The Golden State Killer – What Do We Know About Him? Californian Serial Killer

The Golden State Killer – What Do We Know About Him? Californian Serial Killer

This episode is brought to you by Skillshare. The first 1,000 people to sign up using the
link in the description will get their first 2 months free. Today’s killer tale might resonate a bit
more with our viewers, as the story is ongoing. Over the last year, we took you back to the
19th century with Jack the Ripper and H.H. Holmes; we made you want to throw up your
popcorn after outlining the despicable acts of Ted Bundy, and we no doubt perplexed you
with the story of human-skinsuit designer, Ed Gein. One other killer we’ve featured that was
never caught, is known as the Zodiac Killer. Looking at the news as we write this, we see
its being reported that police believe they might finally catch this guy. How are they going to do it? Well, the same way they got the Golden State
Killer, the maniac being featured in this episode of the Infographics Show, What Do
We Know About the Golden State Killer? Ok, so the Golden State Killer, we now know,
is named Joseph James DeAngelo, and he’s a 72-year old man who is allegedly responsible
for 12 murders and at least 50 rapes that cops say he committed in California in the
70s and 80s. In case you didn’t know, California is nicknamed
the Golden State because gold was found there in the mid-18th century. It’s got nothing to do with the many sunny
days the region experiences. The police had been looking for this man for
many years, and if you are an arch-criminal, you should know that while the cops don’t
always get their man, they do keep looking. He moved around the state and picked up various
monikers from the press, such as the Visalia Ransacker (from the city Visalia), the East
Area Rapist, the Original Night Stalker (for killings in Santa Barbara) and the Diamond
Knot Killer (due to his acumen for tying knots around his victims). The police linked all those rapes and murders
because he fits the bill due to his modus operandi, which basically means someone’s
mode of operating, or how they do stuff. Police believe that this man, who once was
a cop himself, would surveil houses, and the victims contained in them, before he committed
his vicious acts. He would usually choose women in middle class
areas who lived alone in single story houses. He would also always choose houses near a
place where one could easily escape from, such as near a creek or some kind of trail. He was a cop; he knew which places offered
the best kind of getaway plan. But he went even further. It’s said for weeks, or even months before
he attacked, he would sneak into the house, empty guns of their bullets, leave windows
unlocked, and occasionally call his victims to better know their daily schedule (he hung
up on them, of course). Once he had their routine down and was confident
he could easily escape from the scene of the crime, he would strike, which often entailed
tying the victim up with shoelaces. If there was a man around, he would tie the
woman and man together, and it’s said he would sometimes leave dishes on the man’s
back, telling him if he heard them fall the couple would die. With this set up, he would leisurely ransack
the place. He would sometimes steal valuable stuff, but
also take things that didn’t have much monetary value. It’s believed in 1974 and 1975, he was very
active as a burglar in Visalia, and one time killed a journalism professor who was just
trying to help his 16-year old daughter, but it’s also said most of the time the people
he robbed didn’t get hurt besides the wounds they suffered from being tied up. In the case of the prof, news reports tell
us De’Angelo was stealing things when he and the girl woke up and confronted him. “The masked man pulled out a gun, fired
twice, kicked the girl in the face and ran,” we are told. Many more burglaries happened, but after a
while they stopped, only for similar things to happen in other parts of California. Police were always aware that one man was
probably behind the many similar crimes. As he was seen by many of his victims, he
was described as being a big white chap around 200 pounds (90.7 kilos) with size 9 shoes
(apparently he was a fan of Converse) and at the time said to be about 25 to 35 years
old. He moved on to the areas of Rancho Cordova,
Citrus Heights and Carmichael, and so got the name the East Area Rapist. In the late 70s and early 80s, he moved to
the areas of Goleta, Ventura, and Dana Point, and was then known as the Original Night Stalker
(the other Night Stalker is the vicious Satanist and serial killer Richard Ramirez). Then it all stopped, with police saying this
clever killer gave up because police were using DNA to catch culprits and he was too
smart to think he could keep getting away with these crimes. “If you believe you saw him anywhere in
Santa Barbara County, or personally know him, please contact the Sheriff’s Criminal Investigations
Bureau,” police said in one newspaper back in the day. Then in 2016, cops offered a $50,000 reward,
telling the public they didn’t need much more to get him as DNA from some of the houses
where he had killed had given police a possible suspect. It’s sounds crazy, but the cops used an
online genealogy database to find out who he was or who he was related to. They found relatives of his who had used the
same service. According to news reports, around 100 users
of this service matched the killer as a distant relative. “It took us only four months to get to the
right pool of people,” an investigator told CNN, “This guided us to the right pool of
people without having to ruffle the sensibilities of a whole lot of people.” The police then looked at this small pool
and knew they had got their man. Cops couldn’t charge De’Angelo with some
crimes due to the statute of limitations (too much time had passed) but he was charged with
eight counts of murder. In court he said nothing, other than to confirm
who he was. His arrest has caused some speculation regarding
the capture of other serial killers that were never caught, and we are not talking about
the infamous Jack. The one guy everyone wants caught is the murderer
we have already featured in this series, none other than the Zodiac Killer. One man whose spent his life informally investigating
the cryptogram maniac, told the press that the Zodiac no doubt used saliva when he licked
those envelopes he liked sending to the press. “You just need to get the evidence, get
it to the lab. Just copy what was done with the Golden State
Killer” Voigt told the media. Similar sentiments were echoed by a real police
investigator, albeit former investigator, when talking to the Sacramento Bee. The killer of at least seven people remains
at large, but if he’s still alive, he might still get caught, said the ex-cop. “I hope with all of the news and revelations
about the Golden State Killer that it will kind of be the impetus for the Zodiac,”
she told The Bee. If stories like this intrigue you, you should
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  1. Are you stupid or what?
    1) Did this Angelo got jail sentence or no?
    2) Why the hell are you talking about zodiac killer?
    3) You think you made sense when you said someone licked envelopes?
    4) Do you always think like "Only native English speakers/Americans watch your videos? You don't want other to watch your videos? If you think your videos are for everyone, please stop showing your English proficiency and use simple English. I might need some Super computer to translate your super extraordinary English sentences at the end. Thank you so much

