‘The Coalition’ Episode 2

‘The Coalition’ Episode 2

Speaker 1: Previously on The Coalition. Chick-fil-A:Come to discuss some concerns
y’all have been havin’ with Popeye’s Chick- You got something on your ch-
well, joke on this. Checkers: Ahh! Wendy’s: I know how to stop the Popeye. Popeye’s: People are fighting in the
street for their sandwiches. It’s bad for business! I need more chicken. I just made
a move on the Coalition. I can’t hold these corners without more product. Call the Colombians
and see if they got something. I Need to call you back. Checkers. Checkers:: It’s Rally’s now. Popeye’s: Well, you need to pick one.
Gimme me one reason why I shouldn’t kick your double name ass off this counter right now. Rally’s: I know why you can’t get all
the chicken you need. Somebody’s setting you up. Popeye’s: And what do you want for it? Rally’s: I wanna roll with you. Popeye’s: Step into my office. McDonald’s: Why I gotta be the one to
talk to him? Chick-fil-A: Because y’all used to be
friends. That’s why. McDonald’s: Yeah. Until you kicked him
out the Coalition. Chick-fil-A: You delayed Popeye’s chicken
shipments, and that bought us some time, and we’re grateful, but that’s a band-aid. What
Wendy’s is suggesting right here is a solution. Wendy’s: It takes a wolf to catch a
wolf. McDonald’s: Ain’t that from training
day? Wendy’s: Yes. Yes, it is. Chick-fil-A: I need you to focus! The
only person that can stop Popeye’s is somebody that that’s sold chicken in the same hood
as him. Nobody in the Coalition has those skills. There’s only one person other than
Popeye’s that knows chicken and the hood. I need you to call him. Go bury the hatchet.
And go get us our wolf. @IamDoBoy: [on TVScreen] How did Popeye’s do this?
Popeye’s has never been in the chicken sandwich game not once. @KevOnStage: [On TVScreen] Listen. @IamDoBoy: Burger King had a better
chicken sandwich. @KevOnStage: They slid in, too. @IamDoBoy If you want [inaudible 00:01:47]. @KevOnStage: [inaudible 00:01:47] This
is on market. Bruh. [Phone Ringing] @IamDoBoy [inaudible 00:01:47] They
didn’t mess. @KevOnStage: Was it all influencer
marketing? @IamDoBoy: Forgive them for the offensive
commercials now! @KevOnStage: The Jerry Rice chicken on the helmet @IamDoBoy: How did Popeye’s do this? @KevOnStage: That black lady in their
commercials. @IamDoBoy: (sings)Love That Chicken From Popeyes @KevOnStage: She went back there and yelled
“Listen, y’all!”


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