Thanthooni Thuruthu | Gold Film of the Year | 50 Hour Filmmaking Challenge #IFP9

Thanthooni Thuruthu | Gold Film of the Year |  50 Hour Filmmaking Challenge  #IFP9

NOBODY’S ISLAND There are two persons behind my journey. One is my father. Aww… the fish got away… Dad…Father: Yes What is beyond this Island? Why do you want to know about it? Tara always used to talk about the places… You will get to know when you are old enough… The other is Tara… Tara baby! Take my kit. Today is her marriage… Dad, What is beyond this Island? Want to know it now? You are not going there, right? This journey was her dream… She was the one who taught me to repair my cycle chain… Some memories won’t fade. You will be able to get across the island by boat with this money Due to that coins, she got beaten by her father, for the first time. Where are you going? Come here… Come here… where you are going. haa… Come here… iam not coming, dad Tara: I want to go across. come here, girl come here come come What happened ?? She was trying to go across alone… She is a little girl right…Leave her… Some journeys are like that. It won’t be in our dreams. Dad, Please take me to the cinema. Not now. I always used to ask her. Why you have this intense desire of going across. Why can’t you just stay that Then she will reply, Have you ever seen beyond this island? I don’t know if there is any going back to the island. But this journey is teaching me to chase my dreams again and again.


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