The Dumbest Celebrity Endorsements We’ve Ever Seen

The Dumbest Celebrity Endorsements We’ve Ever Seen

Fame and fortune isn’t always dignified, and
People’s Choice awards don’t pay the bills. Sometimes, a celebrity has to slum it a little,
whether it’s for a big paycheck, to fulfill a contract they didn’t read, or simply for
lack of anything better to do. “I LOVE PACHINKO!” And that doesn’t even take Shaq into account. The former NBA All-Star is in so many weird,
terrible, and weirdly terrible commercials, we could probably do a whole video just for
him. C’mon, Shaq. Go take a nap. *bonk* “Hahah.” Simply put, cataloging all of the bizarre
celebrity endorsements out there would take all day. So in the interests of time, here are just
a few of our favorite bizarre celebrity product endorsements. Malcolm McDowell’s Lunchables Lunchables are a processed collection of food
for children whose parents have too much money and not enough love. Malcolm McDowell is a classically-trained
actor known for his role in the pornographic film Caligula. Clearly the ad guys running the Kraft Food
account saw a connection between these two that the rest of us can only guess at. But the result was pure magic. “Sick party, Chad. I’m mad jelly. Cut! Why am I angry gelatin?” Why Malcolm McDowell chose to embrace Lunchables’
weird campaign is anyone’s guess, but his participation in at least twelve different
TV shows, films, and video games in 2016 alone may indicate a distinct inability to say “no.” “It’s… It’s… Do you know what ‘hashtag’ means?” “I’m a Shakespearan-trained actor.” “You know what, it doesn’t matter.” After all, you don’t earn a net worth of $70
million without doing a few things you regret. It’s just hard to tell which was most regrettable:
this scene from his 1973 film O! Lucky Man: “Ahhh!!” …or selling overly-preserved lunchmeats
to children by making fun of old people. “You know it, brochaho. Try Lunchables’ Uploaded, Taco Walking.” “Um, it’s actually Walking Taco.” Probably a toss-up there. Jamie Lee Curtis’ Activia If you’re going to do a commercial about how
difficult it is for you to use the bathroom, you at least need to make sure it isn’t your
most visible role in years. Otherwise, you’ll just get some pretty rough
nicknames. Jamie Lee Curtis has disappeared from the
spotlight for years at a time, only showing her face to promote Activia: a yogurt designed
to aid digestion. Unfortunately for Curtis, her questionable
commercials were ripe for parody. “I’ve eaten over 16 Activia yogurts today,
and plan to eat at least four more, poop my pants, as an older woman, proud of it!” Were those lost months just spent on the toilet? There’s no shame in having digestive problems,
but when they become your new identity, it might be time to find a new one. Jeff Foxworthy’s Golden Corral It’s your God-given American right to dip
your heat-lamp-warmed meats into the cheesy spit-trough that is Golden Corral’s fondue
fountain. And Jeff Foxworthy desperately needs you to
know this. Drawing a connection between being a US citizen
with the ability to overeat until both your belt and heart burst wouldn’t seem like a
selling point to most sensible people… “Introducing the Golden Bill of Rights, only
in America and only at Golden Corral!” …but some folks would rather die with a
deep-fried corncob in their mouths than to be told what to do. “You’re working hard to put food on your family.” If you’re working hard to put food on your
family, then look no further than the Golden Corral, proud citizen. Paris Hilton’s spicy BBQ burger Speaking of food that will kill you, Carl’s
Jr. is another restaurant that takes pride in asking you to make bad decisions by testing
the limits of your American freedoms. When professional blonde person Paris Hilton
began appearing in the burger chain’s commercials, some of her spots were deemed “too sexy” by
critics. Naturally, that didn’t stop the well-known
whatever-she-is from appearing in commercials for the brand in both 2005 and coming back
for more in 2014. Soapy cars, sexual arousal, and hot beef…what
more could you ask for? That’s basically the Bill of Rights right
there. Brad Pitt’s Chanel No. 5 Commercials for scents are, as a rule, over-the-top
terrible and filmed like the worst French indie flicks. But Brad Pitt’s stab at Chanel takes the cake
for the worst of all time, hitting every cliche dead-on. Black and white? Check. Feels like someone trapped in an unending,
ghoulish nightmare? Check. Ninth-grade-poetry-level word-salad narration? Total check. “The world turns and we turn with it. Plans disappear, dreams take over.” Chanel calls the 2012 commercial a “film,”
and even released it in two parts, because it’s just that important. Fabio’s I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! It’s hard to trust any food that’s spelled
with an exclamation point, and harder still when that food is promoted by a mush-mouthed
romance novel cover model. But somehow, the ridiculousness of Fabio combined
with bootleg butter made for a memorable, if not slightly cringey, mid-’90s ad campaign. “I can’t believe it’s not bottur!” Well, we can’t believe you got work that needed
you to actually say words. Bizarre as it was, it was pretty successful. But was it intentionally stupid, or did the
ad producers genuinely think that this was a great idea? Did Fabio really not believe it wasn’t butter? Either way, it was still better than…this: “Turn the tub around, talkin’ bout nutrition.” Wrestlers love cereal Professional wrestling is maligned enough
without its top performers associating themselves with questionable products. John Cena managed to set the sport back decades
when he appeared in commercials for Fruity Pebbles. “Five knuckle shuffle them IN YOUR FACE!” He declared himself the captain of “Team Fruity.” It was all part of the ongoing civil war between
Pebbles’ Fruity and Cocoa varieties. It’s not clear how much money it took for
Cena to ascend to the heights of Team Fruity, but it probably should’ve been more. At least he was in good company: “I’ve invented a way to deliver Fruity Pebbles
anywhere with the Shaqapault!” Of course, wrestlers demonstrating their affinity
for sugary cereal didn’t start with Cena. Far from it! Behold Andre the Giant’s love of Honeycomb: “A giant!” “A hungry giant!” “Hungry for big honey taste!” But no other tag-team partnership with breakfast
cereal can compare to the Hulkster’s love for a wimpy little honey-bee. Before Hulk Hogan’s life became a reality
show and a sad running joke, he redefined the WWF with his over-the-top personality. And it’s on full display in his classic 1980s
Honey Nut Cheerios commercial. ‘Hey, bee, no way a little dude like you is
going to change my ways!” Hogan’s surreal overacting with a cartoon
bee is probably the height of stupid celebrity endorsements. Still, there’s no doubt that the Hulkster
would love to return to those glory days. That way he might not need to appear in Japanese
air conditioning commercials. “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday, Saturday, Sunday comes again!” Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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  1. Look at it from the celebrities point of view, they do a days work and earn an absolute fortune. You can barely blame them, money talks.

