The Best Copper Fire Pit – Copper Canyon Series by

The Best Copper Fire Pit – Copper Canyon Series by

Hello. I’m Jonathan from Starfire Direct.
Today I’m very excited to talk about our Copper Canyon Series fire pits. When we
introduced the Copper Canyon fire pit several years ago we knew we had
something specia,l but never did we imagine it would become one of our
best-selling fire pits of all time. The Copper Canyon series has become somewhat
of a flagship product for us. These fire pits have been installed in high-end
homes, fine dining restaurants, bars, and luxury hotels around the world and it’s
easy to see why. Copper Canyon fire pits celebrate contemporary style in a sleek
and sophisticated design. They are made of actual copper has been given a
machine hammered texture which contributes to the precision and style
not available with other copper firepits. Aside from the obvious beauty of these
fire pits, there are a lot of features that we feel makes them some of the best
fire pits money can buy. We are proud to say these fire pits are built in our
shop right here in Southern California. Countless hours are spent creating the
copper canyon fire pit and each piece is handmade by an expert coppersmith. After being laid out, the copper sheets are measured and cut again by hand. Then
a manual press-brake is used to form the copper sheets giving them structure and
shape. The copper sheets are assembled and soldered together by hand along with
the support brackets and feet which strengthen and support the fire pit. Then
each fire pit is colored by hand giving it a rich bronze patina before being
finished off with a clear coat sealant and wax polish for protection. Once the fire pit structure is complete
we install only the finest gas fittings and parts. A high-quality Starfire designs
fire ring is installed on our burner pan and its installed with a good quality
copper key valve to match the fire pit. The Copper Canyon fire pits can be purchased
as a manual match-lit system or you can upgrade it to a push-button spark
ignition or from there we even have electronic ignition systems for easy
lighting. You can also choose to upgrade your copper canyon fire pit with a CSA
certification. These fire pits are for use with natural gas or propane gas
lines. For those of you who don’t have a gas line available, no worries. We’ve engineered the liquid
propane tank series copper canyons or LPT series copper canyons. The LPT versions
of these fire pits come with an access panel that allows the fire pit to be
fueled by a standard 20-pound BBQ propane tank. It’s housed right inside the fire pit. This
feature makes the Copper Canyon LPT series the only hammered copper fire
pits in their class to house a propane tank. The Copper Canyon series fire pit
is available in many different shapes and sizes. We have the 40 inch square
which is great for smaller patios. It’s also our best-selling unit. Or, if you have a
little bit larger patio, you can upgrade to the 48 inch square unit. We also have
a rectangle unit which we call the Copper Creek. The Copper Creek is 48
inches x 32 inches rectangle. For even larger patios and more impactful
statement, we have 72 inch Copper Canyons These are amazing fire pits, great for any
large patio or space. Or, for commercial applications you’re going to want to see
our Spartan fire pit which is 10 feet long. The Spartan fire pit is reinforced with
stainless steel has beautiful copper banding which really accent the hammered
copper look. So if you’re looking for a unique firepit the Copper Canyon
Spartan is a fantastic choice. Additionally most Copper Canyons are
available with an optional table top lid. And because we build the Copper Canyons
in our own shop, we have the ability to make just about any custom size and
shape you can dream up. So give our helpful sales department a call and tell
them about your backyard or your setup. We’ll be happy to engineer a Copper
Canyon that will work perfectly in your outdoor space. All Copper Canyons are
available for purchase at and in most cases, stock units
shipp out within one to two business days. We’re very proud of our Copper Canyon
line of gas fire pits. The Copper Canyons are more than a fire pit, they’re works of art. We’ve put a lot of
effort into producing one of the best fire pits around but being able to
produce a product that has resonated with our customers and provided
enjoyment for so many, makes all the hard work worth it. From, I’m Jonathan thanks for watching


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