The Golden Ratio for Logo or Icon Design in Illustrator

The Golden Ratio for Logo or Icon Design in Illustrator


  1. For some reason after i plug in the third 1.618, it doesn't want to align with the whole thing and there are gaps in between the boxes. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

  2. One of the best tutorials on YouTube. I’m new to Illustrator and your tutorial helped me understand these tools better and that golden ratio technique is awesome. I’m going to use it in designing my logo. Cheers!

  3. Great tutorial. Question, what about using the golden ration to make ellipse like shapes? Everything seems based on a circluar style of design.

  4. Is there anything wrong with my pre settings??? When i draw the square and the circle, the circle is always slightly bigger. like 0,5px …. it messes up everything that follows on that. please help me, people.

  5. Hi, great tutorial but I've got one niggle, on CS 5.5 the object is greyed out and unusable in Object/Expand. I assume it's an essential step when resizing cos without that step it's out by a couple of pixels, any hints anyone? (other than getting the latest Illustrator 🙂 )

  6. I had a prob in AI CC 2018 (mac) where the smart guides don't show. I toggled command-U and that got them working again, in case there's anyone out there reading this who's experiencing the same bug. Great tutorials!

  7. Anyone know why, even if I have constrain width and height proportions enabled, my objects do not maintain perfect proportions? it's always off by less than a pixel

  8. Wow, I'm really tired. I just watched you make the first smaller shape, and attach it to the first. You said, "and because smart guides are turned on…" I heard "because smart guys are turned on…"

  9. This is soooo cool. I just found your page. I am a 20 year long construction worker and site developer with a recent shattered ankle and broken back. I begin my second quarter tomorrow as a graphic designer with very little computer experience but tons of experience with sacred geometry. I want my designs to have more meaning and designed like nature. The Golden Ratio is crucial. Love the vid.

  10. Guys, to see the shaper tool like he used. Go on your menu on top and hover to window > toolbars > and click "advanced". This should display a lot of toolbars on your left sidebar. I'm using illustrator CC so it might be different way on other versions but you get the idea. Hope this helps!

  11. Oddly, as I did this exercise, the elements seemed to be very slightly off. I even did it in outline mode so as not to have to deal with the visual interference of lines.

  12. Awesome tutorial! You are the real MVP!
    Only thing.. i had a hard time doing it on my own, because on AI (CC) after i hit EXPAND, the only options is FILL and STROKE. Option OBJECT is shaded and AI doesn't let me to mark it. Anyone knows solution?

  13. Thank you for the best tutorial. can you help me, the Object option in the Expand dialog is unavailable, how to enabled it? and I also can not find the shaper tool in Illustrator CS6

  14. For speed, the shape builder tool could have cut out a few steps of scrubbing out extra lines then using pathfinder multiple times

  15. Great video! I appreciate the balance you strike in your explanations between simple enough to understand but still highly informative. There are definitely aspects of this tutorial that I can see myself incorporating into my own work. Well done sir! 👌

  16. first time in my life that i use the speed setting to fully absorb everything you teach in your videos Lmfaoo. I recommend 0.75 speed, for average listerners. Great video!!

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  18. THANK YOU, i am designer from Eindhoven (HOLLAND), I learn a lot of this movie, I like it ..Once again :THANKS.

  19. So you mean if i check this with a caliper it will give us golden mean ratios between all the sections of the logo? I don't think so… but thank you for the illustrator tips nevertheless.

  20. I just want to know Something, what's the difference between .ai and .ait? (adobe illustrator and Adobe Illustrator Template ). I can open both of them in Illustrator, and both of them show the same result. (I saved the golden ration project as .ai and .ait and both seem to work the same, I couldn't see the difference) Any Clarification guys?

  21. Thank you! I finally know how to do it right) But why not use shape builder tool? I will be faster…

  22. Loved it. Heard of the golden ratio and Fibonacci sequence, but had no idea how to put them to practical use. Additionally, not that great at math, and having knowledge of the math feature as well as the correct numbers, wow! Made my day. Now, seven years later, just need to get the courage to believe I can still create. Thank you. I'll be watching this several times.

  23. So many unnecessary steps could have been avoided if shape builder tool was used. Thanks for the golden ratio concept though.

  24. My english is not too good. So i cant understand what key combination he use there 11:52. Can someone please tell me? Thank in advance :).

  25. i don't have that top bar mentioned at 3:29 and am not sure how to get it. I tried dragging a couple of windows up there but none of them will sit how i want them to

  26. Wow you talk so incredibly fast ive never had to use pause and rewind as much as i did in this video 😭😭

  27. Thanks for the video, one of the best about the topic.

    ''Smart guides are turned on'' – i only understood it at the end of the video because i thought you were saying ''smart guys are turned on by smooth math, connects, e.t.c''. Basically was laughing about nothing all through the video – lol!

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