The Health Benefits Of Drinking Out Of A Copper Cup

The Health Benefits Of Drinking Out Of A Copper Cup

copper drink where is one of the hottest
trends right now the shiny metal cups mugs and pitchers have been steadily
showing up on store shelves and at bars across the world the copper cup
resurgence is due in part to the renewed popularity of a cocktail that was all
the rage back in the 1950s called a Moscow Mule the alcoholic beverage is
made up of vodka ginger beer and lime juice and is traditionally served in a
copper mug however most people unaware of the fact that copper cups can provide
our bodies with numerous health benefits in fact there is a long list of all the
natural and positive ways it impacts health and you can gain them simply by
drinking out of a copper cup when water is placed into a copper vessel that not
only takes on the metals positive charge but also all of the other positive
properties inherent within it copper is known to scientists in the medical
community as having antibacterial antimicrobial antiviral and
anti-inflammatory properties which can help in first aid to speed up recovery
times and heal wounds copper is also a necessary part of our diet and our
bodies use it to produce new cells and to thrive it helps strengthen our immune
systems and if you drink water which has set in copper for several hours it can
greatly improve and heal parts of your digestive system a few of the basic
points you should know are that it is most beneficial to store water overnight
in a copper pitcher or Bowl if the water sits for less than four
hours in the copper it may not take on all of the positive qualities and won’t
be as good for your health also to get the most out of copper infused water you
should aim to drink it directly from a copper cup as soon as you wake up and
before you eat or drink anything check out the accompanying video for
more information and keep reading other benefits that have been touted are that
it slows aging makes skin glow fights and prevents cancer stimulates our
brains regulates our thyroid reduces the risk of heart disease and hypertension
helps our bodies absorb iron and thus helps prevent anemia these benefits are
not New Age psychobabble there is scientific evidence and studies backing
them one of the more interesting and consequential findings had to do with
the antimicrobial and antibacterial aspects of copper in conjunction with
contaminated water scientists measured the number of harmful microbes found in
the water before it was placed in copper then again 16 hours later after it had
been placed in copper they found that the level of harmful microbes was
greatly reduced just because of the simple fact that the water was in the
copper another study was equally promising and found that in one hospital
with copper surfaces infection rates were reduced by 40 percent the drop was
attributed to the copper surfaces alone and researchers found that it also
killed 97% of the harmful bacteria which can cause infection this video only
touches on most of the benefits that copper can provide our bodies with
there is a lot more details studies research and information available on
the topic and the accompanying video covers a good amount as well what it all
comes down to is simple if you want to harness the healing power of the golden
ember metal start storing and drinking water out of copper cups and mugs

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