The Copper Canyon and El Chepe Train in Mexico (Hot Springs, Adventure Park and More)

The Copper Canyon and El Chepe Train in Mexico (Hot Springs, Adventure Park and More)

Did you know that Mexico is home to a canyon
even bigger and deeper than the Grand Canyon in the US? Come with us on El Chepe train, as we take
you through Mexico’s Copper Canyon to discover some of the most amazing things this region
has to offer. Let’s get started. We’re here in the Copper Canyon, a canyon
so big it’s not only bigger, but also deeper than the Grand Canyon in the
United States. Making it the biggest canyon in all of North
America. The Copper Canyon is actually a group of six
canyons that run through northwestern Mexico. Together they form what in Spanish is called
“Las Barrancas del Cobre”. Named after its copper/green colored walls,
the Copper Canyon is four times bigger and two times deeper than the Grand Canyon in
the US. We started our journey in Chihuahua, the capital
of Chihuahua, and known for its abundance of Chihuahuas. We stayed the night to catch the train early
the next morning. All aboard! ¡Buenos días! Good morning. We are on the famous train El Chepe. The first time I’ve ever been on a train. Really? Really. Wow! Yay! So yeah, the train leaves every day at 6 in
the morning, so you have to get up early. The Ferrocarril Chihuahua-Pacifico, also known
as “Chepe” started operating in 1961. Since then, it has ran everyday taking locals
and adventurers on a journey through the Sierra Madre Occidental. The railroad winds its way over 37 bridges
and through 86 tunnels and spans a total of 405 miles. El Chepe is the only passenger train in
Mexico so we knew this would be the perfect way to experience the canyon. A one way trip on El Chepe takes about 15
hours, but stopping at the towns along the way is at least half the fun. Our first stop was in the town of Creel. Creel is one of the 111 Pueblos Magicos in
Mexico and it is one of the most visited towns in the area surrounding the Copper Canyon. Here you can find restaurants, corner stores,
a museum, hotels, and anything else you might need to have a comfortable stay. Creel is also one of the first towns where
you can get in touch with the Tarahumara culture. Natively known as the Raramuri, this culture
is known for their ultra-marathon running, and can be found selling artisans in small
towns where the Chepe stops. We stayed at Hotel Plaza Mexicana Margaritas. We really liked this hotel because it had
everything we needed and it was just one block away from the main street of Creel. Friends, we have stopped in a town called Creel. ¡Sí! And it’s very comfortable here. The weather’s great, clear skies… So what we’re gonna do now is… we’re gonna
get ready because we have a tour to some hot springs here in the area. To get to the Recowata hot springs, we jumped
on a cuatrimoto and followed our guide through the forest. The rush of cruising past horses and hugging
the turns as we descended down the canyon was awesome. ¡Lo logramos! We made it! Now we are gonna get ready, and we are gonna
go for a swim. The Recowata Hot Springs are fed by the water
from the San Ignacio river and they maintain a temperature of around 95 degrees fahrenheit
all year round. The warm water, cool breeze, and fresh smell
of the woods make Recowata Hot Springs very well worth the visit. For us, it was the best way to relax after
a long day of adventuring. After the hot springs we headed back to the
hotel to rest and continue our journey through the Copper Canyon. Good morning, good morning! This is our first and last morning here in
Creel before we head to our next stop. We are going to Posada Barrancas where they
have an adventure park with… I don’t know if it’s the longest…zipline
in Mexico… Over 2,000 meters long, and it goes over the
canyon, and I’m gonna get on it. I’m not. It’s gonna be awesome. Usually when the train stops it’s only for
a few minutes to allow for people to get on and off. There is only one stop where passengers have
between 20 to 30 minutes to get off the train and admire the beauty of the canyon. We are here in Divisadero and you can stop
for only 20 minutes… yeah, so we’re on a hurry to try to get everything in that we
want to. We wanna get some food, take some pictures… It is one of the coolest views as May said,
look, look at this. And we’re gonna show you a lot more. That’s it. Here in Divisadero you can enjoy some of the
most mouth-watering food of the region, buy arts and crafts made and sold by the Raramuri
people, and appreciate one of the best views of the barrancas. You can buy food on the train, but it’s
more expensive and not nearly as delicious as these Chiles Rellenos. I love me some chiles rellenos. This is so good! And it’s made right here at the stop. We’re in such a hurry to try to get everything
in. I know I shouldn’t talk with my mouth full,
but if you come here… chiles rellenos. After our stop at Divisadero, we hopped back
on the train until we made it to Posada Barrancas where we stayed at Cabañas La Esmeralda. Once we settled into our room, the owner of
the hotel took us to the Parque de Aventuras Barrancas del Cobre where another incredible
experience was awaiting us. This adventure park is a must visit when
you are in the area. They offer tons of exciting activities for
all ages, including hikes, cable cars, ziplines, mini golf, bike rides, euro-bungee, and more. The park has breathtaking views of the barrancas,
which can also be admired from their glass floor restaurant. This zip line is the longest in Mexico, and
one of the longest in the world at 8,350 ft. I have to put down who gets all my stuff if
I die. Ayayay! That’s you May! [laughs] but you won’t! I won’t! Okay, so they just told me it’s the longest
one… Did you say it is the longest in the world? Yes. Really? Wow! The longest one in the world. Here we go! Stretch your legs and cross them. One, two, three… Woooohoooo! I was dead set on riding it from the moment
I learned it existed. This is awesome! ¡Genial! [laughs] Woooooo [laughs] That was crazy! [laughs] that was awesome! What a rush! It all happened so fast! [laughs] So cool! You have to check it out! Now I’ve got a… a bit of a walk to find
May. She took the less crazy way. After going on the zip-line, there is a 20
minute hike to get back to the top of the canyon. Once on top, we took the teleférico to go
back to the main area of the park. We had a blast exploring the Parque de Aventuras
Barrancas del Cobre. The view of the Canyon is exceptional here,
and it’s a great place to spend the day if you like getting your adrenalin pumping. After a long day of exploring the Barrancas
we walked back to the hotel, sat around a fire with some locals and drinks and spent
the last night of our adventure exchanging travel stories. The grandness of the Copper Canyon has
no comparison. It is easy to feel small and insignificant
surrounded by such a massive natural masterpiece. We felt very lucky to be able to appreciate
the beauty of this isolated piece of Mexico. The next day we got on the train one last
time to end our journey in Los Mochis. Visiting the Copper Canyon was absolutely
one of the funnest trips we’ve ever been on. You have to go check it out for yourself. And if you’re planning on doing just that,
we’re gonna leave a link in the description where you can go and find all kinds of tips
and tricks to plan your adventure. That’s right, and if you liked this video,
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to hit the bell button so you don’t miss anything. Thanks for watching! Until next time! See you soon! There’s a car coming, or I hear it somewhere. You can do it! A little more, a little more, a little more,
a little more, a little more, a little more, a little more! Ahhh that’s it! One more, one more! [laughs in Spanish]


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