The case for $600 Gold – unlikely but Interesting.

The case for $600 Gold – unlikely but Interesting.

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Tuesday 25th July 2017 and we wish
to share with you some information we received yesterday by email.
Of the many publications and articles we receive from pumpers and non-pumpers alike, one caught
our eye yesterday. It was from a publication called and the article was written
by a Roxy Lewis. Roxy was very critical of FED Chair Janet
Yellen when she indicated that she hopes that there will not be another crash similar to
2008 in ‘her lifetime’ mainly due to the policies she and other regulators have put
in place. He also argued that at current levels if gold could once again buy the Dow at 1:1
we would be looking at a gold price of some $21,000 an oz.
Then he made a most interesting comment and we shall quote him exactly here:
“My best guess is, that in the next 3-15 months, we experience a 57% drop based on
the 2007 drop in the stock market to 12,255 points or maybe much worse. Next, if we utilize
the average DOW to Gold ratio over the past twenty years of 20:1, we COULD see a gold
price of $612 dollars. The gold volatility rate is at new all-time lows, which means
the gold market is less and less appealing to traders and investors. Sentiment is extremely
low as gold has dropped 44% and has been moving sideways trading between $1200 and $1250 from
2013 to 2017.” Now if you go to and look
at the Dow to Gold Ratio, you will see that he is right. The average over the past 20
years has been around 20:1 peaking at nearly 42:1 and bottoming just above 6:1.
So theoretically his argument is sound. Now we disagree with it. Firstly gold has been
trading between $1200 – $1350 in the 2013 – 2017 time period. Also we would conclude
that in the eventuality of a stock market collapse monies will leave equities and at
first move into Government Bonds or Treasuries (assuming they are not collapsing at the same
time) with a reasonable percentage going into gold and consequently silver thereafter, thereby
witnessing a rise in their price. Of course if there is a collapse in the value of the
dollar, then this will push up gold and silver prices even further, but here we are talking
about stock market falls or major corrections. That said, Roxy continues:
“The simple truth is that Gold is not cheap at the $1220 price, historically speaking,
but lies today within a normal range of $700 to $1300 price range! Don’t get me wrong,
I am not saying to wait to buy until gold bottoms out at $700 or below because if it
does you will find the shelves are bare. However, historically speaking gold prices are somewhat
ABOVE average in price. One simply CANNOT state that Gold is CHEAP today! This being
said, I can’t find anyone to agree with me other than Harry Dent and possibly P. Radomski
who says the bottom is in and yet the price may go lower to our number. My belief is that
the price is going lower but don’t wait to buy.”
He adds that If you super impose the past parabolic price increase of gold in the early
1980’s to 2000 over the current parabolic rise in 2009 to 2011 gold could languish again
for twenty some years before its next peak. So there we have it. Someone who believes
that gold is the commodity to buy, but accepts that it’s not currently cheap, and that
there is the possibility that it may languish for some years yet. Of course if you believe
those who advocate that the FED wants to crash the dollar and blame President Trump, or that
the debt clock is unsustainable, then these comments should be ignored. However our view
is that the FED does not want to crash the dollar and that the debt clock can rise to
$30 Trillion before the SHTF scenario is reached and therefore although we are not as pessimistic
as Roxy’s figures, it is important for all of us to at least see and hear alternative
viewpoints to the normal pumping arguments – after all, many thousands of people would
today be much wealthier if they had listened to the bears on gold and silver back in 2011
and 2012. We hope you have found this video interesting
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  1. alot of maybe's….anycase its not up to the Fed it is the ESF that can keep the game going. It is nice to dream though, 600 gold…..back the truck up.

  2. At $600 for gold the people in far east will go crazy for more.
    My Thai lady would sink all her money into it, as would everyone she knows.
    Fat chance that happens.

  3. The debt clock is about $20 trillion. At its current rate of growth we should reach 30 trillion in say four years. Not long. For others perspective I offer this. Last month I could have increased my silver holdings by 20%. I purchased crypto mining equipment instead. I think the downward pressure on precious metals due to crypto is under discussed. If metals double bottom I will probably dump a lot of crypto and back up the truck for the real thing.

  4. Going by the recent trend of US debt appearing to double after every 2 term President then $30 Trillion debt is only one term of Trump so 4 years which is no time at all really.

