1. I still don’t get why you’re talking about all other gopros.. I m here for the GoPro 7 not the one before .. man 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. The GoPro Hero 5, and 6 footage often looks like it was shot in 480p, but the hero 7 looks like the footage was shot in 720p. Which I am definitely more pleased with.

  3. Crap camera use it for capturing stuff for my channel out of sync with a big bulky mic adapter shame they won't sort it out but I guess they have our money..still I won't go back to go pro rubbish.

  4. Please help me out and go check out my review of the hypersmooth + gimbal working together and let me know what you think! @ feel free to check out my other edits as well! Thanks

  5. Hi, Peter I'm glad that I run into your channel, great stuff hope to learn a lot. I see Chris Farro comment on GoPro7 settings, I have one also have 2 GoPro3+ any chance for settings info on this. I use my cameras for flying. If you ever have a minute stop by and check it out, any input will be appreciated. Mladen

  6. Hey Peter. What about a quick tutorial on how to make the speed up at 8:16 ? The video is not only speeded up is it? What about the sound? Asking for a friend.

  7. I think what makes your and Matti's videos so epic is the edit, and less to do with the gear. Need some how to's on FCPX. My weak link..sad day.

  8. can you recommend software for editing the footage? Thank you! (doesn't matter if the software is paid or free)

  9. Just bought the 7 this am. Great review but what's with their stock? Love my GoPro4 for underwater. Hypersmooth…Built in gimble sounds excellent. Audio being better will be great too!

  10. Where are the settings for ProTune and all that junk? I have the app and these settings are no where to be found…

  11. Aspiring videographer here!

    I'm looking at getting a GoPro Hero 7 and I was wondering, in your experience, at this point in the year is it better to wait for the next iteration ie. Hero 8 or still get the Hero7.

    Has it been your experience that camera technology improves drastically year to year, or will I still get good mileage if I buy one midway through the release of the Hero 7

  12. I checked out your channel to look for your re-up video on the GoPro Hero 7 Black. No go…but hey, checked out a couple of your videos: "How to PROFESSIONALLY LIGHT your VIDEOS" and "CHEAP LIGHTING SETUP on a Budget! – DIY" What about the GoPro 7 Black for shooting what you're shooting? Your shoot-yourself-blog with the aputure 120d. Or even the DIY husky home depot light setup? I did slight tests that look alright but I would mind hearing what you think about that?

  13. When are you going to give us some luv' with the DJI Osmo Pocket man. Would love to see how dangerous you'd be with that lil' guy.
    Thanks in advance

  14. yea u canrt render a 60fps cam down to 24fps i see micro jitters and that wont help me buy the cam will it ???? WASTE OF TIME !!

  15. Thank you so much for this! I usually just record with my camera phone but it recently died (swimming pool) so was considering buying a GoPro. I remembered your review on Hero 6 and I really hesitated so I'm really glad I saw this one! A lot of things you say about how the upgrades are consistent with my readings, and I really appreciate the the side by side comparison of what really changed between 6 and 7 and why despite having the same GP1 chip, Hero 7 has better stabilisation. Can't wait to get it and use the settings you showed at the beginning of the video 😀

  16. How about battery life? I turned it off @ 100%, like 12 hours then turned it on , and booom battery drains

  17. 2019 and still watching! 🙂 I've done full video from my last visit to Rome and I think GoPro can be incredible camera when used properly. Low light – yes, it has a lot of issues with it, but it's acceptable 🙂

  18. I have the official gopro trabel bag and the grip so I can mount the GoPro by my shoulder. My GoPro is hero 5 and it’s shaky so is it worth the upgrade or should I wait for hero 8? Also I have 2 batteries for hero 5 but can they be used for hero 7 or are they different? is it the same power as hero 5 batteri

  19. Hi Pete!
    Thanks so much for your Gopro hero 7 review!
    I've just bought one, based on reviews, and haven't got a clue how to use it!
    Watching vlogs like yours gives me hope!😀😇😁
    All love, and best wishes, Claire, Berlin 😘 ✌ 👍 👍

  20. I definitely recommend to buy GoPro 7. I have compared it with iPhone and Panasonic GH5S and I have to say that during the day you don't need expensive mirrorless or a smartphone for 1500€… GoPro has really good image quality in good light. So it is the best choice for your daily vlog. The hypersmooth is hypercool. No more shaky shots 🙂

  21. Can you recommend any similar or more affordable version of the GoPro Hero 7? Loved the vid, just can't afford GoPro, student life.

