The Golden Gate Bridge for Kids: Famous Landmarks for Children – FreeSchool

The Golden Gate Bridge for Kids: Famous Landmarks for Children – FreeSchool

You’re watching FreeSchool! Visitors to the San Francisco Bay in California
are greeted by the sight of a famous landmark that haas spanned the water for the last eighty
years: the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is a long orange suspension
bridge that connects the city of San Francisco to Marin County. It has a length of 8,981 feet or 2,737 meters. When it first opened in 1937 it was the longest
suspension bridge in the world. Although it lost that status in 1964, it has
also been called “possibly the most beautiful, and certainly the most photographed” bridge
in the world. Before the bridge was built, the shortest
route to San Francisco was a ferry across the bay. At the time, San Francisco was the largest
city in the United States that was mostly reached by boat, and it was difficult for
the city to grow. Many people wanted a bridge to connect San
Francisco to the communities around it, but experts did not think it was possible to build
such a long bridge. The Golden Gate Strait, which was the narrowest
part of the entrance to the San Francisco Bay, was over a mile or 2 kilometers across,
with strong currents and swirling tides. The water in the center of the channel was
372 feet or 113 meters deep. In addition, there were frequently ferocious
winds and blinding fogs that would make any construction difficult. By 1916, engineers began designing plans for
a bridge that could cross the span and stand up to the harsh conditions. The original plans for the bridge were too
expensive, and there were many changes made to them before construction began on January
5th, 1933. Construction of the bridge took over four
years, and was notable for advances in safety. The Golden Gate Bridge was one of the first
building projects where workers were required to wear hard hats, and a safety net beneath
the bridge saved the lives of 19 men who fell during construction. The bridge was completed in April of 1937
and was originally painted with a red-orange sealant to protect the bridge from damage
by water and humidity, but people liked the color and it helped make the bridge visible
to passing ships, even in fog, and so the Golden Gate Bridge was officially painted
the color called “International Orange.” Since the bridge opened for traffic on May
28, 1937, more than 2 billion vehicles have crossed it. At the time, the San Francisco Chronicle called
the Golden Gate Bridge a “thirty five million dollar steel harp,” but it is estimated that
today it would cost about $1.2 billion to build. Once a record-breaker, the Golden Gate Bridge
still serves an important function in the San Francisco area and enjoys fame around
the world as one of the seven wonders of modern engineering. I hope you enjoyed learning about the Golden
Gate Bridge today. Goodbye till next time!


  1. Great video Free School! I love your aerial views of the bridge! I just made an edible version of the Golden Gate Bridge using watermelon, blueberries, pineapple and kiwi. I love building edible structures!

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