The Coming Silver Shortage: $50 Silver in 2016

The Coming Silver Shortage: $50 Silver in 2016

Everyone loves a slam dunk investment, little
risk, big upside, and a no brainer. Right now there is a severe shortage brewing
in the silver markets that could easily double or triple their money in the next few years. Last year’s total mine production for silver
was 819 million ounces, yet demand was 1.1 billon oz. The total shortfall was 262 million ounces
for 2013. However, much of that gap was closed by recycled silver and government stockpiles…but
not all of it, the shortage is there. � Recycled silver supply last year fell
24%, the largest drop on record! � 7 out of 10 of the leading primary silver
mines produced LESS silver in 2013 than they did in 2012. � Nevada, known as the silver state, produced
only 7.4 million troy ounces in 2013, compared to 25 million troy ounces in 1997. This silver story just gets better and better,
ore grades have collapsed 95% according to the USGS. The mining companies can’t turn
a profit, and exploration has almost come to a complete halt. On the demand side, physical demand rose by
13%, so much so that the U.S. mint literally sold out! China, who in 2005 used less than a million
ounces of silver for solar panels, absorbed 35 million ounces just for solar in 2013. 62% of silver is used for industrial applications
like nearly all of our electronics, biology, medicine, and other commercial uses. 21% is
used for jewelry and 12% for coins. It is safe to say that 95% of all silver consumed
is gone, never to enter the supply side again. On the industrial side of silver, there is
about 28 cents in your cell phone, unless silver reaches the thousands of dollars per
ounce, that silver is gone! Silver formed into jewelry is the most costly
silver, both because of its use and personal value to those who own it. This silver is
essentially gone! Coins, considers coins
like Silver Eagles and Canadian Maples permanently off the market, never to experience 1,800
degrees again! To consider this above ground available silver is a farce. This silver is
gone! Silver’s new uses are rising, all available
supply is being consumed and a real shortage in the physical markets is being completely
ignored due to the paper markets which sell at least 100 ounces of silver for every physical
ounce in reality that is available. Silver’s use in solar panels was not even
reported in 1999, by 2015, 100 million ounces of silver are projected for solar energy use. The price of silver, set largely by the COMEX,
currently has one of the highest concentrated short positions with 8 largest COMEX shorts
near record highs for silver. Unlike other commodities where it is the producers
themselves hedging their sales and locking in prices for future production, the actual
silver miners hedging is at a multi-decade low. This silver manipulation by the worlds largest
banks, supported by the CFTC, U.S. Treasury, and Federal Reserve has been so successful,
that they have not only crushed the price of silver in spite of rising demand, but they
have crushed the mining shares and future investment capital for the entire sector. Simply put, the silver shorts will be squeezed
due to a real physical silver shortage that is upon us, when this happens, all hell will
break loose in both the paper and physical precious metal markets. Your opportunity is to own silver today, for
less than the cost an actual mining company can even produce it for. This is investment is not an IF question,
but a WHEN question…. When silver rises… When the price explodes… When the shorts get squeezed out… To maximize your opportunity, subscribe at Receive a free report on the 3 best ways to
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  2. A slick new ad from Crush The Street, packed full of incredible silver facts that ought to get even the most ardent precious metals bears thinking…

  3. Sometimes I feel there is a lot of fear porn surrounding the physical silver market, and it's difficult to separate the good information from the bad. A lot of time was taken to produce this piece. Is the only true purpose to serve as a warning, or is the message a ruse? I would feel more at ease had I purchased gold in pre Obama whitehouse. Something tells me that gold is probably still the better investment.

  4. this song was being sung when i went all in Ag at 29.50. shortage? possibly, doesnt mean you will profit. Silver is so short that the buyers are buying back over spot, right?

  5. not a bad video but the numbers are manipulated in favor of showing a shortage. Why? Because the actual silver supply must include all silver. Coins and jewelry cannot be excluded because it actually does exist. all the existing silver is still greater than the silver consumed. Only when the silver consumed is greater than all the silver in existence will there be a true silver shortfall. We are not even close to that. 

  6. The hysteria which which you breathlessly expound upon the Silver shortages becomes no more than the blathering of salesmanship, when it is you who are selling silver.  It borders on criminal conflict of interest.

    What you do not tell the people, is that your diatribe only holds true, if the world economy continues to grow.  But it isn't.  When the collapse happens, all that silver which was needed for solar panels and electronics will become moot as the consumption of those products will fail right along with the economy.

