The 40 Year Old Virgin (3/8) Movie CLIP – How to Talk to Women (2005) HD

The 40 Year Old Virgin (3/8) Movie CLIP – How to Talk to Women (2005) HD

because l observe,
because l am a novelist. What? You never
told me that before. That’s because l am not
an arrogant prick, Andy. Okay? The problem
most men have is… they don’t know
how to talk to women. You know what my problem is?
l am not interesting. What am l supposed to say?
”l went to magic camp?” ”l’m an accomplished
ventriloquist?” ”l am a seventh-degree
imperial yo-yo master.” [exclaims] Do me, yo-yo master. l want you to do me,
’cause you’re the yo-yo guy. Are you done? Listen. The problem
most men have is… they just plain straight up
have no clue
how to talk to women. Just ask a question, okay?
That’s it. Because women do not care
about what you have to say… at all anyway, you know. And all they want to do
is talk about themselves. So you’re iust gonna
Iet them do that. Okay? So remember. Questions, be cool,
and be kind of a dick. Here, be David Caruso
in Jade. Okay. l know exactly
what you’re talking about. You do. That’s good. (Cal)
There she is. Go plant that seed, man. Plant it with your finger. Can l help you? l don’t know. Can you? Are you looking
for something? ls there something
l should be looking for? [laughs] We have
a lot of books. So, maybe it depends
on what you like. What do you like? We have a great section of… do-it-yourself. Do you like to
”do it yourself”? Sometimes. l mean… if the mood strikes. How is the mood
striking you now? [laughing] [tittering] What’s your name? What’s your name? l’m Beth. Andy. Andy. Don’t tell on me,
okay, Andy?
l wont. Unless you want
to be told on… Beth. Wow. That totally worked! l literally said nothing.
And she found me fascinating. l would’ve thought
you were doing that for years. Should l have asked her out?
No. That’s the key. You wait for it
to grow into a plant… and then you fuck the plant.


  1. Myself, I get it, those questions that were being asked gave a PLAYFUL vibe, there was laughter, and therefore, she felt turned on 😆🤘🏼.

  2. Isn´t clubbing them in the head and dragging them to the cave more effective?

    I think I saw that in some old cartoon.

  3. Damn that's good.
    Real talk, I know how to do everything to A woman's mind, body, soul, heart without saying a word … but I don't know squat about talking to them. They're all used to "game" and I really don't play games. But that works

  4. In real life this works. Its not the questions but his body language and slow talking which causes pressure and sexual build up

  5. According to the pickup community, which I have just grew enough balls to start learning from (at 31… lol), "Asking for women's opinions on a (doesn't matter) subject" is one of the classic approach methods, and one of the more successful ones.

  6. Men who think that they need to lose their virginity are believing this lie: "I am not a man unless a woman validates me as such"… and guess what? Do you know why 3rd and 4th generation feminism embrace lewdness in society? They use it to control men and cut down male self-esteem. Virgins aren't losers; guys who believe that lie are losers.

  7. Cultural examples: Madonna (3rd generation feminist) and Ariana Grande (4th generation)… complete tramps who hide behind their "right" as women to use the impure thoughts of men to get rich… you're being used, especially if you THINK you're a "player", because devious women feel just fine letting you think that while controlling you. SMH

  8. Talk to women like they are people. I mean….there's nothing to prove- other than trust- being a good friend, and listening

  9. Elizabeth banks is a freak in this film. Steve sounds like a freak and Elizabeth seems to be a freak too. Whats awesome is Elizabeth Banks looks so hot. Like a younger Yvonne Strahovski

  10. This scene while funny, shows a couple of key components of interaction with a woman:
    -Approach(subtle and confident)
    -Building up the vibe with some random topic or something in common.
    – Mirror effect(when andy rests his left arm after she leaned into the table) <- key part.
    – keep a good balance between jokes and main topic but keep her laughing.
    – And lastly, DO NOT OVERSHARE, keep a certain mistery about yourself and the second date is waiting around the corner.

  11. No the number one problem most men like myself have is that thee women don’t know how to talk to a single man correctly.

  12. Beth liked to do it herself with the shower head that's for sure. So hot she was….. Cal went straight in there when Andy bailed

  13. America has two major taboos for grown-ups, living at home and being a virgin. After living life, I've come to find that men take a lot more flack than women for this. In terms of living at home, rent is generally expensive just about everywhere in the country thanks to Section 8 and real estate speculation. Basically, if you're a single guy and want to live on your own but don't have an amazing job, you have to live with a bunch of unreliable people or pay expensive rent for a studio. You'd have to find an apartment with section 8, which will go to mothers with children before any single guy. So the cost of apartments is being boosted artificially by the government and a single man won't have a chance to pay the rent honestly without assistance. Kind of messed up.

    As for the virginity thing, prostitution is heavily cracked down on by the cops and the sort of background checks conducted today will make any arrest for it ruin someone's life. Many women today have careers and don't really want to get involved with guys or frankly are just plain crazy. One of the best looking girls I knew in college is 37 and still unmarried, if not hasn't even dated much. This sort of thing is just happening a lot. It's just really hard to date people, especially when you factor in all the workplace laws these days. No one wants to lose their job for a woman.

    Look at many countries and you will see the most heavily corporate ones are experiencing birth rate declines. This movie isn't really about a loser, the fact is, the "loser" is a canary in a coal mine, an indicator of a problem that is just getting worse that needs to be addressed.

  14. Now in 2019 if you stare at random woman for more than 5 seconds you'll end up in jail being molested and called perverd for the rest of your life.

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