The Good Ep 1: Soul City

The Good Ep 1: Soul City

Music playsPunching soundsEvery kid has a story Every kid has a different story No kid’s the same. But one thing that I do see in those kid’s eyes Is that they’re hungryCar door openingMy name is Roshawn Jones I am the founder of Soul City Boxing and Wrestling Gym Heroin Crack cocaine Marijuana Gangs Violence Prostitution All those things happen around here And all those things Is what keeps people from wanting to invest in this area I thought that was the way to live at one point in time I didn’t see no problem with it Everybody was doing it To get money you have to do stuff like pull guns out on people You have to rob people. I thought that breaking into people’s houses, breaking into people’s cars taking somebody’s car, and snatching purses or whatever It didn’t really matter to me. A lot of people that I grew up with got shot A lot people I know that I grew up with When I was ten years old My father ended up going to jail for a felonious assault He told me to get into sports when he was incarcerated And the sports drew me towards getting a scholarship And I wanted to live that lifestyle growing up I enrolled in college at UT Then I decided you know what? Why invest a hundred thousand into a business degree When I can invest a hundred thousand into a business and help the community I think Soul City has the community because it keeps so many kids off the streets It’s a lot of people who used to gang ban Or used to be in and out of trouble And just came here and they don’t do that anymore Kids forget they’re in inner city They just see the kids and they begin to play They begin to work Hey get back, you’re being lazy Reesie Nice You gotta gimme a, “boom! boom!” Rolllllllllll Boom! Rollllllllll Boom! Rollllllll We have the yoga lady, we have tudors We have reading tudors The bank comes in and gives us lessons They support you no matter what – it’s just a really big family here You know, that’s the biggest challenge we have is funding We kind of thought that once we got the 513C That grants will be flowing in You know, we’re past due on the light bill, past due on the gas bill Past due on the wifi bill All I know is I just gotta have faith and believe that something’s going to happen Things that we do in the community Fundraisers, selling fish dinners, people getting food stamps You know, “Hey, I have food stamps man” “Hey, I’ll buy some fish and noodles. And hopefully you guys sell it and make some money for the trip.” We were taking our rent money from our homes And putting it on trips We went to tournaments and started winning! And that opened up doors for these kidsMusic plays

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