    With no one purchasing silver because the need has fallen through, the speculators will quickly look to abandon their holdings, thus the sell off will cause silver to bottom out within less than a week.

    Gold, my friends, is still the best bet for hedging your financial future.  Small one ounce bars is the best bet, and least likely to be doped with Tungsten, if you purchase it from a reputable manufacturer.  Gold coinage generally has too high a premium to be worthy of investment.

    Remember, if you do not have it in your personal possession, you do not own it.  Do not store it in banks or in private vaults, as both are subject to confiscation if and when the government wants it.  Paper Gold & Silver will go out the window if and when the economy collapses.

      If you have a large holding of either, ask to have it shipped to you, and see what happens.  If they cannot deliver when you ask for it, then sell the paper immediately and take your losses and move to a seller who can deliver.  Yes you will have a minor loss, but that is better than losing all of it when the derivatives market explodes, as it did in 08.  That market is now over 200 hundred Trillion, and is suspected at being over one Quadrillion in exposure.

  7. Heard it all before, been listening to crap like this for ten years, my life isn't long enough to be waiting on silver.

  8. @CrushTheStreet Well, I appreciate your hard work and thanks for replying. I've just been paying close attention to the silver market for the last 7 or 8 years and sometimes I wonder. All the best to you. I definitely think silver is on the cusp of going up, I'm just a little skeptical that it will go much higher than 50$/oz for many many years. It's better than the fiat, that's for sure.

  9. Silver may stay at these price  levels for years. It's only when people understand the real value is when it will go up in price. PRICE AND VALUE ARE NOT THE SAME. 

  10. good video however I have been hearing this story for years.  Just like we are running out of oil.   Yes we will run out and one day the sun will burn out.  I regret buying silver because it never goes up.  It has proven a pointless investment over the last four years.

  11. Silver, like most if not all commodities, have issues with the danger of shortages. However, the WHEN factor is unpredictable. Don't speculate on short term fluctuations. Buy and hold for the long term, even if it takes 50 years! The government can keep silver at artificially low levels longer than you can remain solvent.

  12. Even silver stackers are sick of this crap. These videos just keep coming out year after year after year. Buy metals on the fundamentals and not on this propaganda bullsh!t. All this does is pull in uneducated buyers that will lose their collective asses on the false promises you peddle here. Search up similar videos here on YT and note the years: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008…..right up to this one. Same old carnival barker BS!

  13. How many of you folks that say this is the same old story know that the London fix is ending Aug. 14th? How many of you even know what the London fix is? How many knew the major banksters were heavy net short silver for many, many years and now they're long? How many know how the derivatives market operates and how paper silver has been used along with the Crimex to keep the physical price suppressed so a bank the size of JPM didn't implode in the spring of 2011 when silver made it up to $49? Anybody know how many margin hikes it took to knock the price down that spring? Anybody even know what a margin hike is and how often the Crimex hiked the rate prior to the spring of 2011? Please do some homework before being so critical of folks putting out these very informative videos. It's definitely not B.S.. Before 2020 silver will hit $100/oz., imo. Something's gotta give.
    Google St. Louis Fed Adjusted Monetary Base Chart. A picture says a thousand words. Our goose is cooked and a major financial crisis is a certainty. Not this year and probably not next year either but within 5 years. 
    Btw, I don't own much physical. I like the junior miners. More bang for the buck. When the price of silver doubles, many juniors will be trading 10x or more their current levels. That's the biggest no-brainer. Buy the miners. 

  14. When what is coming happens, no gold or silver will matter, there won't be anything to buy. We are surrounded and imploding. Buy food and lead.

  15. For those new to buying silver…  Right now is a GREAT time to get in.  Lots of people got in around 30…  It will go back there soon enough.  Want a 33% return on your investment?  Buy some 10 oz bars or tubes of silver eagles.  Wait.  Money in the bank plus interest which banks don't pay anymore.   BTW – this video is a lot of hype, and has a lot of the numbers wrong.   Doesn't change the fact now is a great time to get in.  Just do not EVER put more than 20% of your savings into metals.  It could (probably wont) go down in value before it goes up.  We're at the cost of mining, so do your own homework and try to stay away from videos that spoon feed you.