  2. If you committed those crimes, would you be able to hide for so long? I mean where would you go and how would you do it? Seems almost impossible….

  3. Mybe he was a officer or agent of a kind since he made some of the killings in a way. He knew how to not get caught. or professor in criminology for fbi or something(zodiac)

  4. I remember where I was when I found out he was caught. I was sitting in my living room, watching ID with my mom and they were marathoning their series on the Golden State Killer, and I was wondering why. My mom was like "I don't know, they don't need a reason." I wondered out loud if they'd ever catch him. Then, on a whim, I opened Facebook and saw on the news section the words "Golden State Killer." I'll never forget how I felt when I said "Mom, they got him!"

  5. Richard Ramirez, caught in 85’ is called the Night Stalker, but this guy is the Original Night Stalker? America? They’re both yours so you can climb down your own ass a little.

  6. I wonder how many less criminals would be out there if people would stop bringing the fame to them on a silver plate.

  7. I can only watch some of these at the time .

    It makes me lose faith in humanity .

    And then watch something happy.😢😢

  8. I heard a different story about How they caught him It said that his son got arrested in some small case when they checked his DNA they found it suspecting and then they checked his fathers DNA

  9. One of the suspects (a supposed Zodiac Killer) refused to lick envelopes according to his friends. So that may not be the best way to go about it. On the other hand, it might not be him.

  10. I’ve watched many documentaries on the Golden State Killer, and read probably five books on him at least. He might be the most prolific criminal ever, at least in the United States. If he were found guilty of all the crimes in which he’s suspected, assuming he didn’t get the Death Penalty — the governor of California has suspended executions, in his “infinite wisdom,” AKA total stupidity — I’m guessing the GSK would get thousands of years in prison. In Canada that would be “life,” or 25 years, whichever ends sooner. Oh, those Canadians are so “progressive.” (“Progressive” means you’re a f——-g idiot, in case you haven’t been paying attention.)

  11. I live in rancho Cordova. I remember my mom told me that he broke in her next door neighbor's house it was near a house on bradshaw road near a McDonald's. She always told me that the police told them to lock the doors and windows but no one really listened. When she told me that i got so scared cos my bed is by the window. So i literally slept on the floor for a week then i remembered i have an alarm system 😂😂

  12. Why are we allowed to arrest people off of unverified data? Has that genealogy lab been reviewed and approved upon a standard?

  13. The Netherlands eliminated the statute of limitations, that useless thing is only a thorn in our eyes so maybe do the same?

  14. At this point even if they "catch" the zodiac what is the point ?. He if he is still alive more then likely has a decade or so of life yet. Yes the families will have solice but most of them are gone now. On the flip side he got to live out gis life free. He got everything a sociopath such as himself could want.

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