The BEST Gold Digger Prank (So Far) | UDY 2018

The BEST Gold Digger Prank (So Far) | UDY 2018


  1. What’s up guys!!! Man!!! Has been a VERY long time!!!! But lets just stay we’re not going anywhere anymore 🙂 and BEST BELIEVE if we’re coming back, we are dropping NOTHING BUT BANGERS!!!🤑🤑🤑

  2. I know this is old but like here’s the things with these girls and guys like this:

    If you tell the person you’re in a relationship, and they still tryna come onto you, why don’t you tell your partner or call the police if they don’t leave you alone.

    Second: if you know that person is gonna try that shit, why still hang out with them?? You damn well know for sure that what happened here isn’t the first time with that girl. Like for real, they should of asked her if this “co-worker” kissed her, and she didn’t want it, why didn’t she push him away or get angry and leave him to find her man??

    3rd: why are you gonna lie when you were literally recorded and get mad when you get called out, why you gotta expect the other person to be all like “omg babe you were about to cheat on me but it’s okay I understand, I’m glad you’re happy” THE FUCK? No, and they use that “stop acting like a high schooler”. Like this guy was literally the calmest dude I’ve seen on this channel.

    You can easily tell she’s a big ass liar because she gets so defensive, starts mumbling and ranting at the guy “there’s two sides to the story” yes there is, but not for about to cheat on yo man because u wanted to make a quick buck. Says she has a reason to literally cheat on her bf and possibly the two other guys if it actually happened.

    But this also got me wondering, I wonder what lies they come up with to tell their partner when they’re going to meet the other person. And what other excuses they’d come up with for the future “meetings” if this scenario was real. 🤨🧐

    Ugh this just irritates me, if that was me I would of confronted and sent the video to her/him and say bye👋👋 go be a hoe with someone else who will treat you like one.

  3. I have recently started to watch these videos and I really like your channel! I can tell that a lot of hard work goes into these videos which I really appreciate. Thank you 🙏

  4. Like let's be real, the guy she is dogging is mad cute. And he seems nice and cool. Like what's the problem girl? She trippin trippin 😒😂

  5. One thing I dont understand about this show is that all the girls are gold digger none of them are good …. you guys want us to think that all girls are gold digger it's bad

  6. thats the type of bitch you dont wife ever you go home and shes fucking every guy in the neighborhood she is with the dj guy for promotions and with the co worker for work related benefits maybe he is her boss and she gave her number to the rich guy like why not my pussy can stretch in an unlimited ways everyons welcomed

  7. This time don’t expose yourself…. and pls… don’t.. get.. SUED!!!!

    wen they 😘 tho…. XD

  8. That's a real digger. After the fact, you can tell she wanted to keep her man just for his money. I feel sorry for men that get tied up with women they aren't even married to; you're being played around 90% of the time. I got 99 problems, but I'm aight.

  9. Stoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidďddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  10. Who else noticed that UDY stands for underrated. distinct. young but now in like 2019 it says underrated. distinct. youtuber

  11. Jesus Christ is this guy a middle schooler? A fucking month long relationship?😂😂😂 got me fucked up. He's probably having a hard ass life.

  12. I'm hooked 😂 my son introduced me to your page. I even downloaded most of the videos. Love it. All the way from SA

  13. First of all, Sergio, you called her and said you could see her with some guy. She told you she was waiting for her boyfriend so you should've automatically thought it was her boyfriend. You shouldn't know any better. You shouldn't have told her you were by her car and could see her. That just seems weird. So for her to 'ignore' the obvious' means all she can see is green. you messed up there. Second, you shouldn't be the decoy. Third, you told her you could see her from your car which means she can see you and you are a no show and you car isn't moving. You need to keep getting new decoys and keep it fresh. My opinion, so you don't become recognizable.

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