The Curse of Civil War Gold: Once In, Forever In (Season 1) | History

[music playing] NARRATOR: After spending the
morning making arrangements to explore what remains of the
Hackley Union National Bank building, Civil War researcher
Kevin Dykstra and his team return with the tools they will
need to search the basement for proof of his theory– that a group of Union officers
stole six wagons filled with Confederate
gold and silver, brought it up to Muskegon,
Michigan by train, and then deposited
it with millionaire Charles Hackley,
who hid it for them in one of his many bank vaults. [music playing] So which one’s
got treasure in it? These bottom ones do. You think the bottom ones? That’s what I think. If we can find something here
in these safety deposit boxes, it’ll help prove that
the Confederate gold came from Irwinville,
Georgia, right here to Muskegon, Michigan. It’ll be all worth it. Yeah, it’s probably
already got– Right there, gentlemen, is
about 45 boxes right there. I think if I
can find something here that Marty Lagina would
be extremely impressed. If I can come up with
one gold coin out of these safety
deposit boxes, it might just push him over the top. You got it? Shake, shake it. Shake it, just like
a Christmas package. Well, I got a
feeling it’s empty. Well, let’s see
if we can open it. It’s gold. Oh. Nope. Can your heart
handle 400 more? No. [laughter] How about more? It felt as though we were
going to find something in these boxes,
whether it was gold, whether it was incriminating
evidence of some sort. But every box weighed
about two pounds. Not very heavy. I mean, you could shake it and
realize there’s nothing in it. We started feeling a
little bit deflated. They’re empty. They’re empty. They’re empty. NARRATOR: After hours
of exhausting work and having found no evidence
of Confederate gold, Kevin Dykstra’s
optimism for a critical find is quickly eroding. What you thinking? It doesn’t make
any– oh, thanks. You’re welcome. It doesn’t make any sense. What? These are out here
and not in there. I want to try to get into these. I’d like to at least
try– try punching one. OK. OK, I think it just went. Yep. Oh, she’s opening. Oh, there she goes. Ooh, that’s a big box. All right. Oh! Oh, that’s heavy! Make room for it, guys. There’s– Oh, my god. You better get over here. Oh, that just sounds
like it’s full of goodies. There’s something in there. Oh! Ooh. No. What is it? Keys. NARRATOR: For
Kevin, the discovery of envelopes filled with
safety deposit box keys is not a positive one. It suggests that all
of the remaining boxes are probably empty. It was really disheartening. Did somebody else
know prior to me that maybe there was
gold in those boxes? One thing’s for certain. Those boxes were worth
something to somebody. NARRATOR: After a long and
frustrating day searching for evidence at the old
Hackley Union Bank building, Kevin Dykstra and his team
gather in his workshop to call Marty Lagina and
update him on the status of their investigation. Well, go ahead. Give me the good and the bad. We opened up a bunch of the
safety deposit box cabinets, but all we found were keys
for all of the other safety deposit boxes. Look, Kevin, you ought not
to look at this as a failure. You knew when you started
this quest that there were multiple places where this
gold or remnants of this gold might reside. Well, you followed through,
and you obtained permission, and you did what it took
to check off one of them. OK, so we’ve
eliminated that one. You know, Marty, with all
of his exploration up on Oak Island, he’s had a
lot of days like what we had with the bank vault. As my brother Rick
often says, “One in, all in, and once in, forever in.” Stay on quest, you guys. – All right.
– Thanks, Marty. Yeah, your
support means a lot. All right, Kevin,
keep the faith. All right. Goodbye, Marty.
– See you later. Thank you. Thanks for the update. NARRATOR: For Kevin Dykstra,
finding physical evidence to support his theory has
been harder to do than he and his team had
previously imagined. Nevertheless, he
remains convinced that millions of dollars
in Confederate gold still lies at the
bottom of Lake Michigan and that he is
only one discovery away from getting the financing
he needs to retrieve it.

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