THE FLASH vs QUICKSILVER – Minute Match-Ups: Episode 3

THE FLASH vs QUICKSILVER – Minute Match-Ups: Episode 3

Let’s make this quick. Don’t worry, It’ll be over in a “Flash”. Get it? Because that’s my name, I’m the
Flash? Look Flash, just try to keep up alright. I Am the fastest man alive, after all. That’s hilarious. Mother [email protected]#$% What? You didn’t see that… Oh I’m sorry. You were saying? Well, I guess you were right. It was over
in a “Flash” I’d love stay and chat, but I’ve gotta


  1. You should have used Quicksilver from xmen this Quicksilver from marvel is nothing infront of him,and x men Quicksilver can easily kick ass of flash

  2. Flash would obviously win because he can run so fast he can make flashtime which would freeze quick silver because simply quicksilver isn’t fast enough

  3. That is nuts! Was paid $1562 today alone coming from this web-site here PaidFastOnline .Com (remove space) Just how is this even possible?

  4. This is sorta unrealistic but I like it the only issue is that the flash would be able to kill quicksilver before he would be able to blink

  5. this is a epic fail


    quicksilver= Mutant

    so the min quicksilver claimed to be the fastest man alive and not the fastest Mutant

    i laughed

  6. Xlr8 vs flash Main Agar faster running ho to Kaun Sabse Aage nikalega kiski kilometre Prati ghanta hai xlr8 ki km22000 Prati ghanta hai fresh ki Kitni Prati ghanta hai

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