The Funniest Game – The Spit Challenge – This Game is Hilarious

The Funniest Game – The Spit Challenge – This Game is Hilarious

Hey everybody what’s up? Today we’re
gonna play a game called, “The Spit Challenge”. Stay tuned… Welcome back! Uhh before I get into today’s challenge I do want to mention that these t-shirts are available on our
website to purchase umm
They’re funny they’ve got jokes on each side on the sleeves on the front and the back.
My favorite is this one says, Something something something we didn’t know what to put on this sleeve. It also does have our logo for our channel. Anyhow we’re
playing, “The Spit Challenge”. Here’s how The Spit Challenge works: We are
attempting to not spit in our opponent’s face. We’ll be standing just inches away
with food in our mouth. We’ll start with water and each round we’ll go into a
dirtier and dirtier food. Anyhow check it out… Gotta be serious. Alright here we go
get your game face on. Stop, listen think of child polio or something. Why are we both laughing? I run a children’s charity, why did that make us both laugh? Cause I’m a horrible person. You’re a bad influence We can’t be friends anymore. Okay… (incoherent) Ok there all recording. Alright here we go.
So we’ve got three cameras one two three. What we’re gonna do is we’ll start with
the stage, stage one, phase one is we both have water, in our mouths. Okay? And you
can’t laugh, you have to try to make the other person laugh. Okay. If you do laugh,
obviously you’re gonna spit water on your opponent. But the good news is, the winner that got spit on
first he gets OR she gets to progress to another food. Ready? Here we go water… AH!!! You lost… Courtney you won. You swallow. SOOO Sorry… You still should still spit it out on him though… Well you get to progress. The good news
is you get the progress in the next video. Why didn’t still spit it on him? She still hasn’t. Alright go ahead and swallow it cause now you gotta move on the next phase, is Doritos. You can still spit in his face. I’m so sorry. All right here
we go, the next phase. Let me take a sip of water and we’ll move on. So I will go continue with water and you get to have chewed up
Doritos. Here we go… I need some help. Wow she wants to make them muddy. Okay ready? Shove more chips in your mouth. Dude when I progress to chips I’m gonna take
all those chips I’m gonna like make sure I missile fire your @$$. Are we ready? Here we go… C’mon Courtney get him. I’m gonna get you. Yeah get him in spit him in his face. Did you get em? Did she get you? Or did you get her? She blinded me. Oh god. (incoherent) Ok I got it more on myself. Now I get to progress. You’re supposed to spit it all out. I tried. This is worst part, the worst part is she got her spit Doritos on the Doritos that now I gotta put in my mouth. All right load up,
load up, I move up. We gotta do more chips? You’re still on chips I moved on to chips. Okay ready? No. You’re going to chocolate pudding next. I’m so messy. I feel like I’m a 5 year old at Kindergarten. (incoherrent) Does that count? That counts. She moves up then. Hold on cause I swallowed it. I don’t think commonly men will say to stop swallowing but… Please, please stop swallowing. Well she can’t if you’re making her gag. (incoherent) Stop holding the food go ahead and realease. Just lose. Lose like the loser you are. I mean she already won regardless. God that looks so gross. Did you just wanna get her? Just get it out Courtney. She won. Uh. She won. Quit holding it in he already got you. (incoherent) She won but she lost at the same time. This is the awesomest game we’ve played so far.

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