The Face Shrine & Facade in Link’s Awakening Switch – 100% Walkthrough 14

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
we’re all the Austin John plays here and welcome back to Link’s Awakening part
number 14 where we’re gonna be taking on the fish shrine you may notice that I’ve
switched to the blue tunic I read some of your comments down below as well as
some documentation on the original game and while I haven’t seen anything
official from like the game itself the red tunic which is the the the powerup
does give you I believe it gives you somewhat of a knock back and it does in
fact stack with the level 2 sword that we get for completing the seashell stuff
however very few enemies in the game actually require you to have that
upgraded attack so I’m gonna switch to the blue because it’s going to increase
my defense meaning that my heart’s drains slower meaning that parts are
gonna be worth more and it’s gonna be able to fill my health so I can launch
my sword attack a little bit easier so without any further ado let’s head
inside of the temple so all in all long explanation from me just saying before
you have the level 2 sword do the red mail after you get the level 2 sword get
the blue first things first we’re going to head west of the first room and there
are Wiz robes in here who they attack and respawn in the same location which
for these guys there’s a few ways to actually damage and attack them your
sword is not one of them you either need to hit them with bombs arrows em arrows
or my favorite which is using the hook shot to stun them and then throwing the
boomerang at them to boomerang attacks will knock them out they always respawn
in the same place that they D spawn from so you should be fine now we’re going to
head through here and there’s going to be a chest and a big ol statue that we
can’t lift up this looks heavier than heavy your current strength won’t cut it
and a purple rupee in this dungeon we get a more powerful bracelet and I
believe we get that kind of early in the dungeon oh boy I’ve been waiting for
this opportunity for so long every time you defeat one of them with
your boomerang you get a fairy and that’s amazing especially when it comes
to like the last two dungeons there’s a lot of them and being able to just
navigate the area freely oh god it makes it so much easier and Dom pays area too
so here we have ourselves a shy guy take care of him and we need to activate the
crystal and head to the top let’s use a bomb nice from here there’s a bomb
mobile wall let’s bomb the bomb bubble wall and we’re going to head into that
hole now there are four slimes in here you can choose to light up the room but
it’s only temporary so there’s really no point to after you defeat all four
stairs are gonna appear let’s head down the stairs now down here there’s some
giant bubbles and you attack these nope they are they are invincible though just
don’t touch them and jump on top of the ladders cuz it’s minecraft and you can
do that too his robes are gonna appear let’s take care of these guys the same
way oh I accidentally grabbed the roofie instead of hitting them after the wizard
robes are defeated that door opens up and up here we get ourselves the power
bracelet it’s links birthday you feel like you could lift an elephant very
selectively text considering that we need to go lift elephant statues now
there’s a one-way door let’s go through it and we’re brought back here fill the
shy guy shy guys are evil let’s activate the switch and head up the left side oh that’s another reason that I decided to
go for the blue male because if you get the piece of power with the level 2
sword and the red male then it does not stack 2 times 8 it only stacks 2 times
for this room has 3 whiz robes you cannot shoot your hook shot through this
being upright but your boomerang can go in there and that’s perfect I guess also
arrows this reason the arrows are floating above my head that gets us the
map and all boys this place big so be sure to follow closely it’s nice
we already have the dungeon item had suspicious that we already have the
dungeon item from here we’re gonna head north and then we’re going to ignore
that door we’re gonna head east and that gets us the stone beak back to the
previous room grab a pot throw it at the door
there is nothing we could do here we’re gonna head east and we’re gonna get the
compass we’re gonna head up here hit the switch one time so it’s blue if these
bombs that this game is promoting and we’re gonna follow this path around and
here we have to Wiz robes in the middle of an entire switch room this fire skull
is literally just like the DVD screensaver right now I think we could
kill him with the boomerang sure can and he drops a fairy now we’re going to
backtrack quite a bit the only way that we can go with that still blue we’re
going to head to the left ah that’s so nice so nice just one shotting these
electric boys I love it now we’re gonna throw a big statue which
Lincoln just carry around like it’s nothing and throw it at the pottery door
first things first let’s get this treasure chest that’s 100 rupees which
is very nice I’m gonna drop that down there to hit him for the switch I guess
both this puzzle right here is it’s much better than it was in the gameboy
version these are these called rooks horse chess pieces other Knights
okay so these are Knights which are chess pieces and if you’ve ever played
chess you know that nice have the ability to move one two spaces in one
direction and then perpendicular move one space this White Knight and that
Black Knight function much the same way so if I were to throw this here
it lands there and for this black piece we need to be here one two and that
opens the door back yay now we head up the stairs and here’s the
raft ride and that seashell piece that I said that we would get last episode and
now we have it now we’re just gonna head back the way that we came all the way
until we hit the room with the shyguy wall backtracking the blue maybe up you
need to invert that and then invert it again so you want blue to be up as you
head back and now we’re back in the room with the shag I hit the crystal make the
blocks go up now pick up the statue throw it at the pottery door head
through it like the chest which is a rupee a hundred rupee or the elephant at
the pottery door throw the elephant at whatever and this brings us back to
pretty much where we entered and now we’re gonna head to the right for the
first time and inside of here is going to be our first room with a whole bunch
of floor pieces that come and attack us just stand in the corner and hold up
your shield and just wait until they’re all gone head out to the north throw one
of these bad boys at the pottery door head through it and inside of here there
are four whiz rows now you can defeat a wizzrobe with a single bomb I just never
have before because it’s not a good use of my bombs and it’s a little difficult
with their teleporting pattern that worked out nicely after all four blues
