the best silver strat I’ve ever seen

the best silver strat I’ve ever seen

-Intro- Guys, take decoy and follow me please Take decoy Taake decoy Take decoy and come W- Wait… Wait here Wait here 4x Speed Guys Guys One Guys One,Two Guys One,Two,Three In tunnel GO! Go long! Go Long! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go big boy go! go! Thaaat isss soo beautiful… dont, dont show!


  1. Just FIY: The Decoys didn't draw CTs into Tunnels. All of them were just mindlessly running around the map looking for engagements. That's how Silver CTs ALWAYS play Dust2.

    How to fake eco rounds.
    1. buy decoys
    2. throw your weapons to the ground
    3. then throw the decoys
    (cuz it'll sound like your g18/usp)
    4. pick up your gun(s)

  3. Silver? Silvers that listen? Really?

    The fact that there is always 2 A and 1 mid or cat means it should always be 2 v 1 and 3 v 2 @ cat and @ long right? Yet no one ever listens and no one knows how to push at the same time. The majority of the people i play with will sit there and watch cat from middle when the last 2 enemy are watching A long from pit and your 2 teammates are pushing long doors.

    So everyone is just pure stupid. You tell them to group up and Go B cause most likely there is only 1 or none at B but no one does and pushes them head on and dies. That's the game for you until you get to nova 4 +

  4. People always use decoys as fake flashes yet they can be used properly if the team uses them with you. They drew 4 of the 5 guys away from A site by waiting a bit then tossing their decoys at B site before legging it to A long as you can see in the video. The 4 CT players fell for it and investigated an empty location while T side armed at A. From there they set up positions and hold until the bomb goes off.

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