Ibushi is cool but it's Naito time.

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