The Best Banana Bread – Using over ripe bananas to punch up the flavor.

I’m chef Mike Moses and welcome to my
kitchen you know the nose knows in fact there is
a gas station here in Nova Scotia that when you walk through the door you smell
home baked banana bread does that entice you to buy banana bread do you bet it
does and it’s not cheap but they sell a lot of banana bread and
gas I’m not gonna sell you anything today and I wish this was smellivision
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banana bread brings back lots of memories and a nice warm piece of banana
bread with a little bit of butter on it it is so so good top nice and crispy the
inside moist full of banana flavor well we’re gonna recreate that and we’re
gonna do it and you need some special things like overripe and bananas don’t
use fresh bananas let them sit let them get dark let them get over ripe because
that just brings out the sugars and brings out the flame for our banana
bread his robe we’re going to need 3 overripe and bananas 1 cup of sugar 1/2
a cup of butter 1 and 1/2 cups of flour 2 eggs beaten 1 teaspoon of baking soda
1/2 a teaspoon of salt and 1/2 a teaspoon of vanilla we’re gonna bake
that in a 350 degree oven for about 55 minutes let’s make some banana bread I
have all my ingredients already measured out because of some fun price and
measuring greeting this is no fun but Oh overripe bananas and peeling them that’s
the fun part I’ve got my bowl here and I’m just going to take my paring knife
cut off the tops of the bananas then I’m going to slice all the way down
open them up and they are going to be gooey and just drop them in the bowl I
can almost smell the banana bread cooking now and don’t throw out your
peels use those in your compost if you have a garden I’ll introduce you to a
little friend of mine coming up once we get this all mixed up that I thought
would never happen Nova Scotia three overripe and bananas are in the bowl the
banana peels go in the compost and they’re gonna take a fork I’m gonna
start mashing them up now over ripe bananas mash really really easy and you
want these to be mashed really really well because you want the flavor to go
through the entire banana bread all right so my bananas are done I’m going
to add 1/2 a cup of butter and I’ve already pre melted it
that’s my unsalted butter that I used exite around and we will incorporate the
sugar I’ll just do half of the cup right now I don’t want things to dry out too fast
and I want the sugar to sleepy melt and we’ll add the rest of it so that’s one
cup of sugar and like I said it’s my kitchen I love to make a mess
that’s my wet ingredients okay and I’ll get two eggs here and our second egg do
my fork I just want to whip them beat them up
I want your eggs are beat up you add those to the mixture so all the liquids
together and all the dry ingredients will go together as well you want to mix
it up so that you don’t see any yellow of the egg yolk nice and smooth and that
is our wet ingredients already done sets that aside to end our dry ingredients I
have a cup and a half of flour half a teaspoon of salt teaspoon of baking soda
and of course for a little extra flavor half a teaspoon of vanilla and they’re
gonna mix all those ingredients up all right it’s time to add the wet to
the dry and I’ve got a spatula here pour in the banana mixture all of it all of
it every little bit using my dessert spatula and now I’m gonna start mixing
just take the flour from the sides and roll it in don’t forget to get the flour
on the bottom the oven is preheating to 350 degrees I want to make sure you’ve
got all the flour incorporated what’s gonna make this rise is the baking soda
and the salt and the chemical reaction okay so now I’m going all the way around
making sure I have all the flour from the bottom very nicely mixed I’m gonna
put this in an ungreased pan just a regular loaf pan non greased loaf pan
pour it in smell the bananas then try not to
disturb the sides too much level it out I’m gonna give it a couple of good taps
to make everything level when the oven comes up the temperature from going in
55 minutes 350 degrees okay the ovens up the temperature let’s
put the banana bread in the oven and I’d like to introduce you to my
little friend this is an avocado tree I never thought
I could go on from a seed but here you go so this is Groot and it’s about two
and a half months old he likes a lot of heat which we don’t have a lot of in the
wintertime so grew will be sitting in my office throughout the winter ticking in
the sunshine and growing we won’t get avocados off it you need to do some
splicing and some other things to get out picados but he seems to be a very
happy little tree lots of leaves have appeared that I got out of an avocado in
the store so my little friend Groot all right we’ve got the banana bread out of
the oven oh it smells phenomenal and then just gonna take a skewer or put it
in the middle comes out with you dry you’re going to have banana bread here
very shortly we wanted to let this cool down for about 10 minutes in the pan and
then we’re gonna put it on a cooling rack so it can cool underneath what I
want is an outside that’s crispy nice tender inside and then we’ll dish up a
little bit you may find that the bread doesn’t come out your banana bread
doesn’t come out all at once that’s okay take a knife take a flexible knife it’s
just like this run it around the edges a couple of times and it should just pop
right out just like that cool still nice and warm I’ll let that
cool down for another ten minutes and we’ll slice her up have some banana
bread okay it is time for the big reveal you’re that nice crunchy yeah pieces of
banana bread nice and grime flaky in the middle and I’ll use some of my homemade
butter this is the end of the homemade butter from the last episode what I like
about this homemade butter there’s a little salt in it so it’s a very low
sodium recipe the outside nice and crunchy mmm they’re really good banana
bread you may have noticed that didn’t rise as high as some of the banana bread
you see and that has to do with temperature humidity and everything else
right now in my area we’re under a thunderstorm watch the humidity is
almost 95 96 % it’s very hot very humid didn’t allow it to rise much if you make
this in the fall it’ll rise in another image and a half you can always add just
a little more baking soda mm-hmm well there you go thank you very much for
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