The Birth of Steel | Silver Ranger | Power Rangers Beast Morphers | Hasbro Superheroes Compilation

The Birth of Steel | Silver Ranger | Power Rangers Beast Morphers  | Hasbro Superheroes Compilation

What is all this stuff? Our lab was getting a bit full, so I had to move some of
the equipment out here. (energy hums) Since they’re busy, it’s time for Scrozzle to go shopping! Ooh, lookie here, this
is exactly what I want. Oh, this selection is fantastic. Is this ray shielded? Lucky me! Hmm, a robot head! Just look at that workmanship! (hums) Hey, Scrozzle! Oh, time to check out! No, stop! Keep moving,
put that over there. Take that part to the
warehouse right away. Hey move faster! We’ve got a lot to do here! (thunder crackles) Once Evox has been transported
through the cyber gate portal he must upload himself into a robot body, and I don’t exactly have the know-how to make a robot strong enough to contain all of Evox’s data. What? If you don’t, then who does? The same person
who made the super computer Evox is trapped in. This kid, boy genius designs
revolutionary robots. (scanner beeps) Scarab beetle DNA
and praying mantis DNA. Phenomenal. (thunder crackles) (grunts) What do you want? We need to pick your brain, tech boy. Come on! Scrozzle you’re a genius! A genius I tell you! Where am I? Welcome
to your new laboratory! You are going to build
us a very special robot. Stolen by yours truly. Memory drives, weapons, sensors, but you need to put it
together into a robot. Just like you did with your Beast Bots. Hey you. Is the robot done? Yeah, it is. Tronics, get over here! Put the robot in place. Careful, it’s very high tech. (tense music) Yes, right there,
under the neural aligner. My plan is finally happening! It’s time to witness
history in the making! (computer beeps) Soon, the powers of
the Morphin Grid will be mine! (explosions echo) No, my cyber gate! (thunder crackles) Stop! What’s he doing!? Bring it! Huh?
What the? Whoa. (energy hums) No way! (thunder crackles) You, you just morphed! Oh, is that what happened? Fantastic! I am amazing! Two more Rangers!? Ah, no matter, we’ll destroy you both. Ha, not a chance! They’re no match for the two of us. This oughta help! Transport Striker Morpher! It’s all yours. Shiny! I like it! (rangers yell) (explosions echo) How are they beating us? With flair! (thunder crackles) Good job!
Obviously! This mess will be an optimal test of our Ranger powers. What’s this!? What!? Who are you? It’s me, Nate! Nate! And this is– Not the best time for intros! Come on! (explosions echo) I’ve been floored! Transport Striker Morpher. Let’s finish him! Striker Morpher, charged! Uh, excuse me. You’ll pay for this! Striker beast blast! (explosion echoes) Bullseye!
Phenomenal! Oh, he needs a name. Yes, how about Mr. Fantastic, Super Handsome, Strong as Steel. (rangers laugh) Maybe just Steel for short. I love it! You are smart! How did he morph? Yeah, how could a robot do that? Well, it was easy for
me, since I had insect DNA. I also thought about Steel morphing, so I ran some tests. I’ll let you
tell them the good part. Well– You see, the
thing is, I’m human! Excuse me? He’s right, sort of. Turns out that Morph X bonded his systems to scarab beetle DNA and to my DNA. Yes, making
me the perfect Ranger. You Rangers have always
been like my family, but now I finally have a real brother.

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