The Copper Man செப்பு மனிதன்

The Copper Man செப்பு மனிதன்

(Train whistle sound and moving noise) (Train leaving the station ) Man1: Where is Mugilan? Man 2: Where is Mugilan? Woman 1: Where is Mugilan? Man 3: Where is Mugilan? Man 4: Where is Mugilan?
Please find him.. Woman 2: Where is Mugilan?
Please bring him back.. Man 5: Common people
should support the
social activists otherwise they can’t
function freely. Man 5: Politicians always
troubles the social activists Man 6: If they find Mugilan…
a lot of secrets will come out. Man 7: I have faith
Mugilan will soon come out! Man 8: I’m giving this interview
based on the belief that.. the Tamil Nadu government
and police will find Mugilan! Man 9: You must the ask the government
“Where is Mugilan?” Woman 3: Public doesn’t have
much awareness about
‘missing Mugilan’ episode. Woman 4: Media should
expose bigger way.. Man 10: This missing episode raises
a lot of questions Man 11: Police have absolute duty
and they should protect social activists.. Man 12: Where is he? Where is he? please let the government
find out that Man 13: Please find Mugilan.. thats what we are looks for… where is he? find him out.. Man 14: Where is social activist Muglian? this is the only question
youth and common people have today… Woman 5: Please find
and bring back Mugilan.. this is my humble request to
the Tamil Nadu government and Indian government. (Train whistle blares high pitch) (Train leaving noice fadeout)

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