The gold train – A holy grail of Walbrzych

The gold train – A holy grail of Walbrzych

Walbrzych. City in Poland which seems to be poor and boring place. But…is that for real? Lower Silesia is one of the most beautiful regions of Poland But also the most interesting and the most mysterious As a child I loved discovering Riese complexes located in Owl Mountains I’ve visited complexes Rzeczka, Włodarz and Osówka All of them make an impression with no doubt. Especially because of the fact we still don’t know why Nazi Germany wanted to build those objects. Now the whole world talks about the gold train. The train hidden by Nazi Germany near Walbrzych. Two men informed through their lawyers that a man who was dying told them that he was the guardian of this train and told them it’s location. Now everyone want to tak part in discovering the train because they want to share the found treasure. Journalists from all over the world talks about this train. Everyone comes to Walbrzych to find their own treasure. There was even a fire in the woods nearby The army which was involved in this case think it could be a deliberate arson just to clear this area for further exploration. In the last days of war the mysterious train supposed to depart to Szczawienko station. but it secretly disappears between 61. and 65. km after Świebodzice station. It was never seen again. Nobody knows what is in this train. Paintings, gold, maybe famous amber room? One thing is for sure. This train already became a symbol of something as important and valuable as a holy grail. People think they can find there fortune but possible is to find tungsten ore, weapons, documents or archives. We know barely nothing about this train as well as about other secrets and mysteries of project Riese Walbrzych, Owl Mountains and cities around. I’ll propable show you more of those interesting places. Everything has time. Each secret has time to be discovered.


  1. At first, Wałbrzych isn't poor and boring! It WAS the ugliest city in Poland but in the last years there was a lot of renovations so now it's not that bad. There are also a lot of cool events like WOŚP, Wałbrzych's Days and the one of the newest, thematic events in shopping center "Victoria" almost every weekend.
    In my opinion the train is empty, I guess someone found it and slowly took the treasure of the train 😛

  2. Great video! Poland has so many abandonned (or already renovated and working as a museum) places connected with WWII like these you showed and, for example Schlezwig-Holstein battery in Hel (a place really worth visiting!). I'm a bit into WWII history, so places like these are very interesting for me. 🙂
    And for all these people, who are interested in history of this train, I recommend watching polish movie "Hans Kloss: Stawka większa niż śmierć". It's kinda continuation of TV
    series "Stawka większa niż życie" and it's rather an action film than a documentary, but for me it's still pretty good 😉
    Waiting for next productions 😉

  3. Gratuluje wyróżnienia na JaRocku 😉 Jeszcze trochę i może z samym Rockiem zaczniesz nagrywać 😛
    Artykuł jak najbardziej na czasie, dobrze zrobiony 😉

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