The BEST HORDE Copper Ore Farming Route World Of Warcraft Classic

The BEST HORDE Copper Ore Farming Route World Of Warcraft Classic

what’s up everybody welcome back to my
channel today we are back in world of warcraft classic and in this video I’m
gonna be showing you guys the route that I use to farm a ton of copper ore on my
hoard characters I’m gonna try to make this a very short video so let’s get
right into it and I will show you how to gather a ton of copper ore now this is
the route that I use to gather all of my copper ore when I play on my whore
characters this route is going to take you around the Durotar zone which I feel
is the best place to gather copper ore for hoard players now it’s pretty simple
just follow the route that I have shown you on screen and you will come across a
ton of copper that you can mine there’s nothing really special about this it’s
very easy to do it’s just gonna require a little bit of a time investment as
this is a very long route but it’s really worth it as you can pull maybe
more than 10 stacks of copper ore per run and each run of this route will take
about 15 to 20 minutes so you will get a ton of copper ore here but anyways
that’s about it I just wanted to share this route with you guys to make it a
little bit easier for you to get all of the copper ore that you need I hope this
has helped you and thank you for checking out this video


  1. hey rodwenn you should start to play ark / do tutorials because thats what got you the most views. do tutorials like turret towers, base designs, and death walls i think you will be successful if you do that.

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