The Best Ways to Make Gold in Patch 8.2.5

The Best Ways to Make Gold in Patch 8.2.5

Hi! I’m Hazel, and today I’ve got a quick video
covering a few ways I’m making gold now that 8.2.5 is here. So I have done a larger video on goldmaking
in 8.2, link’s below, some of that is still definitely valid. This is j ust a few new things and then a
few newly good again things taking into account the 8.2.5 content and circumstances. First is Jelly. This is Alliance only but holy smoking remains
of Teldrassil is it good. You farm Jelly and you selly. Jelly demand won’t last forever, but it’s
definitely hot now and should remain somewhat worthwhile going forward. Because it’s SO much faster to farm later
on in your own Bee mount grind, I recommend finishing it for yourself first or at least
getting to Revered and buying the goggles. My setup is bee goggles to see jellyc on the
map, monel-hardened stirrups for mounted looting, and War Mode for less competition/ Rich Jelly
and Royal Jelly I’ve found are easier to sell, and they go pretty quick in stacks of like,
five. If you’re not sure how to get started I’ve
got a front to back bee grind guide that’ll walk you right through it. Link below. Second, also Alliance only and bee mount related
is the Seabreeze Bumblebee. Demand for this pet is way up. It’s the fastest way to get started on the
bee mount grind if you don’t already have the Bumbles pet. You can buy them off the Storm’s Wake rep
vendor here if you’re at revered reputaiton for 250 polished pet charms each. Cage em, post em, profit. If you’re Alliance and you’ve got a few stacks
of petcharms burning a hole in your bank, you might be able to cash out. Sooner rather than later though. Check Seabreeze Bumblebee prices before you
go ham. So that’s it for brand new sources, but Horde
players need not despair, uh, too much. The current climate of 8.2.5 has revived a
few sources of gold which are available to all the people of azeroth equally. Up there is Alchemy, making a comeback, profit-wise
for one good reason. And that’s that Zin’anthid prices, as far
as I can see, fell off a cliff. My theory is that Classic players were trying
to just really quick farm gold for WoW tokens and then cwent herb farming in droves. If that’s true, they sure drove the price
literally into the sea. Potion prices have not fallen as dramatically
in my experience and they still sell at a solid rate. That gap of cheap herbs and normal potions
means good gold for anyone with the setup to craft them. Abyssal Healing Potions in particular are
back to being very profitable, especially if you’re getting as many procs as you can. The next thing that’s been good for me recently
are Viper Fish. They’re easier to get than they have been,
and sell better than ever. Competition for Viper Fish schools has somewhat
evaporated while demand for the fish and Feasts, for that matter holds steady. I can sell these things for like 150 gold
each. If it weren’t for Jelly, you’d never pry me
out of Nazjatar. And last, my Golden Darling of BfA, really,
Enchanting has been so so good to me. The enchant prices have been pretty c steady
while material prices have fallen in 8.2.5. Not necessarily enchanting material prices,
althose those do dip here and there but I’m talking Tidespray Linen, Osmenite, that sort
of thing. With the right professoins you can shuffle
those materials into epic gear to disenchant, and you’re in business. And so that’s what’s been workin for me! Thanks for watching, feel free to share any
8.2.5 gold tips of your own in the comments and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!


  1. love your videos, keep up the good job, also, this for sure will help me farm that bee mount, it's un-bee-lievable, i had to…

  2. i bought the seabreeze bumblebee on my alliance toon. learned them. caged and sold them on horde lol. thank you for the other tips!

  3. I’ve made 6 million gold with a mix of every BFA profession in the past 90 days. Part of that has been flipping Island Expedition Items too. I mostly used the UMJ and the LazyGoldMakers spreadsheet to understand my server.

  4. If you run the WoD raids on all difficulties for a few hours then not only you gain around 30k gold off vendoring the drops but you also lose a part of your sanity, luckily in 8.2.5 they nerfed blast furnace so that it only takes like 2 bombs to destroy the heat things on Mythic and the nerfed helfire assault to be ridiculously easy on all modes around 8.2 ish

  5. A lil note, if you have the pearls to spare or have any benthic gear unrolled, you can send said gear to your DE toon for a pretty steady flow of epic gear to DE πŸ˜€

  6. I dont tell anyone this. But I like Hazel and her fans a lot. So. Go to Ashara in broken isles where the tele puts you. Go to the lake right down the hill where the murlocks are. They drop a ton of gold. And respawning quick.

  7. Please can you help poor alchemy newbies to auction acquire the good profit using tsm and make us a guide πŸ–€ much love and support

  8. For less than 1500g per thin jelly, you're working for less than minimum wage, at current token prices. Might as well get a job at mcdonalds and buy gold for how engaging gathering jelly for hours is.

  9. How did u do that gathering herbs/mining without dismount your mount Hazel? Pls give me advice cuz i always farming/gathering herbs for my main inscription with sky golem.

  10. During the first days I sold around a 100 Royal Jelly for almost 3k each. Made a good amount of gold. But now they are down below a thousand on my realm.

  11. I just sell tailoring and enchanting twink/leveling/speed/transmog stuff for minimal time to set up, cheap mats, and easy profit. Especially high end dreamcloth and mooncloth mogs. On my server I make like 300-400k or so a month from about 1.5 hours a week including relisting items once or twice a week;

  12. Hey hazel I have watched some of your other videos where you say that you should never be back pedaling not always so I have found as a tank I have to back pedal sometimes to get out of the muck being dropped and I cannot turn my back to the boss. (IE. Volkal in Atal Dazar). Some others too. but for the most part I do strafe a lot to get away from a frontal attack

  13. Yeah my server group the demand for honey/pet collapsed two days before this video was released. But we did have several people in the guild make over 500k when it was in demand.

  14. I put 4 stacks of viper fish of 50 for 40g each and they didint sell lol trust me they dont go for 150 or in my case they dont sell cheapest on server either

  15. I found a cool little trick to gathering quite a bit of Viper Fish.
    Simply put on the secret fish goggles while out Nazjatar.

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