The Golden Gate Bridge Is Starting To Show Its Age

The Golden Gate Bridge Is Starting To Show Its Age

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DRIVE ACROSS IT EVERY DAY. TOURISTS COME FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD TO ADMIRE IT. THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE. IT’S A BAY AREA ICON. BUT WE DISCOVERED.. SOME IMPORTANT MAINTENANCE WORK HASN’T BEEN DONE IN DECADES. WHY NOT? KPIX 5’S JEFFREY SCHAUB GOT SOME ANSWERS.. STARTING ACROSS THE BAY. Nats This may look like just a simple work site Nats But it’s not Nats These are Caltrans bridge painters hunkered down on a platform suspended mid-air Nats Painting and repainting the underside of the Western Span of the Bay Bridge…a process that’s been on-going for over 9 decades Nats Conrad, why is it important that you do the level of work that you do in here? If we don’t paint the bridge, then the bridge rusts. And in this exact spot These painters have been here for two months. First they have to grind down the steel. Then they smooth it out. Then they apply two coats of primer, and then two coats of paint and they have to do all that because they might not be back here again for 20 years. Nats Just across the bay… GGB painters do the same work every day..only the most important part of the bridge..its main cable…hasn’t been painted in its entirety since the mid 1930s. Nats And it shows! This is a side-by side aerial view of both bridges. On the Golden Gate virtually the entire length of the cable housing…think of it as a very long tube…. shows wear and tear Nats Um, you know you raise a good point Jeffery. To find out why this iconic beauty is so badly in need of a make-over we sat down with Golden Gate Bridge General Manager Denis Mulligan So we have different time frames for different components of the bridge based on what is needed for those components. Mulligan says the cable casing may look bad but the 27,000 individual steel strands inside are pristine. but that could change if moisture seeps inside if the outer tube corrodes away. And the Bridge district has known about that threat for decades In 1969…..while Neil Armstrong walked the moon a consultant engineering firm walked the bridge…and issued this report recommending the main cable be painted asap. That never happened. This is an actual section of cable. Knowing that the entire cable had only been spot painted since the 1930’s, with great fanfare, five and a half years ago. The district annouced that the entire cable would be painted. But then suddenly stopped. Current engineers announced that the hand rails along the cable need to be replaced. This was a big deal….Yeah, my hunch is that the engineering evaluation had not been done at that time it was not known that the hand ropes were approaching the end of their useful service life. If I were to tell you that the cable on the GGB has not been painted in its entirety since 1937 would you be concerned about that? I’d be very concerned. If you didn’t paint the cabl does not get rusted….so the structural integrity of the bridge is not compromised And what about the Golden Gate’s south tower? The south tower apopeard of Directors has concerns about the cable and the south tower. Dietrich Stroegh is a nationally recognized civil engineer Now you asked me if I am concerne be treated for rust We found in exposing some of the sub structures that the bracing underneath which is like criss- crossed, behind the riveted piece on ther into the capital budget to get it done. Okay so what happened to that money. Well it got used in other places. In San Francisco Jeffrey Schaub KPIX5 JUST TODAYAN INTERNAL BUDGET DOCUMENT WHICH SHOWS THAT THE BRIDGE DISTRICT HOPES TO START FUNDING A CABLE PAINTING PROJECT BY 20-18, WITH THE PROJECT POSSIBLY COMPLETED BY 20-22. THAT WOULD BE 85 YEARS SINCE THE BRIDGE OPENED.


  1. Give me a paycheck that I won't work for the rest of my life. I'll hand paint that and use sand paper 🤣 by hand

  2. Has this work been done now? It's October of 2019. I'm sure not, Pelosi, NEPHEW Governor and Comrades have taken the money!

  3. Get her done you Idiots. It cost 27 million to build in today's money is 1.5billion
    It wouldn't cost more than 27million to paint and keep it going another 25yrs. Compare to around 2billion and time consuming with todays traffic. THINK

  4. “What happened to that money?” “Well it got used in other places.” I hope money like this is being accounted for, fucking tax money

  5. So they want eveyone to focus on the Trump Impeachment process…rather than Iran planning their next oil bombing, or the Stock Market crashing, or the Golden Gate Bridge Collapsing killing 100s, or another Mass Shooting…

  6. Let the bridge fall. Hopefully that would keep further illegals, homeless, and other non taxpayers from coming here to leech

  7. May be its all messed up because of Ceasar and his buddies were climbing under and on top of it including the helicopter that exploded near it in the film🤨

  8. Since finding out the bridge is privately own I’m not surprise. Just like the Bart. Raise the charges on people an you don’t see any changes done lol nice suits

  9. Hey at least this bridge still stands as of today. It's American built. If you want to see a real problem, look at the bay bridge. It was starting to rust BEFORE the bridge was even finished for public use. Guess why? They outsourced it to China. It was built with Chinese labor and steel. None of those laborers or their families have to drive through that bridge ever. So why do they give a shit about the quality? Look it up.

  10. So the man in charge of the bridge should be fired for not doing his job,they should all be fired. A funding shouldn't be needed since you already had to pay,the money should of been used for that purpose. Just more B ullshit to pass on to californians.

  11. I thought the us was rich, it's turning like mexico where you have to pay to use the restroom or parking in a parking lot everywhere you go

  12. They Charge residents $20 a month for it…$7 to everyday users….The Golden Gate "Manager" makes over $300k a year to do nothing..Yet the Bridge can't even be maintained or painted..🤔🤔…Sounds like a huge Con Job to me…Fraud and theft….You people who live over there better start demanding answers or just stay quiet and keep getting conned.

  13. Could it possibly be that the salty air will eventually win out. Either that or that fabled fault line running parallel to the bridge not far off shore will work its expected wonder and shake, rattle and roll the GGB into oblivion….we'll find out….


  15. He talks about 10 billion dollars like it’s nothing. “We spent it on other projects” like what? That it would cost 10 billion

  16. Another example of public employees not doing their jobs. They always have lots of excuses but no solutions. Why do we need public employees like this? Why is our infrastructure crumbling? LIBERAL RUN CITY MANAGEMENT

  17. Golden Gate bridge manager, district board, president, secretary… it only takes them 85 years to start painting 🤔 go America!

  18. when board members can't even walk properly why would he care about bridge
    because his legs also need some repairs

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