The Coalition Ep 8

The Coalition Ep  8

Previously on The Coalition. Popeye’s: I’m going to the give you all the
recipe to the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Then ain’t no more fighting. And you gr, uh … uh… Burger King: You talk too damn much. Church’s: You wanted us to kill him and when
you saw that he was gonna give us all the same power he had, you did it yourself. Burger King: Y’all said y’all were gonna kill
him. You taking too long. Didn’t count on him wanting to be all peaceful and … Nah,
if it’s one thing this dead ass sammich said that I agree with, is that this coalition
is dead. It’s over for y’all. I used Popeye’s to get people to download the Popeye’s app.
Now I have all these people’s information and I can sell it to third parties, and promote
my plant based Whopper sandwich. And I’m gonna use that sandwich to destroy
this entire coalition. See, I don’t need none of y’all. Y’all trash, y’all lazy. Gr … uh
… Church’s: Die slow. Burger King: Gracias. Checkers: Burger King never got clearance
from the taco coalition to sell tacos. Popeye’s had a feeling that Burger King was settin’
him up. So he called Taco Bell, told him Burger King’s location. I know we ain’t always been
the best of friends, but I think the best way we can honor Popeye is by getting along. Group: What Popeye said. Let’s beat his
ass. Chick Fil-A: You’re a little late. Group : So we don’t need to beat his ass? Chick Fil-A: Yeah, you all can go ahead and
take off man, thanks a lot for stopping by. Group : He look dead. You sure? I can stab
him one more time. Chick Fil-A: Thank you a lot. Group : All right, I’m gone. Checkers: Somebody help me get my friend
to the grave. Jack in the box: Popeye’s and Burger King.
Of this you are certain? White Castle: Yes, my lord. And with them
dies the recipe to the Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Jack in the box: (laughs) maybe. Maybe not.
There was a third brother. Perhaps they confided the recipe to him. We must find him. Jack In The Box: As our enemies mourn, we will
plot revenge. Jack in the box: Do you like Canadian coffee?


  1. Plot twists AND surprise cameos? If you all don’t sell this to Comedy Central or Adult Swim I’ll be pissed. You all need to get broke off for this! 🤣 #respectTheCoalition

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