  5. hmm if gold is priced in USD & the US faces a stagflation 70's style econ well then Gold Going to 600.00$ is highly unlikely
    but what do I know? I'm just a guy named Tacos that make funny TA videos.

  6. Dent is a stagflation supporter. Unlikely that gold will fall this cheap at $600. Gold based upon the rates, political views etc, should hover at about $1,280 plus or minus $30

  7. The heavens must line up perfectly , sounds like . We are having a total eclipse of the sun like in a few weeks Nah ! its not gonna happen !

  8. jeeepers Wally, measuring the worth of a tangible store of energy/labor with a debt instrument …….illusion of value ….you know…like playing cards clothes pinned to rattle off the bike wheel spokes . the illusion of HP …how many horse power do you have there? Depends on what the card says……..brain washed /distracted herd. Huxley was right……..

  9. In this casino Ponzi scheme environment the only thing to have is Gold. The entire paper market for Gold is only covered by 1% real gold. Gold at 600 worthless fiat dollars? Very good deal.

  10. Unlikely 600 if the dowjones ratio holds true but the dowjones gonna crash, if the money system changes gold holds the value of your networth. Its not an investment to flip for a profit. Why dont peopl understand this. Gold is cheap, its price compared to the dollar is more like 9k gold and silver about 500-600. Just doing simple dollar vs gold existance ratio… its almost give away prices right now. At $600 gold ill back the truck up

  11. Hey Guys. If gold goes to $600.00 an ounce I'll commit suicide by jumping out of my basement window with both hands full. (smile) Out.

  12. Could you do a video on why you believe a $30 trillion debt is critical? Or if you already have can some one link me please?

  13. Hi Illuminati To me the charts and prospects for gold and silver at the moment seem very bearish. But the COT commercial short position for silver is at an all time low . Normally signifying that silver will rise could you comment on this please.

  14. yellen was just in hospital maybe they only gave her 6mos. bought gold at400 sold 600_1000 wouldn't buy it back unless went to 600 staying w silver have some tenth oz gold still. sat with gold for years sold enough so what have is free should've sold all at1600$ .pm s are insurance not investment .did better w scrap silver .thanxs

  15. The fellows arguments, that you quote, about gold prices are sound. I agree, but for a more fundamental reason. If the stock and bond markets crash by 50%, or whatever, people will have 50% less money to pay for any, and everything. Markets will return to demand pricing, and gold, and all assets will fall in unison with the paper stock markets. Funny how that works! C'est la vie!

  16. Predicting a gold price fall as part of a general deflationary collapse, as Harry Dent does, effectively assumes that governments and central banks will just sit on the sidelines and watch it happen. They won't; they'll do any amount of monetary and fiscal stimulus to stave off deflation, and this will be positive for the gold price. The price of gold and gold miners fell slightly and temporarily during the last two stock market crashes but then recovered strongly.

  17. While I agree that gold (& silver) are overpriced, compared to the various reports you quoted, the time frame my charting shows for a possible bottom is over the next 3 to 5 years, at around $800. This is based on disinflationary pressure which I believe is still firmly in place, and is what Yellen and others (and I) fear the most. The opposite chart, based on global instability, esp. a major war, is not possible to chart a top for the PM's, as it's dependent upon how, who, and what is involved in this war, or other catastrophe. As for the USD, in fact, cash might be the only form of acceptable payment by stores, vendors, utilities, etc. in The U.S. Gold and silver might have to be converted, and you can bet you won't get top dollar for it. At this time, the disinflation scenario holds strong, and could be with us for quite a long time. Japan is an excellent example.

  18. The most likely scenario is the DOW and gold will trade at a 1 to 1 ratio. DOW 5,000 and gold 5,000 dollars an ounce.

  19. One factor was not taken in discussion. Production cost at the moment barrick gold is the cheapest producer just below 800 dollars so I don't thing we can see prices like 600 as all miners will be well below cost . They will shot production and that will drive prices up .

  20. This video was certainly a stimulus for some interesting comments Sir. Thank you for the "Food for Thought".

    Best to be "prepared for anything" while having little expectations. 

    Diversification & no debt

  21. u got 15 years maximum of mines supply, u got a 20 trillion debt with rising rates. dollar doesnt have 3 years of living. dollar is dead.

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