The Golden State Killer | Justice for Victims

The Golden State Killer | Justice for Victims

This week Californians learned some incredible
news – the case of the Golden State Killer, also known as the East Area Rapist or Original
Night Stalker, has broken wide open. And it’s been a long time coming – the
Golden State Killer terrorized the state from the mid-1970s to 1986. During that period, this serial predator killed
at least 12 people and raped upwards of 50 across the length of California, from Sacramento
and the Bay Area to Santa Barbara and Orange County. On Tuesday morning Sacramento Sheriff’s
deputies and FBI agents arrested 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo on charges of murder,
stemming from the 1978 double homicide of husband and wife Brian and Katie Maggiore
in Rancho Cordova. Although he had never been a suspect in the
case in all the years prior, law enforcement says new forensic technologies enabled investigators
to make a DNA match between old evidence from the killer’s crimes and DeAngelo. Many of us remember the fear that paralyzed
our communities when the Golden State Killer was preying upon our neighborhoods, and some
of us have our own stories from that time. I even remember incidents from my own experience,
when everyone was on edge. In 1977, the time period when the East Area
Rapist was terrorizing Sacramento, my wife and I were housesitting for my cousin in an
area where the East Area Rapist was known to be active. In the middle of the night, we were awakened
from sleeping by a phone call: my cousin was on the other line, saying that the house’s
silent alarm system had been triggered – someone was breaking in through the garage. We called the Sheriff’s office. I grabbed my shotgun and prepared for the
worst. After the Sheriff arrived we discovered that
the door to the garage had been pried open. Thankfully the door from the garage into the
house had not been breached. The intruder fled before the Sheriff deputies
arrived, and we were safe. Joseph DeAngelo is now in custody, and he’ll
have his day in court. Victims and their families will make their
voices heard when justice is delivered, and I can only wish them peace and recovery. Several decades later, we can know that the
Golden State Killer’s reign of terror is over. Thank you.


  1. this is not the Golden STATE KILLER !!

    Deangelo never had tattoo and never made the phone call's which i know he never made the call's !!! Flawed D.N.A !!

  2. I am on the record police are lie an cover up the real FACT'S// Bruce Harrington is also A lie and implicated many other's before any of this why hide these fact's . and real MURDERER RAPIST IS STILL FREE !!!!

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