  2. Brad Pitt sellin cologne to a straight 37 yr old man? Like that would work? Yep leaving now to Macy's

  3. the John Cena Fruity Pebbles thing was based on a joke. since Cena's merchandise is always so colorful, the Rock compared him to Fruity Pebbles.

  4. How about a video on football players doing commercials. Troy Aikman did a radio ad for Kroger that was very lacking in passion. It was almost comical. I think Joe Nameth did one for panty hose. There are others. 😧

  5. Five knuckle shuffle in your face would mean a whole different thing in the UK as a five knuckle shuffle is a euphemism for masturbation. You could not put that in a commercial.

  6. Worse and sad by far, is the AT&T Internet TV Commercial, featuring Mark Wahlberg, Anjelica Huston, dressed as a dollar sign.

  7. Things the actors would have been perfect for:
    McDowell should have sold milk during the Clockwork Orange period.
    Jamie Lee Curtis should have sold pumpkins around Halloween.
    Foxworthy should sell rebel flags.
    Pitt when younger, hair products.
    Hulkster: tanning lotion

  8. Cena's Endorsement might be the dumbest on this presentation because he's supposed to be about fitness ( guess not ) , but you certainly left off the dumbest and one that lacks shame more than any endorsement shown on here . Hugh Jackman and Tom Cruise Endorsing Walmart during their shareholder meeting . Fully deserve the loss of everyones respect who enjoys freedom , becasue they certainly don't care about anyones but their own .

