The Copper Merchant – Ballydehob

The Copper Merchant – Ballydehob

Well this is my new business the Copper
Merchant which is in a historic 1895 traditional shop building on the
Main Street in Ballydehob it’s a gift and lifestyle store with a
little bit of fun and glamour and design I’ve been going to Paris for the last
few years to visit people in trade shows and also to London and I also have some
lovely Irish products as well I’m from Ballydehob
I love Ballydehob, I’ve have grown up here it’s a really fun, fantastic village
which has lots going for it and it needed a nice shop to add a little bit of
“joie de vivre” to people’s lives I think I decided to call it the Copper Merchant
because Ballydehob is an area that was really rich in copper mining tradition
and at one stage would have been a very thriving, bustling little village and
market town and I just I wanted the shop to have a sort of old world feel to
mirror that time of our history I would say to anybody you just have to be brave, take the risk hope for the best and jump in with both feet. I also own the Porcelain Room which is a small restaurant that serves
Thai and Vietnamese fusion food in the village which has been my business
really for the last 15 years so Copper Merchant is new but that’s established and I come here during the day to relax and I go to cook at night. The credit Union have been incredibly supportive with this setup and the beginning of
this business they understand the realities of the day-to-day running of a
tiny business in West Cork due to their links with the local community, I think they’re an absolutely invaluable resource to the
area. My advice to anybody starting a new business is really believe in it, just take a chance, all our little villages need new businesses, they need people to take the risk and it’s a great time there’s a great energy about villages
again and I think it’s the perfect time to start a new business. It’s very
rewarding working for yourself, it’s hard work but it’s very rewarding and talk to
your local credit union. so I hope to see you in the Copper Merchant, thank you.

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  1. Lovely shop……good to see a new shop like this opening in Ballydehob! I hope it's a success and gets plenty of support. Steve

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