  16. Look at history and events that have actually happened around you and you have personally seen. That is how you figure out what will really be in demand and does not require a chart or crystal ball. Water,gas,food,generators,ice,chainsaws,pickup truck with a wench, plywood,booze,cigs etc etc… Invest in a large secure storage area and load upon these type items. I mean its all about making a buck right? At least these you actually sell a little off,trade and use. I am yet to see a event unfold and heard people searching out silver or gold. No long lines at the coin store during riots or natural disaster. Yeah I bought into the whole precious metals,economic collapse,WW3 imminent but was smart enough to get out when they peaked. Still kicking my ass for sitting out the markets. This lala land of OZ which resembles the Wild West is totally lawless and those in control can make it last for a decade? Maybe another 50 years. Gold/silver are rigged even worst than the markets and those who run things are not going to let the common Joe avoid the inevitable pain and suffering.

  17. People have been saying this for 5 years.  The only thing that will cause prices to go up is an international panic. Until then, prices will stay flat but its still a good price to load up before that panic happens. Because it will happen.  No idea when but its coming.

  18. These will never see 4,000 degrees again:

  19. I would tend to look at silver to the historical ratio to gold and stop comparing it to the value of worthless paper bills. The historical ratio is 15:1 and currently sitting around 53-60:1. Going by this and using some super thick headed simple maths it's easy to see that silver is grossly under valued even without economic collapse by a simple sum. Try taking the current cost of gold £777.03 and dividing it by the historical ratio – 15 gives silver price of 51.80 per ounce, which is what it should be currently valued at…but it's not, due to the mass market manipulations it's currently on sale at 11.50, it's super cheap and can only go up, anyone who can present evidence to prove otherwise is welcomed too. silver is a great store of value and much safer than storing savings in any stocks or isas at present. My advice, Purchase coins, they look good and collectible, it's more of a hobby for me.

  20. Very good production quality of this video! However, what Im seeing in reality just doesnt agree with it.  3 out of 4 commercials on TV are advertising purchase of physical gold/silver.  I ordered 48 ounces of silver Monday morning (on-line).  I was holding it in my hands yesterday afternoon (thursday).  Truth is, physical Silver is cheap and plentiful. Certainly, this cannot last forever, but as long as the QE scam goes on (when does it end?), PMs will be underpriced and readily available. (im not complaining.. I'll ride this wave right onto the beach!)

  21. Let me simplify all of this for you. The demand for silver bullion has gone up because the price has gone down. A lot more people are willing and able to buy silver at 19.00 than 28.00 to 38.00 range. If the price ever rises substantially again there will reach a point at which a lot of people stop being buyers and start being sellers. This causes the price to fall again. The supply of scrap silver has fallen because recycling is not profitable at low prices.    If the price rises again then it becomes profitable again and more of it will be done. Likewise people who need cash will sell that silver wear set they have been holding onto for sentimental reasons. And all the sterling silver pitchers, cups, tea sets, etc. 

    Industrial use of silver depends on a healthy economy. If silver becomes too expensive then companies will find other substitute materials. For silver to keep up with inflation it would have to rise in price 5% a year. Not going to happen. If hard times increase for everyone then less and less people will have extra money to buy silver after food, clothing and other necessities. 

    So will silver ever take off and go beyond the moon like the professional silver pumpers (who by the way all sell silver for a living) say it will. Nope not going to happen. Will it go back above 30 due to the reasons specified in the video. Yes, it probably will sooner or later. Silver price is extremely variable. If you buy on the downside of a cycle and sell on an upside you can make some money.If you buy it and sit on it forever waiting for the price to go to the moon like the pumpers say it will, you will make no money and earn no interest. 

    It will just take up space in your house and keep you worried that someone will try and steal it. Buy now if you can afford it but if it doubles then sell, don't wait.

  22. the day this was uploaded 7-27-2014  silver closed at $21.04
    Today silver 9-8-2014 at 1 pm EST  silver is in the $18's ($18.94)
    It fell like a rock 25c today.
    who knows what it will be tomorrow
    but we do know what it is today- compared to the day this was uploaded.
    This is gambling pure and simple.
    I made Dan (VisionVictory) a  3 years bet – 3 years and 6 months ago (march 2011) He lost big time and will not speak with me now about the bet.

  23. Invest now in doge coins ,Big time banker around the world will be buying millions in usd ,soon 1 doge will be worth 0.25 ,This is the time to get in on them .

  24. A SQUEEZE WILL BE A WARNING. Silver HAS been suppressed in part by poor sentiment.  More recently: a strong dollar and falling commodity prices (CRB) have left people with little reason to want to own Silver.  But TICKING AWAY below the surface…: Coming Silver Squeeze – Harvey Organ may be right – the thing to watch now is China.  Shanghai inventories have been run down by 91%, and a SQUEEZE is starting.  Already, the premium of Shanghai Silver prices to Comex Silver is at record.  Day be day, this is getting exciting !