  9. Did you mention the Duchess of York who endorsed Jenny Craig? Why weren't all the female celebrities who endorsed Jenny Craig mentioned? Valerie Bertinelli, Jennifer Hudson, Marie Osmond, Mariah Carey, and Kristie Alley: Of course all celebrity endorsements for Jenny Craig are female except Jason Alexander who did a very ridiculous ad for Jenny Craig in which he stripped to his underwear and did a routine with some muscular guys like a Chippendale's dancer.
    Cher did an advertisement for a certain gym sometime in the 1980s.
    The advertisements in which athletes endorse sugary cereal is ironic but when any celebrity endorses food or diet or weight -loss or health products their careers have hit an all time low. By the way , why wasn't it pointed out that , opposed to Hulk Hoagan endorsing Fruity Pebbles, the black guy endorsing Cocoa Pebbles is really curious and either poorly timed or intentional but so obvious and absurd? Why not have Jeremy Lin promote banana-flavored cereal?

  10. Scum bags 103.1 Wave is also fake and my bro voice over … yeah how professional.. still trying to bother your sister… still.. !!!!! Scum

  11. Your fruit loop demon wife will leave you … I know this for a fact… gold digger !!!! Where's the baby?? It will be next !!! Then good bye !!!Don't say I didn't warn ya!! But I'll take her side !!

  12. To be fair to Brad Pitt. He had just invested and lost a fortune with the movie world war Z and he probably needed the money. Authors should never self publish and Actors should never finance their own movies. Can you imagine how much money he was paid to do those commercials.

  13. When my sister was 13 she was studding ancient Rome in school. She rented Caligula (the longer, more pornographic version) and we sat down to watch it as a family. My Mormon parents did not let us finish watching it and me dad took the video back to the store (WITHOUT REWINDING IT!). I didn't realize WHY my parents were so angry until I say the movie YEARS later.
    Who the fuck would rent THAT movie to a 13-year-old girl.

  14. Jaime Lee Curtis is an older lady. Who sells yogurt to help you poop good. And is still one of the hottest women in showbiz. I'd marry her

  15. Jeff Foxworthy for Golden Corral actually makes sense. I mean it's a step down for someone who reached his heights in show biz, but I can definitely see the correlation.

  16. No, sorry,  not one of them comes close to whatever this is supposed to be:

  17. I remember seeing that stupid Brad Pitt commercial at work. My coworker and I just looked at each other and burst out laughing.

  18. Whenever I see anything related to I Can't Believe it's not Butter I'm always reminded of this brilliant skit from the Vicar of Dibley:
    Alice: Well, I can't believe the stuff that is not I Can't Believe It's Not Butter is not I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. And I can't believe that both I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and the stuff that I can't believe is not I Can't Believe It's Not Butter are both, in fact, not butter. And I believe… they both might be butter… in a cunning disguise …

  19. "I con't believe iss naw buddder!" – Fabio

    One of my favorite commercial series. So unbelievably stupid. So wonderful.

  20. Jeff Foxworthy endorsing Golden Corral is probably a good idea because there's probably a huge overlap between his audience and people who love eating at Golden Corral

  21. “Professional blonde person” lol 😂 😆 😝

    And I remember thinking the brad pitt commercial was from SNL!

  22. THank you Grunge I Hadnt even seen most of them but Tanx 2 Utube I Got More  "Entertainment-Learning" To Fill Idle Time with… Musta Been a Big BIG PayCheck They received!!!

  23. I don’t see anything wrong with John Cena doing commercials for Fruity Pebbles. A lot of kids look up to him and he does a lot for the younger generation as well especially his work with the Make A Wish organization. He’s a pretty decent guy.

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