The 3 Best Silver Coins for Investment

The 3 Best Silver Coins for Investment

what’s up guys Jim Lewis here free silver top is hope you’re having a great day hey I want to show you a couple of coin categories here that I recommend to people who are just getting started in silver and gold collecting and that is start right now with silver and my number one pick is the American Eagle you’re looking at it right now that is a 1 ounce beautiful absolutely beautiful coin flip it over there you can see The Walking Liberty you’ve got the Eagle on the back that’s the most recognizable coin in the world okay everybody knows what that is when you go to talk to coin dealer pawn shop any you know serious coin connoisseur that is the most recognizable coin there is period and so collecting and stacking American Silver Eagles is always a good idea cannot go wrong there and so I recommend to a lot of people start with that start picking those up and in collecting this as much as you can okay they come in tubes of 20 you can collect them at you know pretty well near spot price plus a little bit more of a premium because it is a very highly sought after coin government-issue coin from there you can also branch into just pure rounds of silver now all of these are still 1 ounces this is going to have a heck of a lot more obviously note of notoriety because of the government issue but at the end of the day it is still one ounce of silver like these generic rounds so that’s the difference between rounds and coins coins or government-issue rounds or just rounds privately minted and in this case they’re still beautiful they’re actually have a lot of great detail on them and they’re 1 ounce pure silver same as these so you can do both I like to go personally I like to go heavy on the government-issue stuff but then I’d will backfill lots of ounces of just pure billion – and bars we’ll get into that another video another category that I highly highly recommend beyond this is the ATB series now guys this is a beautiful 5 ounce pure pure look at the size difference 5 ounces of pure silver as you can see this one is the Oregon Mount Hood 2010 America the Beautiful it’s a designation series from the US government flip it over like a giant quarter so the government that makes these pull these out US government makes these they also make this one ounce 5 ounce these are extremely limited in quantity compared to an eagle for example one per state that’s designated with their with one of their national parks and in this case in 2010 they decided to release the Oregon Mount Hood very few of these in circulation once they’re done they’re done and they go into private hands becomes a highly collectible item so not only do you have five ounces of pure silver but you also begin this semi numismatic phase of a coin where it’s it’s not full numismatic meaning it’s not been graded but gosh darn the collectors want these they want to complete the series I for one want to have all 50 states if they decide to do territories at the end another four or five six territories will be getting those as well but you’re collecting a lot of metal but you’re also collecting a semi numismatic when these get released your pain roughly spot plus a little bit more for the for the engraving and you know making of a coin but the premiums on these things go through the roof year after year this one’s already seven years old can you only imagine how much more over spot that one is and it will continue to climb because they’re not making them anymore the other and last category I recommend for people is and this is only if you have help and we have somebody to work with and that’s to start collecting full numismatic coins so these are obviously the Queen’s bees from Great Britain and the new Krugerrand from South Africa first time ever mint it’s silver coin the both of these are graded at 70 okay which is the top of the scale 70 is the highest grade perfect perfect perfect coin this is a snapshot in time if you will they’ve been sonically sealed graded by NGC certified as perfect grades you can’t get any better and what will happen is not only do you have an ounce of silver but the collectability these things will go through the roof and these are very limited editions in terms of quantities that are produced by the mints very very very limited whereas something like these or knees are mass-produced right we’re talking sometimes less than ten thousand meant a little bit more on the food grand right now this is their first year but the fact that it’s the first year early early release fiftieth anniversary that’s it’s a collectible so it goes into the into the categories of collectibles silver prices can go up and down up and down up and down the only Chile coins affected by up and down silver prices are going to be Eagles and rounds these semi numismatics and the full numismatics they’re collectibles and they tend to not be price affected at all like the zero in fact year after year they get older and more you know people want them so guess what the demand goes higher and higher and the prices go higher I can tell you right now both of these will do nothing but skyrocket in price over the next coming years and you’ll see the money Bay and there’ll be two and three four five times what we paid for them just this past year as we have seen with many of our others choices this is called our top coin pick we have experts in our company that picked these things out of the marketplace and they do a phenomenal job no doubt about it so there you go those are what I recommend to people as are just getting started start with three different categories that’s good diversification keeps it very very interesting you can stack eagles all day gets a little boring add in some rounds still boring I think but you get into the numismatics and the semis you’re still stacking metal but you’ve also got some really fun stuff to look at okay that’s it guys have a great day if you have any questions about any of these or any comments go ahead and leave a comment below I do try to answer all of them I appreciate positive feedback it’s just a little bit of snip out of my collection and if you have a nice interesting coin or whatever that you’d like to tell me about put it in the comments we’ll see if we can do a video on that as well okay have a great day everyone


  1. Funny I just looked up the 2017 pre sale on the ATB 5 oz for just this reason. If I could make $20 – $50 after a few years on those types of buys it may be worth holding off on the 5 ASE I would get instead

  2. In your video, you have the SP 70 Krugerrand. I was thinking it would make a nice Christmas present for my 5 year old grandson. Thinking he would save it for 50+ years. But, what would be the best grading..? I see it as being graded (NGC) as just SP70, and First Release SP70, and also Early Releases SP70. Is there any difference in which one is selected other than the plain SP70 is maybe $15 cheaper..? Thanks.

  3. You got a pound of silver I got a pound of rice. That's what I charge. I don't care who's pictures on it.

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