  25. Buy Buy Buy!
    I love the market. Go low! Go low!
    Remember that we want silver to be dirt cheap. As low as it can go. Then buy when it's around $10. It'll be around $60 within the next two years. They want you to give up your silver. DON'T.

  26. Man o Man 64 replays on my last string
    lets start a new one
    too much to sift through
    Well— did you see how silver finished up this week
    Under $17 and dipped as low as $16.75  YIKES as opposed to the $21.04 the day this video was uploaded

  27. Dan gets paid to make these video's he's a sales guy,we all got to make a living use your own judgment call any Bullion Dealer and simple ask is there a shortage of silver or load the cart on line.

  28. Don't get hysterical, Silver is a good investment, but very uncertain in short term too. I am buying silver reularly, like 8% of my income yearly. If it is lower in price more silver fits into this money. The silver price most possibly will turn into bubble, but not sure about time, it can be in a year, two or fifteen. One thing is for sure: the human race slowly running out Silver, once everybody will realize they can't just short it and keep the price low, but it is obvoius that the market lacks the physical metal. I would estimate the bubble to the end of the decade or beginning of the next one. Keep calm, and stack it patiently, and most importantly don't pump all money into it now. There is a big chance that the shorting game works for a while.

  29. Hey! – I enjoyed seeing that video. But that on my PC the sound seemed a little off – could be me though! I see we have the same sort of idea and I like your approach u have. When you get some time please have a look at the appropriate videos on my channel (organised into playlists) and tell me your opinion of them. Any ideas gratefully recieved! Ciao!

  30. This video does a good job of communicating the fundamental opportunity at hand.

    Save the scary Halloween music and email list building pitch 🙂

  31. idiots on utube. Silver is going to $10-12 and will stay there for years. I said $16 in 2012, now I say $10. I hope no one listen to you and lost heir azz. Good luch to you all who listen to these uneducated selfish pos's.

  32. Bullshit, this broken record is become boring. Still trying to sniff out the suckers. Been listening to this crap for years and silver has fallen from $48 to $15….?? THAT'S reality!!

  33. Today is 12/31/2014 silver spot price now is $15.66 will likely keep dropping for awhile till it trades sideways,pay off your debts first,I bet by the end of 2015 silver will be below $14.00 time will tell.

  34. I think I already know an easy way to profit.  That is to buy the physical metal now and hold it.  It is a precious metal and people will always want it.

  35. When this video was released, silver was at about $20 per ounce. Today it is at about $17.50. So, it is selling for LESS money today. You can buy as many physical silver one ounce rounds as you want for $17.79 retail from Provident Metals right now. Bulk gets you a lower price. Where is the shortage?

  36. OK lets start a new sting again this last one has over 140 replies on it.
    Silver sucks and rentals rule.
    In Jan 1980 Silver was $55 in 2011 silver was $48
    Today silver is only $16.25   Yikes what happened to the savior they call silver.
    In 1980 I bought a small rental house for $18,000 it rented then for $180
    today the house is worth $250,000 and rents for $1,650. The identical house next door sold in 2006 for $425,000 but is only worth about $250,000 today
    what do you think?

  37. The coming shortage of Silver commercials will never happen. When the hype is at it's zenith ….wait 5 years and then take another look at the product.

  38. Silver at $15.23 today.   I started buying about 1.5 months ago and am up to 60 oz.'s.   I also have bought 3 oz's of gold.  The gold/silver ratio is 80 to 1.  Unreal.  Silver will close the gap at some point.  I may be a better investment than gold at this point due to the ratio.

  39. funny how this was in my suggested videos on a day when silver is back into the 16's! Still want to stick with your $50 silver in 2016?! Oh and btw J.P. Morgan has amassed the world's largest PHYSICAL stockpile of silver at 500,000,000 OZ's!!!!! It'll be another 30 years until silver hits $50/oz

  40. "Silver at $50 in 2016."

    Well it's two years later and we never saw $50 silver. You would think they had enough pride or sense to take down this rediculous video.

  41. Okay watching this today and $14.16 for an ounce of silver where's that shortage LOL and I just bought 10 silver eagles the other day lol

  42. Well folks it's January 3rd 2019 and silver is $15.43 an ounce. Nowhere near the predicted $50 an ounce. Follow the market don't believe any hype.

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