The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see

The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see

3, 2, 1… Interstellar space, beyond our solar system, where the Voyagers will drift, endlessly. In 5 billion years, all humans will have become extinct, or evolved into other beings. None of our artifacts will have survived on Earth, and the evolution of the sun will have burned the Earth to a crisp. And far from home, untouched by these remote events, the Voyagers, bearing the memories of a world that is no more, will fly on. We can’t know how much of the records they would understand, but being much more advanced scientists and engineers than we — otherwise, they’d never be able to find and retrieve the small, silent spacecraft in interstellar space — perhaps the aliens would have no difficulty understanding what is encoded on these ‘golden records.’ Perhaps, they would recognize the tentativeness of our society, the mismatch between our technology and our wisdom. Had we destroyed ourselves since launching Voyager, they might wonder, or had we gone on to greater things.


  1. Aliens response: We appreciate your attitude earth residents but we already knew all of that… btw wanna know how to create portals for ez movement around space?

  2. Imagine if there was a race on one of these planets that lived long ago, roughly as advanced as we currently are and they sent out their own voyager, and it’s now currently on its way.

  3. Space is vast and almost endless. if we can survive in the harsh conditions of space, so can they. we haven't even explored 1% of space. Statistics prove another life is definitely out there.

  4. The music is ingrained in my head.

    I really feel depressed in a way, because you have to realise how lonely we are in the universe (and yes, I do believe that there is life in other places of the universe) and that, at the end of the really long day, we are all going to be gone.

    Idk. just feels weird

  5. Imagine the alien coming to earth 40.000 years later after they found the voyager.

    Aliens : "hey, this wasn't the same as the pictures you showed us!"

    Human : "uhh… Yeah cause you're here on 42.019! The voyager was sent back then years ago! You guys we're late."

    Aliens : "you guys lied to us"

  6. This has made me appreciate the little things so much more. I can’t believe that if there is another life out there…they probably don’t get to experience all the things us humans have🤧

  7. my Theorie is that aliens have already found this and they went to earth but they were caught in area 51? or maybe their disguised as humans?

  8. Idk how aliens sepose to get university level science like yes heres a bunch of colours know you know everything heres 748478485 now you know more like me a human and I DONT UNDERSTAND how are they sepose to understand random symbols like if i gave someone a bunch a stripes and dots they dont have a clue thats the same with alien life

  9. Why are they giving them out anatomy, do they want them to know our weaknesses?

    Lol its like giving your enemy a cheat cheat

  10. Everyone dies. The goal isn’t to live forever it’s to make something that will.
    -some dude who I forgot the name of

  11. NASA: sends pictures of Area 51

    Aliens: awkwardly sees other aliens

    Aliens: So these are what they do to other aliens!

    Aliens: Humans are evil.

  12. The fact that we are all comforting each other lowkey by being funny in the comments just remindes me of the goodness we all have in us. and that makes me feel more love for our planets and for us as humans. please dont forget that we have goodness in us no matter what, its just who we are. may we never forget to laugh and may we always be there for each other

  13. This is sad.. All these images are for us, not aliens.

    The Golden record will never be found. After another 1000 years it will be hit by a huge space rock and break into pieces. When people on Earth will find out that it has been destroyed they will take another look att what it was recorded. At that time, life on Earth will be miserable..

  14. Alien find it and says: "well well, anything new here." what about telling the truth to people NASA? instead of trying to search life around the space when you already found it.

  15. I'm trying to imagine what an alien civilisation would feel and think if they discovered brave little Voyager after a billion years. Will they be happy to know that they were others like them? Will they be sad because we most likely won't exist anymore? Maybe they are super advanced but have become stagnant in their ways, and this little piece of Earth will reignite their passion for discovery. Maybe they even want to find our pale blue dot.

  16. These pictures will return to Earth one day when there will be 'new' humans and we will think that there is a planet somewhere sending us these. 💓

  17. Humans: See, this is earth
    (Aliens): This says joasjoasj because we don't speak Earth
    Alien: k
    Alien Letter: Nice, would like to meet, cool
    Humans: This says asjajspasjasj because we don't speak Alien

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