The Golden Egg – Harry Potter DIY

The Golden Egg – Harry Potter DIY

Hello, I’m The Craft Maiden and in this video I’ll show you how I made Harry Potter’s Golden Egg. I started out with a plastic egg I found at the supermarket. Because the egg is meant to lie down. I need to make it round By covering the flat side with cleaning wrap and fill the whole thing with cotton. I then had the base for the round shape Then by covering the whole egg with cling wrap. I then tape the whole egg and got the desired shape and protection for this project The Golden Egg has three sides so here I’m just measuring out were they should be. And with the reference pictures I found I just winged the size and shape of the bottom and top part Because the egg is asymmetrical I had to number of sites I know which parts go were For the shell I used Worbla That I heated up and stretched over the egg, and to make the pieces sturdy I added an extra layer on top For more information about Worbla and other stuff I use in this video, please check the description box down below and you will find everything there When I replace all the shell parts on top of the egg I noticed that I had some gaps in between To solve this problem I just heated up the Worbla and press the edges together Here I’m just retracing the part that should be cut out and the bottom part got a bit weird So I just redrew that and made it a little bit bigger For the owl head and feathers I use one layer of Worbla as a base. Just tracing it out and cutting of the excess To make the bottom a little bit heavier than the rest of the egg, I made it in three layers. To make this egg open as the golden egg. I’m gluing on some hinges and by slightly bending them they were easier to stick to the shell To ensure them from falling off I glued on some paper to give them more area to hold onto I’m using Super Sculpey to build the top part and starting off by making a round shape with a hole inside of it To make the feathers I just press the clay on top of the out-cuts to get the size and start shaping it. And by placing the wire inside of it. I get something to connect the feathers to the middle part. To make this look more like feathers I’m using a sharp tool and making some indents in the clay. By curling the excess wire and making indents on the middle piece I then connected the feathers. To bake the feathers in the right shape I’m using thin foil shaped as the egg, and placing the piece on top of it For the owl head I started out with a slightly bigger piece of clay than the middle part of the feathers and by tracing out some guidelines I just start sculpting the head after the reference photos By adding a piece of Worbla under the feathers. They should be able to hold the shell without breaking Then it’s time for the Worbla-feathers, and by heating them up, I use the same technique as I did with others To make the feather-piece turn as the Golden Egg, I needed to make room for a plastic rod and a small piece of Plasticard under the Worbla-feathers. By shaping the Worbla on top of it and adding in some clay around it. I filled in the gap between the Worbla and the clay-feathers. Then I baked it in the oven before gluing it on. With Poly Cement I’m gluing the plastic disc and rod together and before cutting of the rest of the rod I’m gluing on the owl head to the feathers (sorry about my cold, I sound awful) Then I cut the rod and with pliers snap it off and put it in place in the Worbla-feathers. I then glued the inside of the owl head and placed it on top of the rod. I made sure the glue didn’t touch anything else than the rod. So it still would be able to move when twisting the piece. To prevent the feathers from dragging of any paint, when twisting the piece open and close, I glued on some black felt. What I could make out from the reference photos I had. The golden egg has a nine fields in total. So I started tracing those out and then I traced out the buildings Because I couldn’t find pictures that cover the whole egg. I just repeated some of the buildings I already had on the four field I couldn’t find. Because Worbla is pliable when heated I assumed it would work really well with a soldering iron It does but I do recommend sitting in a well ventilated area and having a respirator on After the embossing I just sanded the whole shell, and wiped off the dust before spraying it with filler spray. The Golden Egg has a texture and because the Worbla also has that, I decided to only spray enough to still see some of it Then I spray the whole thing in red as a base layer The inner egg is standing on golden leafs I made a template of masking tape and cut out 12 leaves in golden aluminium paper As the leafs are also embossed I made a base of clay that I sculpted to look more like a leaf Then one by one I placed the leafs on top of the baked clay-leaf and emboss them with a soft tool. I’m using my eraser pen. By cutting the leaf halfway up the middle and folding it The leaf curves nicely against egg and then I just cut off the small excess pieces that occurred and glued the leaves to hold its shape To assemble the leaves, I started off with four of them and then place the remaining leaves in between as symmetrical as possible And to keep them in place I just glued them together. I’m securing it with masking tape. And as it’s drying, I’m going to spray the whole egg in gold (Yes, it looks like a battery 😆 ) When the paint had dried. I just went over the whole thing with black acrylic to make the details pop even more. I also painted the outside of the leaves with acrylic, and then glue the piece to the bottom of the shell The egg? (I meant the base) needed a stamp so I made it out of Super Sculpey that are stamped with deathly hallows symbol By cutting away some of the clay on the inside the egg should fit more easily Then I painted the ring in the same way as I did with the rest of the egg I sprayed the inner egg with Satin finish and fill it with iridescent cellophane and a small L.E.D. light powered with battery (oopsie, we call L.E.D. led’s in sweden) Then I placed the egg inside the shell and with double-sided tape. I’m just assembling the piece And there you have it, a finished golden eggs with a turnable owl! Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed this video and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more awesome stuff. Bye!


  1. Hi! I guess the really bad cold I had when recording the voiceover didn't really help the auto-subtitles. 😆✨ So I have now added English and Swedish subtitles, and if you want to contribute in your own language I think you can do so now? Haha, I don't know how this really works 😅 Hope this helps anyway! 🙃✨

  2. well you have beautiful hands by the way and you are very very talented you did an incredible job on this I don't know really anything about Harry Potter but you did truly an amazing job on this for sure absolutely beautiful..

    I think your voice was fine I could understand it very easily I didn't have a problem with it anyway again you did a beautiful job

  3. Это очень круто, но ибо я рукожоп я и этого не сделаю. Очень кльово что рождаются такие идеи и есть возможность воплотить их в жизнь. Вы большая молодец!

  4. I am seriously impressed! You are very talented. I am looking forward to watching more of your videos. I am a new subscriber!

  5. Wow. You did an amazing job and have an awesome imagination for figuring out how to replicate this piece. I am definitely going to have to play around with some of that Worbla!

  6. I love this. Especially because you can actually open it unlike the Noble Collection golden egg but I fell like all of these materials to make it probably cost a lot more than the actual noble collection golden egg.

  7. I like making things like you specially harry potter . And your craft was sooo nice I watch your channel and I love it .I'll give you mor comments next time, when you'll make the hp rememberal

  8. "Start with a plastic egg…" OK seems easy enough… 15 million steps later… Holy crap that's a lot of work!

  9. Damn! 😍Jättesnyggt gjort! Jag måste erkänna att jag aldrig lagt märke till att det är ett ugglehuvud på låset, tack nu vet jag det😊👍🏼

  10. Que bueno esta!!! Mi intriga son los materiales que usa. Por ejemplo la masa color piel. (La que parecería porcelana fria) y la lamina marroncita que trabaja con el secador de pelo…. muy lindo trabajito!!! ❤❤

  11. Alguém saberia me dizer o nome dos materiais em português? (O que ela usa pra envolver o ovo) Já vi em um outro vídeo dela também e fiquei curiosa

  12. You are so talented! I wouldn’t know where to even begin a project like this. You have a lot of patience too! Xx

  13. you are so talented and i think that this is super cool! i just finished reading the series and i recommend it to everyone. lastly, this has nothing to do with anything but i love your nails! much love! <3

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