robes are defeated all the doors are gonna open up feel free to grab those
arrows I guess it could shot arrows at them I’m gonna go to the south door inside of here the whole puzzle and what
this owl tells us is that we can just hop on this but she can and then hop
over here remember when we talked about that in the first dungeon and head north
and click this chest now here is secret medicine
if you already have secret medicine on your character which is crazy Tracy
secret medicine right there then then you just put it back in the
chest unfortunately this means that it’s going to just appear on the map as being
always there so I’m just gonna put a chest icon on top of it meaning that hey
I don’t need to get that chest ever and we’re gonna hop down and go to the north
exit taking care of the enemies in here it’s now the point that like hitting the
boomerang learning is such a reflex I like I don’t even I can’t even keep up
with me narrating it oh boy there’s a treasure chest thanks compass and now
we’re gonna backtrack again all the way to this room which is right here and
we’re going to go through this door careful the fire is gonna shoot fire at
you and bomb the north wall the the next room is a mini-boss and this guy is
pretty fun you don’t need to use your sword or any items in fact he’s pretty
much vulnerable invincible to all of them what do you need to do is run away
from him wait till he throws the ball pick up the ball and then throw his own
ball back at him if you position it well enough you’re gonna be able to pick up
the ball before he can and you can land all four hits without him being able to
pick it back up which is the optimal thing to do that also then gives us the
foul trouble point back to the entrance head through the North door the left
statue hides the staircase we’re gonna head down that staircase god I love this
boomerang wasn’t it worth that very small amount of side questing that we
had to do and get ready from one of these rooms the difference is that the
floor ends up becoming holes and then soon as they’re all done you’ve got a
key at the end don’t fall in now let’s go to the key block unlock the key block
in a head north pick up the elephant throw it at the
wall now it’s time for another one of these puzzles put in a much smaller
space like I said the white one always goes left and the black one always goes
right simple as that in the original game you didn’t need to
land them on the thing there was just like an rng of pick them both up throw
them and if they both don’t stand up then you have to do it again which was
kind of lame but so now now at least there’s like a method to it for this
area we’re going to be using our rocks feather and the the Pegasus boosts to
just run through there so now we’re in a room with three of these hopper boys and
two pots and you can actually just play The Ballad of the wind fish and all of
them die isn’t that awesome of course killing them was it mandatory
for anything okay before heading to the downstairs room you wanna head north
through here this area is not mandatory at all
however if you need some bombs for the dodongos this is your spot if you need
some extra life some extra fairies and inside of here is another one of the
night puzzles and a chest with 300 rupees grab the Knights throw them that
will open the door back up now equip some bombs and head south and here’s
some dodongos snakes except now you’re in a much tighter space that’s fine you
can do this I believe in you one two three movements place down a bomb don’t
fall I said don’t fall dammit link one two
three piss down a bomb oh look at that the 360
no-scope from the dodongo snake he’s dead new great now we’re gonna head
through the door that just opened up after collecting our fairy
Thank You fairy and here it’s gonna seem pretty obvious you hookshot over use the
key and oh my god there’s a chest in here this chest is unique that you can’t
open it instead you have to throw a pod at it
and that’s the boss key great now we have a little bit of backtracking to do
hop down here and we’re going to head back backtrack through the room with the
Wiz robes to the West now we’re going to head north go into the hole that we made
ignore the warp point click bombs head down the staircase it’s worth mentioning
that in the room that we were just in if you head north there’s like even though
there’s clearly a hole it’ll actually just bring you I think to this room and
then it just becomes like an endless cycle so there’s no reason to ever go up
there head through the underground area now we’re going to head through the
south door and be careful because there’s one of these big portal boys and
again you could just use a spin attack to defeat it which is great and around
the outside after defeating it or without defeating it doesn’t matter and
we’re gonna head through this south door here and this is gonna bring us over to
the boss because we’re actually done I mean we we tackled this one pretty
smoothly as long as you followed this you’re fine if you didn’t you may be a
little lost because this is definitely when the when the temp will start
getting a little bit more difficult that’s for sure push that off we’re
gonna head through this north door if you have the boomerang this is a
great opportunity to get your health back up I just notice that these two
aren’t lids that do anything nope nothing at all and lets it head into the
nightmare door equip your bombs now this is a giant face on the floor hey dummy
need a hit my weak point is whoops there I go talking too much again
his name is facade his weak point is putting a bomb on his face Oh as soon as
the the battle starts there’s a whole bunch of floor pieces that come flying
at you after all the floor pieces are gone he shifts to this phase that he
starts destroying the floor oh those those pots could have totally knocked
away your bomb that’s what happened to me don’t touch facade and don’t fall
into his holes just place down bombs and he’s dead okay listen up it was a
wooden fish wakes up everything on the island will be up now reading that out
loud that’s a spoiler and there’s a heart here let’s get it sweet dude this
brings us up to 16 hearts and here’s the Coral Triangle yep Coral Triangle Mountain something goes from the
mountains calls hoot alright many monsters in the island that
fear the wind fish is about to awaken go to the mountain tower thanks Apple well
fantastic guys that is going to be this part of the walkthrough and we are
almost done here this is part number 14 we have a little bit of traveling to do
around and then heading into the bird castle and then from the bird castle we
just head into the last one and then the final boss so sweet I’m gonna be
wrapping this up to the right is our playlist be sure to check that out if
you have missed anything to date we currently have 28 heart pieces 45 secret
seeshells thank you so much for checking this out till next time Austin Jon out

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