  22. Are you use the protune settings are you show at tha start? Nice video💓 sorry fore my bad english i am from swiss😅

  23. 1- aşırı ısınma sorunu
    2- yazılımsal sorunlar,kilitlenme ve donma sorunları
    3- telefonla bağlantı sorunu (android)

  24. The best part about Peter's channel is that he teaches AND keeps it super entertaining. My favorite part 4:50 "Hypelapse the hell out of life" 😂😂

  25. This is a super odd, probably obvious question…I have a GoPro Hero 4 and I LOVE it, but I really am tempted with the new features of the Hero 7 Black. Should I upgrade from there? I'm assuming yes?

  26. update for july 2019? How is this compared to the osmo action, or the insta 360 x or the go pro fusion? Or even just throwing the iphone xs on a phone gimbal. Mostly looking for a very portable everyday carry for vlogs and b-roll. Leaning towards the go pro hero 7 black or the insta 360x right now.

  27. I feel like every GoPro has been a disappointment. Promised high quality footage, but fails to deliver. Curious to see if the 7 is actually worth it.

  28. PETER thank for the info, been using my smartphone to make videos for my YouTube channel. About six months ago I decided to take YouTube seriously and have been looking for a better camera. This camera can also be completely submerged in water right?

  29. New vlogger/subscriber. Hero 7 black is my first ever GoPro. Stabilization has blown my socks off. Looking forward to learning from you. Thanks👍

  30. Yeah when I wear the GoPro chest mount it ends up looking like a piece of S&M gear. They need to figure out a side of the head mount that makes sense.

  31. Peter, now that you've been using the GP7 for a while, what are your goto settings? I looked through the comments and didn't immediately see them listed anywhere.

  32. Yeah, you've got some basic editing skills, but as with all hyperactive amateurs, this actually kill the purpose of such a video – I got no f**kin' sense of what to expect from the camera, due to the annoying overkill of cross cutting (obvious different cameras) and editing. Use these skills on your LinkedIn and Tinder showreel (you might impress/fool some stupid girl), but not as a basis for a camera review.

  33. New firmware update for gopro hero 7 black is out. will it go out for both silver and white?

    Resolves fast forward/rewind problems when using the Media Gallery slider.
    Corrects freezing issues during software updates and when rotating the camera after recording with certain settings.
    General bug fixes.

  34. Just got it, honestly didn't like the hughe files, stabilization is nice got to admit that but…. Having to spend countless Hours with editing or ending with Quick app short videos is nothing to be proud of, my Mac is fainting every time I try to process a 20 min clip, if you have a ton of time to spend on post or an extremely powerful computer then is a joy, if not is just too much, and you'll end up recording at 1440 , low light performance is awful and useless, there is no mic Jack so there's an adapter for it that's only from GoPro, without it audio in front is awful, guess is only good for short clips and gets very hot after use, battery won't last more than 45 min. Just a real experience.

  35. Hope you get this….question..after using yours for some time now, did your gopro get hot while in the process of using it? Mine does within 5 mins of use. If adjusted and turned off some features that Gopro recommends but that doesnt work either…HELP!

  36. Haven't used a gopro since the Hero 3, sold it to a friend for his car racing with all the mounts accessories.Decided to just now buy a Hero 7 for moutain biking and out in the car/truck.
    Now just realised Hero 8 is here also.🤪

  37. Hi! For transfer the videos from Gopro 7 black, to PC my Gopro doesn't work with the original cable WHICH I received in the package, BUT it works with the cable from the gopro 7 charger:), WORK EVERY TIME!
    And it doesn't matter if gopro is on or not, but I think it is safer to connect the cable when it is stopped.
    When disconnected you must stop the gopro, I don't have option the safe eject.
    I hope I was helpful!

  38. Glad to know you like this Go Pro hero 7 black for this is my first Go Pro. I will definitely watch your other videos to learn more how to use this for my thesis. Thank you.

  39. Hi I’m a 12 year old boy and I would like some advice for if I should save the extra $230 to get this. Or just get the silver? If I get this it will take me about 4-5 months however if I get the silver it will take me about 2 months. So please if you have the GoPro hero 7 black let me know if you think it’s worth the wait. Thanks

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