The Golden Overpowered Airsoft Desert Eagle you will WANT.

The Golden Overpowered Airsoft Desert Eagle you will WANT.

Hey, what’s up guys, we’re back playing at Fort Barchon in Belgium. This fortification was built in 1884 and saw action during World II two when German soldiers torched the place with their flamethrowers trying to drive out the remaining Defending Allied forces today It’s a museum and occasionally used as an airsoft field and it’s also today I’m switching out my sidearm for a golden Desert Eagle This pistol is made out of old metal and with a huge slide that creates a lot more force than a regular Airsoft pistol when fired you can see that it even shakes my head cam when I am firing at enemy players The job is to eliminate all the enemy players and gain control over the fortress in order to do this we are making use of the countless Corridors and hidden tunnels underneath the fortress and in the walls of the fortress to stay in the darkness and pop up in unexpected locations With having taken out the initial force; We were expecting to come up the middle We focus our attention on getting behind the enemy We use the underground tunnel network to make our way through the darkness into a strong forward position We hear some players right outside our tunnel system, So I’m trying to find a way to be able to shoot out I find this small room at the top of a ladder going to the first floor with a long tunnel leading to the outside It’s super dark and the only way to crawl through the tunnel is to tilt my body 45 degrees in order to fit in With my squad being wiped out I sneak my way out and link back up with another friendly squad to move on Back on the surface. We’re now in a complete obscure position right next to some players, but I’m not yet sure What team they’re on so I wait until I can confirm that they’re enemy players Having escaped the remaining players on the enemy squad, I sneaked my way into a new location to try again from a different angle Thanks for watching guys make sure to check out the previous video where I use a custom airsoft minigun And I will see you in the next one


  1. 1:59 you are so smart, how will anyone shoot you if your gun is right between fixed together trees when your face is covered and no enemy is behind you?

  2. Homestuck and such a fan of you and I wish my Dream Theatre today you could see me how sniper I want to feel good comes in a big pistol second station and a pistol did you don't want and some armour it's ok we just give me the Emma & the gun or just like you're stuck down the bottom fishing stuff and about this stuff chicky chicky just give me there but I'm such a big fan and I won't want your gums just just bring me pick cooler update and go video that someone's yet there he wanted a gun and I will send it to your house thank you I'm such a big fan I watch your videos always for a

  3. Whoever owns a real golden gun it better be a trophy or you just look like an idiot who brings a golden gun to a robbery right?


  5. I clicked the link for the pistol but it just took me to a holster and not the desert eagle. Does anyone know the name of the company and model that it is and where I can find it?

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